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$21.95 $43.95
Enjoy this Chunky Wood Bead Necklace, made from rudraksha – a seed traditionally used as a prayer bead in Hinduism. In places like India and Nepal, these seeds are valued similarly to semi-precious stones, making this over here exceptionally well-priced. Chunky Beaded Pendant Necklace Measuring 31cm in length, this lightweight...
$8.95 $22.95
This unique Sandalwood Necklace Pendant has a simple, rustic style – perfect for both men and women. The nice necklace features a twist-rope chain and a striking wooden pendant in a number of different designs (one design even features a beautiful pearl). Sandalwood Necklace with Pendant For nature lovers who...
$2.95 $7.95
The Tree of Life Necklace, which comes in an array of gorgeous colours and designs, consists of an adjustable rope chain and a round pendant – a 25mm cabochon (a gemstone that has been shaped and polished, as opposed to faceted). The cabochon is framed by a wooden border and...
$15.95 $31.95
You’ll be the envy of all your friends with this Coconut Wood Flower Necklace, measuring 65cm in perimeter and weighing 76g. Featuring a simple rope chain flanked in small wooden beads, the necklace features a lovely wooden flower pendant, with smaller wooden flowers creeping up the chain on both sides....
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$4.95 $11.95
This trendy Wood Crystal Necklace consists of a black rope chain and a rectangular wooden pendant, measuring 6.1cm by 1.2cm by 1cm. This here has a lovely resin feature, which comes in three different colours: red, blue, and clear with gold detailing. See more in the sectioned linked here!  Pendant...
$9.95 $19.95
The Wood Elephant Necklace consists of a tribal-style necklace made of wooden beads – in different sizes, colors and shapes – and a wooden pendant featuring a sweet little elephant. This pretty item can be worn by both genders and would make a perfect gift for elephant lovers. Check out...
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$6.95 $16.95
The Tree of Life Pendant Necklace is a lovely item of jewellery you’re sure to wear for years to come. With a distinctly bohemian style, the necklace consists of a wax rope chain and a large, round, wooden pendant, featuring – you guessed it – the tree of life. More...
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$7.95 $18.95
Rosary beads are well known for their religious use, but our Wooden Rosary Beads Necklace can not only help the believer pray, but also act as a stylish accessory for daily wear. We offer many colors—black, yellow, coffee, red, beige, and white—to give you the option to truly individualize your...
$7.95 $20.95
This lovely Wood Bar Necklace, which can be worn by both men and women, includes an 84cm rope chain and a pendant made of wood and metal, measuring 7.8cm by 2cm. The wooden part of the pendant comes in a range of different colours including aqua, burnt orange and black....
$5.95 $15.95
This Vintage Wood Leather Necklace consists of a thick leather chain and a round wooden pendant, measuring 6cm in length and width. The simple design means the necklace can be worn with just about anything – a T-shirt, blouse, dress...you name it. See also this great geometric pendant. More to...
$7.95 $15.95
This lovely item is an easy yet stylish addition to any lady’s outfit. Wood Ring Necklace consists of a long rope chain and a circular wooden pendant with a gold ring in the middle, giving the modern necklace a subtle touch of glamour without being overly feminine. Sneak a peek...
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$31.95 $85.95
Add an edge to your jewellery collection with this Africa Pendant Necklace, made from quality wood and ideal for both men and women. Choose from five different metal colours, inspired by the colours of Africa. The necklace pendant – shaped like the African continent – measures 8.5cm by 6.5cm. Browse...
$8.95 $23.95
This unique, handmade Wood Cross Necklace includes a chain made of wooden beads and a wooden pendant in the shape of a cross, measuring 5cm by 3.2cm. It can be worn by both men and women. Check out this wood bar necklace as well and go in the wood jewelry...
$3.95 $9.95
This Modern Necklace, which comes in a variety of styles, is made from a number of materials including resin, copper and wood. The geometric shapes are eye-catching without being over the top. As they say in the style world, less is more. See also this bohemian necklace that you will...
$8.95 $17.95
Love the colour burgundy? Then this Evening Wear Wood Necklace is for you. This modern necklace, perfect for day or night, consists of a 45cm rope chain and a striking pendant. The pendant is made up of three bold shapes, all in a magnificent shade of burgundy, interspersed with small...
$7.95 $15.95
This Vintage Wood Necklace With Metal is a charming addition to any woman’s jewellery collection. The vintage style necklace consists of a thick rope chain and a wooden pendant featuring a teardrop-shaped metal embellishment. Pop over here for more nice stuff. Necklace with Ancient Style Wooden Pendant and Metal Embellishment...
$11.95 $19.95
These gorgeous one here, like the Wood Authentic Necklaces can be worn to just about any event – including weddings, engagement parties and anniversary dinners. The pendants, which measure 6cm, include an elephant, a fish, a starfish, a monkey face, a moon and star, and even a pair of lips!...
$14.95 $28.95
This Hawaiian Fish Hook Necklace is the epitome of Hawaiian surfer style. Handcrafted using natural materials (bone and wood), this necklace oozes the laidback vibe Hawaii is known for. The necklace features an adjustable rope chain and a pendant (the fish hook), measuring 4.7cm by 3cm. Look here for more...
$8.95 $16.95
These Vintage Wood Pendants, which measure 4-5cm, are shaped like fish, gourds (a gourd is a container made from the hard, dry skin of a gourd fruit and is often used to carry water), a bag and even a foot. The pendants have a distinctly bohemian style, and can be...
$24.95 $60.95
This Rosewood Necklace for Men consists of a stainless steel chain and a rosewood pendant, measuring 38mm by 18mm. The pendant features two silver strips with a high-polished finish, sure to catch the eye of passersby. See this here and look for more right in this section. Stainless Steel Necklace...
$8.95 $22.95
This Rosary Necklace with Cross Pendant is a striking addition to any man’s jewellery collection. The necklace features a chain made of wooden beads, while the wooden pendant (shaped like a cross) measures 6cm by 11cm. The necklace comes in four different colours: black, dark brown, light brown and red....
$14.95 $29.95
This beautiful Wood Bead Tassel Necklace consists of a 90cm chain made of natural wooden beads, a round wooden pendant and three layers of tassels in a choice of different colors. Made for women, this beauty is natural yet feminine. Take a look here for more. Necklace with Round Wood...
$2.95 $7.95
This Stainless Steel Necklace with Cross Pendant consists of a wooden inlay of a cross (measuring 58cm by 32cm), flanked by 316L stainless steel, plus a link chain. The striking design is masculine without being overbearing. See also this geometric necklace- a beautiful piece available in the necklaces collection. Cross...
$10.95 $20.95
A funky, eye-catching Bohemian Necklace, suitable for either men or women with a flair for style. The necklace features a loop of wooden beads, which come in an array of different colors including bright red, yellow, green, blue, cream and chocolate brown. View this page for other nice designs. Pendant...

