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If you enjoy the Asian cuisine and especially enjoy cooking those Asian dishes at home, then these Chinese chopsticks are what you should be looking at. Lovely and of course eco-friendly, these will have you feeling like your home’s very own Asian chef. Whether you are new to cooking or...
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If you enjoy the Asian cuisine and especially enjoy cooking those Asian dishes at home, then these cooking chopsticks are what you should be looking at. Lovely and of course eco-friendly, these will have you feeling like your home’s very own Asian chef. Whether you are new to cooking or...
If bowls of noodles and plates of fried rice are your favorite sorts of food, then you will love our  Asian Chopsticks. These cool chopsticks are easy to maneuver and easy to clean—especially when compared with fork and knife sets. Bring them out with you to work or to a...
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$6.95 $7.95
Sushi-lovers looking to elevate their dining experience need a set of our Sushi Chopsticks. Traditional Japanese dining calls for plucking sushi off of plates and platters with chopsticks. You can dine like the first sushi chefs intended with the help of these sophisticated and functional chopsticks. Use these ones to...
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Made from high quality wood these LONG cool chopsticks are stylish in their simplicity. But don’t be fooled as they are also useful and ecofriendly. Use them to eat with as well as when you are cooking secure in the knowledge that by using these cool chopsticks and not disposable...
These eco-friendly wooden chopsticks are perfect for any Asian-style dinner party or occasion. No need to worry about any splinters or having to keep buying chopsticks when you can have your own reusable set. These come in a set of two so you and your friend or partner can enjoy...
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Eating is on of the most important things we do as humans, so when we eat, we want to do it using the best possible, highest quality eating utensils. These JAPANESE best chopsticks are exactly what they say they are, the absolute best! When you buy these, you get a...
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Lucky cat
Auspicious clouds
Bighead carp
Colorful stripes
Lady figure
Fish scales
Silver fish
These bamboo chopsticks are ideal for your kitchen. They are the perfect dinner accessory and will have your guests talking about them all night long. Designed by they are sure to make your dinner come alive each night. The chopsticks are also handcrafted. If you are looking for something to...
2Pair Type A
2Pair Type B
2Pair Type C
2Pair Type D
The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Asian-style eating and dining, these Chinese sticks will certainly be a wonderful choice. Enjoy those meals in style or impress your guests when setting the dinner table with these pairs. With a variety of colours or patterns to choose from, you can get...
If you enjoy those Asian-style meals or know of a friend who does, then this set of chopsticks is the right choice for you or as a gift. They are they reusable, so you can wash and reuse over again. Carry these anywhere with you and enjoy how elegant they...
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$29.95 $74.95
These days with people constantly being on the go, it is really handy to have a pair of good-quality eating utensils, such as these asian chopsticks made from wood, with you at all times. It is also a great way to be eco-friendly, sustainable and reduce the amount of single...
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These wooden chopsticks that come in a choice of six different Japanese style designs that adds a colorful element to this simple but elegant wooden chopstick. The wood is of high quality ensuring the longevity of the wooden chopstick and these wooden chopsticks are also ecofriendly as they eliminate single...
Double Happiness
Dragon and Phoenix
When you want to show off your culinary skills these fancy chopsticks will complete your meal. As eating utensils go these fancy eating utensils in red will add that extra sophistication to your gathering and your family and friends will love them. These fancy chopsticks also have a delicate pattern...
Red Chopsticks
When enjoying your favourite meal, whether in the comfort of your own at home, on-the-go or at work, it is imperative to enjoy it using the best eating utensils. Having good quality chopsticks really adds to the overall eating experience, whether it be with friends or family around the dining...
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10 pairs wood
10 pairs bamboo H003
10 pairs bamboo H004
10 pairs bamboo
So you are about to host your first Asian-style dinner party but you need a few sets of chopsticks, these Japanese chopsticks are the answer. They come in a set of ten pairs with a choice of wooden or bamboo chopsticks. Set your table with these and let them bring...
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If you are looking to host an Asian dinner party or event or perhaps you are a lover of Asian food, then a set of these is a great choice. Whether you are enjoying your own home-cooked meals or going out to a restaurant, you can be assured that you...
A beautiful way to enjoy your noodles or rice dishes, these black chopsticks are a must-have for any household. Whether you enjoy hosting those dinner parties or perhaps a friend’s birthday is coming up, why not spoil your table or your friend with a set of these. Made from a...
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These handmade chopsticks are made of high-quality wood and feature a variety of three beautiful designs. With these handmade chopsticks you will impress your friends and family at your next gathering not only because of their quality and beauty but also because they are eco-friendly. In today’s world we are...
1pair shown 42cm
1pair shown 42cm 1
A great solution to some of those messy Asian-style dishes, the long chopsticks provide you with comfort in keeping your hands and arms out of the way, while you enjoy cooking. Whether you enjoy some fried up noodles or planning an Asian dinner or lunch party, these are perfect for...
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2 pairs
Chopsticks can add that final touch to your meal for family and friends. These chopsticks are made of high-quality beautiful bamboo and feature either a spiral or a groove design giving them an elegant flair. But they are not only a beautiful design, they are also easy to use and...

Hosting an Asian style dinner party is something for anytime of the year, so make sure your household is stocked up with our collection of cheap bamboo chopsticks online and useful items such as these. Wooden Earth brings affordability and durability together, giving you long-lasting chopsticks to enjoy.


Having to rummage through your drawers to find an unused pair of chopsticks you got from your local take-out diner is a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy the amazing reusable sticks we have for you. Made from bamboo, they are made to last while you get to enjoy using them over and over again.

wood chopsticks in a noodle bowl

Take a look here and check out the wide variety of chopsticks and choose a style and even a color which suits you or your household best. Whether you are looking for a special set to give someone as a gift or a bulk pack to stock up at home, then you have come to the right place on where to buy wooden chopsticks.


Enjoy a hot bowl of Asian style noodles or fried rice with a pair of these reusable bamboo chopsticks for sale. You can choose from a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your needs. Perhaps you enjoy cooking with sticks, whether it is to taste or stir; and we’ve got that pair of cooking chopsticks you’ve been looking for. Things don't stop here. We even have handmade wooden bowls and other great pieces for table to choose from. 

With chic and elegant designs from the darker stained bamboo wood to the lighter and more natural colour, you will certainly be impressing your dinner party guests with a pair of their own, and why not add that as a special touch to your night by letting them take their own pair home, as a thank you gift.

Searching through the shops to find your perfect pair is a thing of the past as you can now enjoy the convenience of being able to buy chopsticks online, in the comfort of your own home. Spoil a friend or two with their own pair and you can pack it away in your handbags and go off to find the best local Asian cuisine. Take your special reusable pair of sticks out and enjoy the comforts of home whilst enjoying the tastes out there. Made from natural bamboo wood, you are not only receiving quality at affordable prices but you are contributing positively to the environment. Our collection of bamboo chopsticks are eco-friendly. This is another reason why Wooden Earth host some great product collections.

The most beautiful and well crafted collection of wooden chopsticks you can find online !

The most beautiful and well crafted collection of wooden chopsticks you can find online !


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