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$21.95 $43.95
Enjoy this Chunky Wood Bead Necklace, made from rudraksha – a seed traditionally used as a prayer bead in Hinduism. In places like India and Nepal, these seeds are valued similarly to semi-precious stones, making this over here exceptionally well-priced. Chunky Beaded Pendant Necklace Measuring 31cm in length, this lightweight...
Wood Earrings
$11.95 $23.95
For fans of traditional tribal designs, our Natural Tree-brand Wood Earrings are a top choice. These earrings can help you integrate a bit of nature- and humankind-inspired fashion into your daily look. We know you want to stand out. These earrings can help—made only with two simple materials—carved wood and...
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$9.95 $14.95
With their intricate carving, wooden construction, and unique shape, YULUCH’s Teardrop Earrings are a beautiful piece to add to your outfit. These earrings are constructed of 100% wood and available in four natural hues—undyed brown, red, white, and green. Every set has a bohemian vibe thanks to the natural materials...
$13.95 $22.95
This unique Sandalwood Necklace Pendant has a simple, rustic style – perfect for both men and women. The nice necklace features a twist-rope chain and a striking wooden pendant in a number of different designs (one design even features a beautiful pearl). Sandalwood Necklace with Pendant For nature lovers who...
$9.95 $15.95
Our Wood Grain Ring is made by Uzone is a wonderful choice for couples to represent their love—while looking sleek and stylish. The trendy but respectable wood-and-metal construction can be worn to a party or work, so you’ll never have to leave the token of your relationship behind for the...
$35.95 $62.95
Made by ATOP, the Encrusted Arrow Wooden Wedding Ring is a beautiful choice as a wedding band set for couples. With its Swiss tungsten band, reddish-brown and tan wooden inlays, and silver-colored arrow decoration running down the length of the band, this piece comes together as a stunning choice for...
$8.95 $13.95
For the modern art enthusiast who can lose themselves in geometric patterns, YULUCH’s triangle earrings are the ideal for you. Wood carved into intersecting layers of triangles make a unique statement on these drop earrings… One that tells the viewer that its wearer is a fashionable woman with an artist’s...
$4.95 $6.95
Just like the women who wear them, YULUCH’s Water Drop Earrings for Women are naturally beautiful. Using only two materials—wood and zinc alloy—these earrings have the power to enhance a variety of looks. Pair them with casual clothing for a day of errands or professional wear for the office. In...
$3.95 $5.95
Manufactured by the brand YULUCH, the Floral Ornament Trendy Earrings are perfect as an addition to any outfit for the classy, fashionable modern woman looking to add an earthy vibe to their day. These earring’s abstract design brings to mind the beauty and intricacy of a flower—and the earth tones...
$15.95 $31.95
You’ll be the envy of all your friends with this Coconut Wood Flower Necklace, measuring 65cm in perimeter and weighing 76g. Featuring a simple rope chain flanked in small wooden beads, the necklace features a lovely wooden flower pendant, with smaller wooden flowers creeping up the chain on both sides....
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$9.95 $19.95
The Wood Elephant Necklace consists of a tribal-style necklace made of wooden beads – in different sizes, colors and shapes – and a wooden pendant featuring a sweet little elephant. This pretty item can be worn by both genders and would make a perfect gift for elephant lovers. Check out...
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$9.95 $18.95
The Tree of Life Pendant Necklace is a lovely item of jewellery you’re sure to wear for years to come. With a distinctly bohemian style, the necklace consists of a wax rope chain and a large, round, wooden pendant, featuring – you guessed it – the tree of life. More...
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$12.95 $19.95
Our Handmade Ring is created with clear resin encasing unique color patterns, splashes, and shapes in brown, red, and blue. The versatility of this accessory makes it a simple way to add an extra bit of flair to your day, no matter your style! So check it out here! Although...
$6.95 $10.95
If you’re looking for an enchanting ring to wear, our Morkopela-brand Blue Stone Magic Ring is a great option. Made of wood and colorful resin, this party ring adds a truly magical touch to your apparel. The large, centered, resin “gemstone” can be customized with four different color choices—green, lake...
$7.95 $11.95
By AENSOA, these Trendy Wood Earrings are a daring choice for a fashion-conscious lady. These drop earrings combine resin, acrylic, zinc alloy, and acetate pieces in various colors, creating a beautiful set worthy of any special occasion. Each set has a circular wooden piece that anchors a large, modern-style resin...
$4.95 $6.95
Our Feather Earrings, made by YULUCH, are made for fashionable women with a love of adventure. Like a bird, these women like to take flight and see what the future holds. If that sounds like you or a loved one, then these earrings are an absolute must-buy. Their simple, uncomplicated...
$11.95 $18.95
Made by AENSOA, our Leopard Earrings make a wild and fashionable addition to your apparel. Crafted of wood and zinc alloy, the simple construction of this set doesn’t mean that the statement they make is quiet. The leopard-print design overlaying the water drop-shaped pendants symbolizes the untamed, wild side of...
$7.95 $12.95
AENSOA’s Wood Earrings come in 27 varieties, all featuring beautiful natural materials, from wood to stone. Whether you want a stunning set of hoops with smooth wooden beads, a sophisticated woven disk hanging from golden studs, or drop earrings featuring light tan teardrop pendants with exquisite patterns, we have the...
$6.95 $10.95
This trendy Wood Crystal Necklace consists of a black rope chain and a rectangular wooden pendant, measuring 6.1cm by 1.2cm by 1cm. This here has a lovely resin feature, which comes in three different colours: red, blue, and clear with gold detailing. See more in the sectioned linked here!  Pendant...
$57.95 $95.95
Add an edge to your jewellery collection with this Africa Pendant Necklace, made from quality wood and ideal for both men and women. Choose from five different metal colours, inspired by the colours of Africa. The necklace pendant – shaped like the African continent – measures 8.5cm by 6.5cm. Browse...
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This is ideal for those looking to add a relaxing, easy vibe to their outfit, our Natural Cork Ring features a zinc head of the Buddha figure to remind its wearer to live in serenity and peace. The band itself is made from a coil of cork, capped on each...
$8.95 $17.95
With its combination of stark metal and soft red and brown wood tones, Steel Soldier’s Wood Fiber Fashion Ring is a great and trendy choice for any man. This multipurpose one can give you a subtle way to stand out from others when worn as a party accessory or daily...
$8.95 $17.95
Crafted with tungsten carbide, real polished Koa wood, and stunning cubic zirconia gems, our BONLAVE-brand Exquisite Tungsten Ring is a top choice as a woman’s wedding band. The natural vibe that its wood construction gives, paired with the silver hue of the tungsten metal and the clarity of the quality...
$32.95 $57.95
This bold NUNCAD-brand Wooden Engagement Ring for Men combines the dark hues of its tungsten steel band with bright greens and blues in its wooden inlay to create a stylish-yet-masculine ring perfect for any future groom.  When engaged, you want to show the world how lucky you are—and if you...

