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$9.95 $19.95
Our Handmade Ring is created with clear resin encasing unique color patterns, splashes, and shapes in brown, red, and blue. The versatility of this accessory makes it a simple way to add an extra bit of flair to your day, no matter your style! So check it out here! Although...
$23.95 $57.95
Made by ATOP, the Encrusted Arrow Wooden Wedding Ring is a beautiful choice as a wedding band set for couples. With its Swiss tungsten band, reddish-brown and tan wooden inlays, and silver-colored arrow decoration running down the length of the band, this piece comes together as a stunning choice for...
$7.95 $15.95
This is ideal for those looking to add a relaxing, easy vibe to their outfit, our Natural Cork Ring features a zinc head of the Buddha figure to remind its wearer to live in serenity and peace. The band itself is made from a coil of cork, capped on each...
$9.95 $19.95
With its combination of stark metal and soft red and brown wood tones, Steel Soldier’s Wood Fiber Fashion Ring is a great and trendy choice for any man. This multipurpose one can give you a subtle way to stand out from others when worn as a party accessory or daily...
$40.95 $89.95
Crafted with tungsten carbide, real polished Koa wood, and stunning cubic zirconia gems, our BONLAVE-brand Exquisite Tungsten Ring is a top choice as a woman’s wedding band. The natural vibe that its wood construction gives, paired with the silver hue of the tungsten metal and the clarity of the quality...
$22.95 $55.95
This bold NUNCAD-brand Wooden Engagement Ring for Men combines the dark hues of its tungsten steel band with bright greens and blues in its wooden inlay to create a stylish-yet-masculine ring perfect for any future groom.  When engaged, you want to show the world how lucky you are—and if you...
$34.95 $85.95
Looking for a perfectly sophisticated unisex wedding band? Our Wood Inlay Ring combines striking gold-colored metal with bright wooden and brilliant silver-colored metal inlay to create a gorgeous ring that will be perfect for wear day in and day out after the wedding.  Perfect for those who desire a taste...
$6.95 $12.95
Looking for the perfect gift for a fashionable woman in your life? The ECOOLIN Women’s Vintage Ring is a great choice. Our ring provides just a hint of earth-toned color that enhances, but does not overwhelm, other components of an outfit. The reds, browns, and tans of this ring go...
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$35.95 $89.95
Made by the jewelry company YGK, our Natural Deer Antler Ring is a great choice as a wedding band for men and women. Its use of dark tungsten carbide for its band and stainless steel and real deer antler as its inlays makes this a great choice for a bold statement...
$6.95 $15.95
As its name implies, Steel Soldier’s Unique Black Ring is a one-of-kind choice for men of distinction. The serious black of the stainless steel band stands out against its reddish wood accent—bringing to mind mankind’s connection with both nature and technology. This ring is perfect for use as a wedding...
$4.95 $8.95
Our Wood Grain Ring is made by Uzone is a wonderful choice for couples to represent their love—while looking sleek and stylish. The trendy but respectable wood-and-metal construction can be worn to a party or work, so you’ll never have to leave the token of your relationship behind for the...
$31.95 $79.95
If you are looking for a unique accessory to add to your collection or as a special gift, then the wooden ring is the perfect fit. The variety of beautiful and creative designs bring this ring to life. No matter your style or age, there is a style that suits...
$27.95 $67.95
With its combination of silver-colored tungsten metal and wood and black stone-like inlays, the Wowcraft-brand Wooden Arrow Ring is meant to subtly show off your taste for clean, nature-inspired designs. Because it is so masterfully made and understated, it can be worn anywhere and with nearly any style of attire....
$7.95 $14.95
If you’re looking for an enchanting ring to wear, our Morkopela-brand Blue Stone Magic Ring is a great option. Made of wood and colorful resin, this party ring adds a truly magical touch to your apparel. The large, centered, resin “gemstone” can be customized with four different color choices—green, lake...
$7.95 $15.95
The perfect gift for any ocean or beach lover, this sea star antique ring is the beautiful combination of the beach and elegance. This accessory is designed to be resizable and to fit anyone with ease whilst adding an element of the ocean to your day. Carry this star fish...
Geometric Ring
$11.95 $22.95
Constructed of zinc alloy with a wooden centerpiece partially adorned with a blue or pink “stone,” this is a striking piece. Women seeking fashionable jewelry will love the modern geometric appearance of this Wing Yuk Tak-brand Geometric Ring: the simple gold-colored band, the wooden square and its colorful overlay at...
$32.95 $81.95
If you’re looking for a sophisticated and unique engagement or wedding band for men, then our Wood and Metal Wedding Band by Nuncad is an excellent choice. Crafted with quality tungsten carbide, this ring’s shining silver-hued metal matches beautifully with its two inlays—one of wood and the other of brilliant...
Bohemia Ring
$4.95 $9.95
Our Bohemia Ring, manufactured by YULUCH, showcases brown, beige, or black wood cut in a unique geometric pattern. This unconventional piece  is perfectly named, as its design showcases its wearer’s sense of adventure and artistic spirit. The simple wood construction of this fashion ring lends it a natural appeal while...
$8.95 $17.95
If you’re a woman with a sense of fashion and a wild side, the Leopard Wooden Ring by YULUCH is a great choice as an accessory. With its bold wooden band and gemstone-cut leopard print resin top, this ring will not only act as a trendy accompaniment to your outfit:...
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$5.95 $11.95
This blue stone ring from Wooden Earth is a beautiful accessory to add to your outfit or even a fancy dress party. The beautiful resin stone imitates a plant like style while the wooden band compliments that natural look and feel. Not every size fits all when it comes to...
Koa Ring
$25.95 $64.95
For those looking to tie the knot, ATOP’s Koa Ring is an attractive wedding ring choice for a simple, elegant band for daily wear. With a wide range of sizes—you can choose from sizes 6 to 13, including half sizes—both the bride and groom can proudly wear this ring. It’s...
$3.95 $6.95
Our unique Wooden Ring for Women is a great choice for the fun, fashionable, and nature-loving female. These simple rings are made from 100% wood, expertly carved to fit a size 17 finger. Each incorporates a simple geometric circle as adornment. Without any fuss, this dark brown ring adds elegance...
African Ring
$3.95 $7.95
If you love the intrigue and rich culture of Africa, then our YULUCH-brand African Ring is perfect for you. This ring’s simple wooden construction will add an elegant touch to your appearance, and its natural earth tones of beige or brown lend it a wild air. Incorporate the beauty and...
$26.95 $67.95
When looking for the right wedding ring, a man should consider what ring he’d be proud to wear day in and out. You don’t want a plain band that says nothing about your personality… Or an overly flashy one that ignores the depth of love you hold for your partner....

