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$25.95 $63.95
Woah! This Real Life Escape Room Puzzle Box is sure to keep you guessing. The escape room concept is definitely having a moment, and this wooden puzzle enables you to take part in the craze from the comfort of your living room. Hop over this page for more. Escape Room...
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$2.95 $5.95
8x6.5x6cm 2
When it comes to finding a safe place for all our accessories and small personal items, this Hinged Box will certainly satisfy and tick all your boxes. A classic wooden storage box for all your trinkets, hair accessories, rings or earrings; keeping all your small accessories or items in one place...
$34.95 $85.95
With Lock
Without Lock
This vintage and small treasure chest for sale is a great storage solution, with beautiful designs, to keep your personal belongings, accessories or trinkets organized in one place. Sometimes keeping your personal items safe from those wandering children’s fingers can be difficult but the lockable feature allows you to keep...
$6.95 $15.95
This convenient Wood Needle Case provides the perfect storage solution for all your sewing needles and pins. It’s simplistic yet classic wooden design helps keep those needles in a safe place whilst giving you the peace of mind of not worrying about stepping on any needles which may have found...
$23.95 $59.95
Keeping your favorite book on your bed side table can become a whole lot more beautiful with this wooden book box. A classic and natural finish seamlessly brings a convenient storage solution for your bedtime reading or get creative with its versatile design, allowing you to store anything from trinkets...
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$33.95 $84.95
22-23-15.5cm F
22-22.5-5.5cm D
23-22.5-27cm Q
23-22.5-22.5cm P
22-22.5-5.5cm K
22-23-32cm J
23-23-17.5cm O
22-23-10.5cm M
22-23-10.5cm E
23-23-17.5cm G
23-22.5-27cm I
23-22.5-22.5cm H
22.5-22-5cm U
22.5-22-5cm T
22.5-22-5cm S
22.5-22-5cm R
22.5-22-5cm C
22-23-37cm B
22-23-37cm A
22-23-32cm W
22.5-22-5cm V
For those tea lovers, this beautiful wooden chest is a perfect addition to your kitchen counter, where storing and organizing your favorite selection of tea has never looked this good. The classic wooden drawers and layers allow you to separate your flavors, keeping your aromas intact while you enjoy how...
$26.95 $65.95
If you are searching for an elegant and authentic storage solution for all your accessories, then this vintage lock box is just the right thing. This classic treasure box design brings a wonderful design aesthetic to your home or bedroom as you conveniently organize your trinkets, bracelets, rings or other...
$22.95 $56.95
The vintage wood box is beautifully designed to keep all your favorite trinkets and accessories stored away effortlessly. The classic wooden finishes bring a natural and classic look to any dressing table or bedroom and if you are struggling to find that perfect gift for a birthday or friend, you...
$36.95 $90.95
This beautiful Chinese wood chest provides you with a convenient and rustic storage solution. Decide how you will utilize this wooden box to organize and store your jewelry, favorite souvenirs from trips, photographs or those sentimental trinkets. The design is authentic, making it an eye catching item for any home....
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$7.95 $19.95
If you are looking for some creative storage boxes or solutions for your home or desk space, then the Wooden Cylinder Box is a great addition. A simple yet practical round shaped storage bin or even gift box which you can easily personalize with its classic wooden design for any...
$63.95 $126.95
Keeping make up and other accessories organized can sometimes be a task but with this incredibly functional and beautifully designed Wooden Makeup organizer, you can easily store away your makeup items in a neat and fashionable way. Enjoy the convenience and practicality the compartments provide by separating your makeup and...
$8.95 $22.95
Sometimes all those cables can get in the way but with this Wood Charging Station, you are not only getting a great way to organize your charging cables but a modern design to compliment your desk, side table or work space. Use this multifunctional storage box for your phone charging,...
$6.95 $16.95
Special memories should always be treasured and this custom engraved photo box provides you with a classic and modern way to store your photographs. Whether you prefer digital or prints, this practical and unique photo box brings both preferences together. The customizable engravings personalize your memories all into one box....
$10.95 $26.95
Memories are treasured and captured with photos and keeping your photos safe with this stunning wood photo album holder will ensure your memories are kept safe and will last forever. The solid wooden box provides ample space to keep your most favorite photos from your wedding day to graduation celebrations...
$6.95 $16.95
Asking someone to marry you is one of the most beautiful and memorable things to take place in someone’s life and what better way to pop the question than with a personalized engraved wedding ring box. Add a special touch with this classic wooden design and let it host and...
Wooden Chest
$22.95 $55.95
When we can find something that is ornamental and functional, we really have found a winner. This beautiful wooden chest boasts amazing attention to detail and is the perfect storage solution for your jewelry. We invest in our jewelery, so we should also consider how we store it. This chest...
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Storage Book
$7.95 $18.95
Whether you are looking for something creative to store away your items or you want to spoil a friend for their birthday, this storage book is a great solution. The beautiful and vintage design makes it seem like an old book but when you lift up the cover, it turns...
$23.95 $59.95
Royal Blue
As we build on our precious jewelery collection, it becomes more and more important to keep it all in a well-organised display case, such as this beautifully, well-made jewelery organizer. When choosing the ring, earrings, bracelets or necklace we want to accessorize with, it is always handy to know where...
$28.95 $72.95
small and large
If you are looking for a convenient and beautiful storage solution for your jewellery, trinkets or even keys, then this wooden storage chest is a great choice. The design is compact, allowing you to use this at home or even when you are travelling, to make sure all your little...
$25.95 $63.95
same as picture
Are you looking for a place to store your bracelets, rings, necklaces, photos, and other trinkets that is as functional as it is beautiful? The Vintage Storage Box from Wooden Earth fits the bill perfectly. With its rustic blue wood exterior and ample storage space, the vintage storage box is...
$32.95 $81.95
Looking for a creative storage solution, then these wooden storage containers are a great choice. Not only can they store a variety of different items but this product comes as an awesome DIY project to assemble yourself. There are different styles or prints to choose from, allowing you to choose...
$6.95 $15.95
This wood storage box is ideal for all of your storage needs. It’s ideal to keep your jewelry in. Designed by Wu Fang it is also perfect for a precious memento or two. The box makes an ideal birthday gift or someone special and is just what you need if...
$3.95 $7.95
Did you know that the first jewelry boxes were made of wood and were traditionally in classic shapes such as square and round? The round storage box is a classic when it comes to jewelry boxes. Made of a high-quality light-colored wood it will suit any dressing table in any...
$23.95 $57.95
3pcs makeup box
Beige color
Double side beige
Dust cover 3pcs
Flaxen color
Blue beige
Coffee beige
Tired of stepping over things lying on the floor or those messy drawers, take a look at the storage boxes and organising solutions Wooden Earth has for you. Whatever it is you need to organise or store away, one the options and styles offered will suit your needs. You can...