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$16.95 $32.95
Retro color
Wood color
Ideal for nature lovers or minimalists, the Aiboduo Double-Sided Frame is great for clearly showcasing your favorite picture or the pressed leaves or flowers of your favorite plant. Each rectangle frame is made to slide a double pane of glass between, letting you place your desired item to display in...
$30.95 $54.95
height 40cm
height 130cm
height 105cm
height 70cm
height 160cm
height 65cm
height 60cm
height 75cm
height 135cm
height 45cm
If you need a quality frame to hold a beloved painting, our Big Photo Frame—manufactured by KKYGU—is perfect for the job. We offer several sizes, beginning at 30 cm wide and running up to 80 cm wide. All sizes are extra easy to assemble, so don’t fear if you’re not...
$40.95 $71.95
width 20cm
width 25cm
width 30cm
width 35cm
width 40cm
width 45cm
width 50cm
width 55cm
width 60cm
If you’re an art lover, you already know that quality frames for paintings and pictures can be costly—and cheap frames can leave your artwork vulnerable to damage. Our KKYGU-brand DIY Wood Picture Frame solves both of these issues thanks to its construction of affordable-yet-durable wood. We offer a wide range...
$18.95 $37.95
Height 100cm
Height 105cm
Height 110cm
Height 120cm
Height 20cm
Height 25cm
Height 30cm
Height 35cm
After completing a painting, you need a safe place to mount it for display, and our KKYGU-brand Large Picture Frames offers the perfect place to do so. Made of simple wood, these frames begin at 25 cm tall and 20 cm wide and go up to 120 cm tall and...
Creative Frame
$4.95 $6.95
cat head
light bulb
Our Wu-Fang brand Creative Frame is an adorable way to showcase your favorite snapshots. Each frame is made of a wooden base with a decorative and functional wire head that holds your pictures by sandwiching it between its metal wire sections on the picture’s bottom. Without the bulk of a...
$14.95 $29.95
Art lovers, rejoice! This ENJOY-MA Canvas Picture Frame provide a quick and easy way to display your artwork, no matter its size. Big and small pictures, paintings, prints and more can be hung on these. What’s more, these frames are an affordable way to both gaze upon your favorite artwork...
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height 115cm
height 120cm
height 75cm
height 80cm
height 85cm
height 90cm
height 100cm
height 105cm
height 110cm
height 45cm
height 50cm
Beautiful paintings require quality frames—and this DIY Canvas Frame delivers. With this, you can create a frame to safely hold beautiful paintings and other canvas creations and show them on your walls. A pretty picture can bring great joy to your life—so don’t be afraid to add some to your...
DIY Frame
$12.95 $24.95
Court golden
Court blue
Court red
Court green
A picture speaks a 1000 words. Any home and even office looks more welcoming when there are pictures on the walls. These are perfect for all your pictures from family pictures for your home to certificates for your office. These diy frames suit any household and office style as they...
Gray Frame
$36.95 $65.95
Sky Blue
Light Yellow
Snapshots of your family, friends, and favorite places deserve a beautiful frame for viewing, and our VCC Gray Frame is the ideal frame for the job. This elegant frame is ideal for holding and displaying almost any type of picture—whether that’s a photgraph of you on your wedding day, a...
$13.95 $26.95
Teak Wood Frame
Do you have a poster or print you’d love to have hanging up securely on the wall? Our Customizable Frame can help. With two adhesive slats—one which has a cord running securely through it—this frame holds even the lightest poster down flat against a wall. With nothing bulky hanging around...
$18.95 $37.95
Wood color
Made by NICOLESHENTING, this Black Wooden Frame is a sleek and elegant way to display your favorite family portrait, landscape panorama, or candid shot. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your photograph being damaged if it should fall from the wall. This wood frame is made of 100%...
Classic Frame
$29.95 $52.95
If you want to give a room an old-time or Bohemian feeling—and display your new favorite print or a cherished photograph—then this is perfect for you. ThisChangbvss-brand Classic Frame is made from beautifully painted wood available in two color schemes—dolden (with red and blue elements) or silver. Both look stunning...
Multi Frame
$10.95 $16.95
cat head
light bulb
Sometimes it can be hard to choose just one picture to display if you have many different shots that you love. With this Desert Creations Multi-Frame, you won’t have to worry yourself looking for the “best” out of multiple options. This frame’s ultra-simple method of showing off your pictures—clipping them...