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Salad Fork
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wood color
Dining doesn’t need to be a drab occasion with the Houseen-brand Salad Fork. Each of these forks is beautifully carved and polished to make an item as attractive as it is functional. Pair these with decorative napkins for special occasions, or use them daily to regularly add a small touch...
If you are looking for a special gift for any occasion, birthday or even a wedding present, this shiny black walnut spoon set is great. Made to be eco-friendly with its black walnut stained wood, these utensils will add a unique touch to your cooking, serving and kitchen. Choose from...
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For lovers of cooking, a good place to set a spoon while at the stove is indispensable. Our Spoon Stand offers the perfect location to rest your trusty spoon in-between stirrings. This tool comes in both light and dark-hued wood, both polished to shine and look elegant when laying on...
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To add a touch of the warmth and coziness of cabin living to your home, add the Fruit Fork Set to your kitchen. This set of three forks relies upon its 100% wood construction for its comfortable, natural vibe. As the name implies, these are great for mixing up a...
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Convenience is key when it comes to the Wooden Spoon Fork. This double-ended utensil boasts a spoon on one end and a fork on the other, making it helpful in eating food of all sorts—using a single tool rather than two. The Wooden Spoon Fork is available in two colors:...
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When you’re an avid cook, you need a sturdy multipurpose tool like this for mixing and serving foods. These 19 cm Long Fork's are just the kitchen utensils you need. Made of chestnut and beech wood, these extra-large forks are useful for many applications in the kitchen, from tossing salads to...
Dinner Fork
$7.95 $20.95
If you’re looking for a beautiful, medium-tone wood fork for use on-the-go or at home, this Dinner Fork, is the ideal choice. Wood is a great material for use in utensils for anyone looking for a soothing dining experience, and these forks are especially comforting. Each fork is carved and...
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If the idea of doing dishes after a large party gets you down, try the GrandFlavor Disposable Fork. Although simple, each fork does an excellent job accomplishing its goal of bringing food to your mouth, partially thanks to its 2.5 cm width, which gives ample room for food to rest. If...
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Serving food out at dinner parties without dropping crumbs and pieces can be a struggle. Our Mucgew-brand Wooden Cooking Fork can make the process easier and cleaner. Each fork is 22.5 cm long and 2.8 cm wide, making them a great size to securely spear fruit, veggies, or other appetizers....
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Perfect for small families, the 3 Pcs Fork Set made by ACRDDK is stylish, environmentally friendly, and more than functional. Although inexpensive, these forks are made with quality earth-friendly wood and yarn that combine to create one elegant eating utensil that’s ready to spear any food. We offer this fork...
Wooden Fork
$6.95 $7.95
Looking for a functional and fashionable utensil? The BalleenShiny Wooden Fork is a top choice. Made of 100% wood with either black or brown threaded grip, each fork has a simple, cozy style that is equally at home among minimalist décor or homey, cabin-like looks. Set these out on your...
8x3.5 cm
8x3.5 cm 1
10.5x4 cm
10.5x4 cm 1
Every home should have one of these wooden salt spoons, whether you are serving up salt or pepper or other seasonings and spices, do so elegantly and in style. Made from wood, it comes in a choice of stained colours from a lighter wood to a darker wood colour. You...
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For frequent entertainers, an eye-catching set of utensils to serve food is a necessity. The Eruzaray Set is an elegant and affordable option. This spoon and fork combo is large enough to easily dish out any food you’d like, without risking the spillage that often comes when smaller utensils are...
Beautiful wood and expert carving make BalleenShiny’s Long Handle Dessert Spoon more than just a simple utensil. No matter which of the eleven available styles you select, you’ll receive a charming and functional spoon that adds a touch of elegance to your dining experience. Use this one to perfectly scoop...
Serving Spoon
Camphor Wood spoon
Lotus wood oil scoop
A big lotus spoon
When you’re serving delicious food at a dinner party, you don’t want to cheapen the experience by using old, stained, or broken serving utensils. Rather, you want to use an elegant, easy tool to help you feed your friends and family. Our Serving Spoon is the perfect solution: a classic...
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Is your tea set looking a little incomplete? To truly experience the calm of tea time, you need a quality tool to help measure out and dispense tea, like the Bamboo Tea Scoop. Each scoop is hand-polished, helping your loose tea slide easily from jar to your cup and letting...
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Quality ladles can be hard to come by, but this Wooden Kitchen Spoon from Hipsteen is here to solve that issue. This utensil is made of 100% wood, carved and polished into a sleek shape that perfectly cradles the food you are serving. When not in use, it includes a...
$6.95 $7.95
Facemile’s Long Handle Spoon is a great option for anyone looking to delve into, or improve, their baking and cooking skills. This little wooden spoon measures 19.7 cm long and 1.7 cm wide, giving you the ability to dip it into tall containers to measure out the ingredients you need....
When cooking, you don’t want to pour ingredients out carelessly. The Kitchen Scoop For Salt and Sugar is the perfect tool to help you carefully measure out the right amount of sugar, spice, or flour. With these ones, you can avoid messy spills and cut down on clean-up time. You’ll...
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Dinner Spoon
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1 spoon
Dinner tastes better when you have a nice, inviting environment to enjoy it in. Our beautiful Dinner Spoon helps contribute to that peaceful environment and makes your mealtime even better. These spoons are made from 100% wood, so they’re not only an attractive addition to your utensils but are also...
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Wooden Spatula
4Pcs Set
7Pcs Set
Flat Shovel
Soup Spoon
Oil Spoon
Rice Spoon
Storage Tube
8Pcs Set
Wood is warm and comforting and so it is no surprise that using a wooden spatula when cooking feels better than cooking with steel spoons. But this is not just a feel good. It is based on good reasons such as the fact that a wooden spatula will not heat...
Honey Dipper
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Length 180mm
Length 163mm
Honey is such a staple part of our diets these days, and so good for us! As an alternative to sugar it can be used to sweeten our favourite dishes and we need to serve it using the right utensil. The honey dipper is really the most perfect one to...
Honey Spoon
People around the world enjoy eating honey more and more. Its delicious, sweet flavor is the perfect accompaniment for tea, and a range of other dishes, especially breakfast. This cute little honey spoon adds such a unique extra touch to serving honey, whether it be to friends or family. It...