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This Piano Music Box With Stool is hand-cranked, has a swivel function and features 18 tones. Made entirely of wood, it measures 14cm by 12cm by 9cm, while the stool measures 5cm by 3cm. See more in the section here. Mini Wooden Piano With Stool The piano is arguably one...
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These gorgeous ones are the perfect little present for eco-conscious guitarists. The Wooden Guitar Picks (26*30mm) feature a variety of different hand-carved designs, including a butterfly, a music note and palm trees. Take a look here and discover more beautiful instruments like these wood castanets for sale. Wooden Guitar Pick...
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The 17 Key African Marimba Wood Thumb Piano is a handheld musical instrument that is sure to entertain adults and kids alike for hours on end. The mbira is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden board (often fitted with a resonator) with staggered metal tines attached. Check this...
This is a delightful little addition to any music room or children’s toy box. Wood Croaking Frog With Stick is measuring just 4cm by 6cm by 4cm (with the stick measuring 9cm), the croaking frog will keep kids entertained without taking up too much room. There are more to see...
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Ferris wheel
Love box
Love making music? Then you’ll love these DIY Gramophone Musical Boxes, which are hand-cranked and feature an impressive 50 tones. Made entirely of wood, the musical box measures 21cm by 14.5cm by 15cm. Discover more in the wood instruments. Wooden DIY Gramophone Music Boxes The process is simple. One end...
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Create music in the palm of your hand with these. Choose from natural blonde wood or a hand-painted version in bright blue and red. Traditionally made of hardwood, castanets are a percussion instrument, consisting of a pair of concave shells joined on one edge by a string. Look for more...
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The Wood Drum Piggy Bank is a great gift for kids of all ages, making it an excellent stocking stuffer at Christmas time. The piggy bank is shaped just like a drum and features two shades of wood in thick vertical stripes. On the same note, you might also like...
Make music with this African Djembe For Sale, a multi-coloured drum kit measuring 22cm by 42cm. Originally from West Africa, a djembe is a rope-tuned, skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands. It has a body (or shell) carved of hardwood and a drumhead made of untreated rawhide, commonly made...
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These beautiful ones are hand-painted in brilliant bright colours, making them a wonderful addition to any musical hour, either in the classroom or at home. The Wood Pattern Painted Maracas measure 13cm by 22cm and are made from a combination of wood and coconut shell. If you love instruments you will...
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Wood Music Box
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This gorgeous item here, hand-operated Wood Music Box is sure to delight music lovers young and old. There are more than 20 tunes to choose from, including Game of Thrones, The Godfather, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Jingle Bells’. Find out...
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If you love Chinese music, you’ll love this Chinese Bamboo Flute For Sale wood instrument. The flute, made entirely from bamboo, is actually a six-hole clarinet. These instruments use ‘simple fingering’ and provide a major scale when the fingers are raised one by one. Look for more nice items like...
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If you play the guitar or know someone who does, snap up this PVC Faux Wood Grain Plectrum (10pcs) before they’re all gone. That’s right – you get 10 for the price of one, all in beautiful shades of wood. See more instruments like this one in our online collection...
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This 3D Music Puzzle is sure to entertain kids and adults alike. Once completed, the Wooden Earth puzzle forms a musical instrument. Choose from a phonograph, a harp, a saxophone, a violin, a guitar and a drum kit. Or why not get also the heart shaped puzzle? Wooden Musical Instrument...
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The Wood Scraper Instrument (1pc) is ideal as a learning tool for children aged two to four. Made entirely of blonde wood, the instrument measures 23cm. With this over here you have a perfect way to introduce young children to the wonderful world of music and aid their development. See...
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Introduce children to the wonderful world of music with these high-quality Natural Rhythm Sticks, made entirely of beautiful blonde wood. Rhythm sticks are easy to hold and manipulate, so they’re perfect for young children. This particular one linked here is suitable for children aged three and up. Wooden Rhythm Sticks...
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These ZIKO Maple Wood Drumsticks measure approximately 39.3cm in length. Maple wood is incredibly strong and also looks great – it has a light, creamy colour, a smooth grain pattern and impressive durability (these drumsticks have a one-year warranty). You will also like the mini rainstick instrument.  Drumsticks ZIKO Made From Maple...
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12 pairs 5A
12 pairs 7A
These African Drumsticks (Lignumvitae) come in three one variation. African lignum vitae is one of the hardest known woods, and is therefore ideally suited to applications where durability and impact resistance are valued. See also these maple drumsticks (5A / 5B / 7A). African HIMISS Wood Drumsticks The weight and...
These Maple Drumsticks ( 7A) come in one different shade. Maple wood is incredibly strong and also looks great, making these over here a must-have accessory for any drummer worth their salt. Explore more here. Maple Wood Drumsticks The weight and diameter of a drumstick is usually indicated by a...
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This Rainstick Instrument is a great educational tool for children aged three and up. Made of blonde wood, it measures almost 10cm in length and 3cm in diameter. Sneak a peek at this one and explore even more in the music instruments collection. Check out as well this african djembe...
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This set of SLADE  2 x Mini Maracas is a perfect way to introduce young children to music. They’re fun, festive, and easy for little hands to hold and shake. Made entirely of blonde wood, these maracas measure 15.5cm in length and 5.4cm in width (across the top). See also...
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Music certainly makes the world a better place and why not make your world a better place with one of these wonderful wooden instruments from Wooden Earth. With a wide selection of instrument accessories, instruments and decorative DIY items linked here and toys; you will get lost in the creativity and uniqueness of it all.


Have you ever wanted to take on bong drumming or perhaps learn how to play the African Djembe? Then now is the right time and this is the right place. Take a look through our range and you will find a few traditional African instruments, known to produce some of the most beautiful sounds.

wooden lounge with music guitar
Rich in culture and tradition, adding one of these beautiful African wood musical instruments to your home and life would be a great long-lasting investment. Why not experiment with instruments you have never heard of or played before and broaden your musical talents. Impress your friends at the next bonfire party or barbeque with your new favorite toy.


Perhaps you are already a drummer and you are looking to replace some broken sticks or perhaps buy your very first pair, then why not take a look through our drumsticks on offer. You could essentially start a band with the variety of instruments we have available, all with a unique design and authentic feel. For those who enjoy the guitar and picking leads, take a look at the creative and distinctive picks. Grab yourself a few of these for you and your bandmates and feel how comfortable and easy they are to play and pick with.

Our baby musical instruments wooden are simply too adorable to pass up. Add a special touch to your children’s bedroom or collect each of these tiny items to display in a music or living room. The great feature about these small wood music instruments is that you can assemble and put them together yourself. Creating a stunning decorative piece from a fun activity.

Take a look through our range of instruments and notice some truly unique and uncommon items such as the castanets, scraper instruments, drum piggy bank and the croaking frog with stick. Definitely not one of the more common types but certainly the most original and traditional in both African and Chinese cultures. Enjoy the vast array of sounds and styles of music you can enjoy playing with one of our beautiful musical instruments from Wooden Earth.


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