There has never been a more beautiful collection of accessories and handmade wooden jewelry for sale than this amazing range from Wooden Earth. Take a look through all the beautifully designed and crafted items and why not spoil yourself, a friend or a spouse with something special.


No matter what your style is, what colour combinations you enjoy or whether you are simply browsing for someone else, there is certainly a little something for everyone with our collection of wood jewellery online.

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If you are wanting to buy someone a special gift for their birthday or important occasion or perhaps you are looking for a unique promise or engagement ring; there is definitely a variety to choose from for any need or desire.

With a large selection of rings ranging from a traditional African style to a more boho, geometric or colourful trend, or even ones with a bit more shine and dazzle for those once in a lifetime moments. Enjoy the selection of wood resin jewelry for both men and women to enjoy and make sure you grab some matching rings for you and your best friend or partner.


Our amazing collection of cheap wood jewelry will leave you lost and spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which ones to choose. Perhaps you are searching for something a little more specific, something to suit a specific outfit or occasion or even a dress up party. You will find a wonderful range of styles and fashion accessories suitable for any taste or preference. Made from solid materials, these real wood jewelry items will leave your pocket smiling whilst delivering quality and style effortlessly.

From necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets; there is enough to go around to update your jewellery box or bring a smile to a friend or partner. Our wood handmade jewelry offers a unique and hand crafted touch to your style or outfits that will certainly stand out.

For those who are looking for a more distinctive accessory of faith such as the beautiful crucifix or cross jewelry items we have from Wooden Earth; now you can mix and match with each outfit or occasion. With larger and bolder items you can surely dress to impress. For those who enjoy slightly smaller or more petit accessories, there is a large collection of designs that will suit you or even the children. Our unisex range will make buying those birthday gifts or celebratory gestures that much easier while you pick and choose through some stunning hand crafted accessories.


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