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If you’re seeking a gift for a friend who loves tea and what’s natural and a bit unusual, the Aihome Wooden Coffee Cup is a great option. Made of un-tinted wood, this mug is carved into an unusual shape that brings to mind the true wildness and beauty of nature....
Beer Mug
$20.95 $51.95
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Sit back and relax with a nice cold sip of your favorite brew from the Beer Mug. This ergonomic mug is easy to wash, expertly made to last, and perfect for daily use and display. Like the drinkware of centuries past, this mug is made from wood. Order one as a...
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Wine Cup
Acacia wood
Perfect for a double shot of your favorite liquor or a taste of a fine wine, the EDLEXKAFFEE Wine Cup is an attractive product made for people who enjoy functional yet beautiful drinkware. The cup possesses the dark hue of natural Jujube wood, polished to make a smooth vessel that...
Tea Cup
For centuries, humans have used tea to relax from the day’s worries. You can carry on this tradition with the help of the OUSSIRRO Tea Cup. Made entirely from wood, this simple and elegant mug is durable, insulating, simple to clean, and a wonderful addition to your kitchen and dining room....
$8.95 $17.95
If you love relaxing with a fresh cup of tea or decorating with Japanese aesthetics, the Japanese Tea Cup is perfect for you. Ideal for special occasions or daily use, this simple one is beautifully and simply constructed out of wood, making it resistant to heat, highly insulating, and durable....
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If you’re looking for a gift for a beer lover who is a bit of an unconventionalist, our Tankard / Wooden Beer Mug may be the solution. Each mug is crafted from 100% wood and is sized to comfortably house a bottle of its user’s favorite drink. As it is...
Small Tea Cup
Medium Tea Cup
Large Tea Cup
Small Belly Cup
Medium Belly Cup
Large Belly Cup
Small Bear Mug
Large Bear Mug
Small Belly Handle
Medium Belly Handle
Large Belly Handle
Small Handle Cofffee
Large Handle Cofffee
Handle Bear Mug
Lid Cup
Bowl Tea Cup
Trumpet Cup
Five-wire Cup
Line thread Cup
Line Foot Cup
Bowl Cup
For avid hikers and campers, the Wood Cup is a wonderful choice to bring along for drinking all types of beverages, hot or cold, when out exploring the wonders of the great outdoors. As its name implies, this one is itself comes entirely from nature’s most abundant resource—wood! But if...
Wooden Mug
For lovers of simplicity and nature, the OOTDTY Wooden Mug is a must-have. Made of nothing but pure wood, this cup has polished, gently rounded curves that give it an elegant appearance. Use this daily to remind yourself of the beauty and simplicity of the natural world—and the ways in...
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Invite over your friends to enjoy hot tea with the elegant Kitstorm Tea Cup Set. Made entirely of wood, each cup and saucer shines as an example of perfectly paired functionality and beauty. Look these up now and hurry to buy them as they won't last long! Each order includes...
$6.95 $17.95
If you long to relax with a pot of tea at the end of your day, our Wooden Cup may be the perfect vessel to help you. This tiny tea cup, measuring 5.3 cm by 3.5 cm, is enough to hold several long sips of your favorite hot drink while...
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Small Bear Mug
Large Bear Mug
Small Belly Handle
Medium Belly Handle
Large Belly Handle
Handle Bear Mug
Lid Cup
Trumpet Cup
Tea-drinking is meant to be a calming activity to help connect you with nature and yourself. The Teacup fits in perfectly with that aim, with its simple and smooth wood construction. This TECHOME tea cup will safely hold your afternoon tea or morning coffee, keeping your hands safe from burns with...
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Coffee has a wonderful aroma and taste and what can make coffee even more special is the coffee mug you drink it out of. These coffee mugs are deep enough for you to have a satisfying cup of coffee. They are also handmade out of beechwood. The coffee mug handles...
Drinking Cup
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Model 11
Take time to relax and rehydrate with this Drinking Cup. Expertly crafted from deeply-colored Jujube wood and adorned with simple etchings, it’s an elegant choice for use during parties or from day to day. Because it is made from wood, it is suitable for both hot and cold drinks—letting you...
Drinking is a necessity, but it doesn’t need to be boring. The ANENG Bamboo Cup is a simple but exciting way to drink your favorite beverage, from water to cocktails and everything in between. Each cup is the light color of natural bamboo and is carved and smoothed into a gently...
Water Cup
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wooden bowl
high cup
big belly cup
Sit back, relax, and rehydrate with this beautiful Water Cup. Made from deeply-colored Jujube wood and adorned with simple etchings along its rim, these cups are a great choice for use either daily or for special occasions. Thanks to its wooden construction, you can use it for both hot and...
Wooden Cup
beer mug
Wire cup
Two-segment cup
Wanda milk tea
Side bowl 15X7.5cm
Double milk tea bowl
Drinking is a daily task, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. The Wooden Cup is a unique way to contain your favorite beverage, whether that’s simple water, a bold black coffee, or a delicate jasmine tea. These functional ones are also beautiful: thanks to the cup’s ridged outside,...
Wood Mug
Acacia hole hammer
Acacia hole
Acacia handle hammer
Acacia thin handle
Acacia thick handle
Rubber 2 finger hole
Rubber 2 hole hammer
Rubber 2 hole
Rubber 1 hole
Rubber trunk hammer
Rubber trunk
L HAM Rubber 2 hole
M Rubber 2 hole
L HAM Acacia 2hole
Acacia 2 hole
Mini Rubber handle
Acacia 2 hole hammer
If you’re looking for one, two, or three simple mugs to hold beverages of all kinds, hot or cold, look no further. The Wood Mug is all of that—and more. Made only of wood, this cup possesses an elegant appearance thanks to its polished, gently rounded curves. Fill it with...

Enjoying a hot or cold drink has never looked this good with this beautiful range of wood drinking cups from Wooden Earth. A selection which will not only add a unique touch to your crockery ware and home but will certainly stand out with get-togethers or dinners hosted. Take a look at these natural wood coasters too and choose a set that you like from our wood kitchenware collection.


Enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or tea can now be a creative experience let alone tasty. With this beautiful selection of different sizes and designs, you can personalize morning cup of java with one of your very own wood mugs.

wooden mugs on table
With high temperature resistance features, you can enjoy your hot beverage without worrying about burning your hands while holding the cup or mug. The natural wood and bamboo materials offer another wonderful environmentally conscious product which not only accommodates your drinking pleasures but brings a unique touch to your coffee table or tea parties.

Are you planning a camping trip with friends or family? Why not add to the natural experience by bringing along a set of your favorite wood cups for sale, giving you affordable drinkware with maximum enjoyment. Our collection of wooden mugs online offers a variety of sizes and designs in drinkware that you have never seen before. From traditional mugs and handles to those which have no handle at all. Tea cups of all sizes and shapes and not to mention the lovely tea cup set, which comes with a matching saucer and spoon for you to enjoy.


For those who love a good beer, why not change it up with your very own wooden beer mug from Outad and Wooden Earth. This is certainly an unconventional way to drink beer but not only will it look and feel good, you will have a long lasting drinking buddy with one of these cool beer cups.  Our drinking cups come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so you can drink and enjoy just about anything.

Enjoy the versatility of some of these cups as you can find other uses such as storing your stationary or art supplies, adding a dash of nature on top of nature with some fresh cuttings from your garden or why not grab a whole set and invite your friends over. You’ll see how quickly these mugs and cups will transform your lunches or dinner tables into a naturally inspired theme. For more cool items for the table check out these and browse around the site to discover even more cool products!


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