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to round off that perfect outfit? Or perhaps you are searching for a unique gift or token of appreciation? Wooden Earth brings you a beautiful collections of rings made of wood, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to the creative and unique variety on offer.


Enjoy the variety of different colours and designs available in this range of cheap wooden rings for sale and see how a simple accessory such as these can transform your entire outfit or day. Whether you enjoy bulky statement pieces, or dainty fashion rings, not to mention the stunning selection of slightly more formal and bling rings; there is one just right for you.

nice wood ring

These authentic pieces, made from wood and other beautiful yet strong auxiliary materials provide long lasting and unique jewellery for any woman to enjoy and fall in love with.

Not to worry, with this large variety; there is something for the gentlemen too. Browse through these distinctive wooden rings for men. Whether you are looking for something casual or perhaps a little more formal for a special occasion, then look no further. Wooden Earth brings a beautifully designed selection of mens wood wedding bands of all sizes and styles to enjoy and to compliment that special day.


Spoiling yourself or a loved one does not need to break the bank when it comes to finding quality jewellery you can rely on and enjoy. With Wooden Earth you can not only enjoy the affordable prices with quality designs, but you can simply browse through this stunning collection of cheap wood rings for sale, in the comfort of your own home. Mix and match through the variety of styles and interesting designs from bulky statement pieces, to geometric or tribal shapes. With various colours, stones, shapes and materials, it has never been this easy or exciting to buy wooden rings online.

No matter what the outfit or occasion may be, searching for where to buy hardwood rings or wooden pieces such as these is a thing of the past. Now, you can simply browse through this collection and see what ticks the boxes for you or your loved on. Get creative with your gifts and why not introduce your friend or colleague to something a bit bolder, authentic or hand made for them to add to their jewellery collection. See how fun ring shopping can be and a whole lot more fun once you add your new favourite accessory to your favourite outfit.


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