If you are someone who enjoys accessorising when it comes to rounding off the perfect outfit, then this beautiful collection of handmade wooden necklaces for sale is exactly where you want to be. Take advantage and fall in love of these affordable bespoke jewellery pieces from Wooden Earth.


No matter what your personal style may be, there undoubtedly is a beautiful hand crafted necklace just waiting for you. Browse through the stunning assortment of designs from wooden African necklaces to other traditional cultural elements to the more geometric and eccentric styles. Each piece offering its own unique touch. This wonderful collection offers such a wide variety for you to enjoy from wood rings to other great accessories such as these over here. From bolder statement pieces like these to the more delicate pendants, simply get lost in the creative and unique designs and styles found in this wooden jewellery range.

lady with wood necklace
These pieces are suited for just about anyone from children and teenagers to adults as well as women and mens wooden necklaces. Spoil the surfer dude in your life whether it be your son, friend or partner with one of the special carved wooden necklaces for guys and show your love and appreciate with style.


Made from stunning wooden crafts as well as durable auxiliary materials such as metal, rosewood, stainless steel, cork, coconut wood and more; these hand crafted pieces are not only unique in design but in shape too. The assortment of carved out shapes and detail on each of these show an appreciation for creative style and fashion. For those who are looking for religious statement necklaces, then the collection of carved out crucifixes and crosses will leave you buying one for everyone in your family.

Looking to spruce up your outfit or perhaps you are headed to a fancy dress party; why not browse through this collection of wooden jewellery and necklaces and see what catches your eye and your heart. From modern to chic, African to Hindu, geometric to floral and a whole lot more, this range is nothing short of variety and style. Why not grab a friendship necklace for you and your best friend or perhaps even the group of you such as the Tree of Life necklace which comes in an assortment of different colours so you each can have your very own friendship piece to share and keep each other close, no matter where you are.

Wooden Earth brings a beautiful collection of hand crafted uniqueness together with fashion accessories like these for anyone to enjoy.


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