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$49.95 $82.95
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Simple and elegant, this striking Wooden Wall Clock is manufactured by Old Town Clocks, a trusted clockmaker since 1863. Using just bamboo for its façade means that this clock has a natural look that inspires comfort, calm, and peace. Add this piece to your living room, bedroom, hallway, den, or...
$60.95 $101.95
Setup a comfortable work station anywhere with this bamboo laptop stand. Perfect for home use or even at the office, the convenient and modern foldable design lets you setup anywhere, even in the comfort of your own bedroom. Use it as a lap table for children’s homework or perhaps to...
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$19.95 $39.95
The Wood Drum Piggy Bank is a great gift for kids of all ages, making it an excellent stocking stuffer at Christmas time. The piggy bank is shaped just like a drum and features two shades of wood in thick vertical stripes. On the same note, you might also like...
$12.95 $24.95
Are your poor feet tired and sore from standing all day? Whether you’re an athlete, mailman, construction worker, or stay at home mom being on your feet all day can take its toll on your health and quality of life. It’s time to treat your feet to relaxation and rejuvenation...
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$9.95 $18.95
If you’re looking for attractive, functional wooden coasters to impress houseguests or just to liven up your dining area, the Houseen Wooden Cup Coasters are the perfect choice. Each coaster is designed to safely hold one cup or mug, keeping it off your table or countertop and preventing unsightly water...
Drink Coasters
$7.95 $15.95
square thicken
square groove
round thicken
round groove
If you’re a frequent entertainer looking for a simple-yet-elegant coaster to house your guests’ drinks, look no further than our Wu Fang Drink Coasters. These coasters are both beautiful and functional, adding appeal to your living spaces while preserving your expensive-to-replace furniture. Purchase a set and place them where your...
$15.95 $30.95
8x6.5x6cm 2
When it comes to finding a safe place for all our accessories and small personal items, this Hinged Box will certainly satisfy and tick all your boxes. A classic wooden storage box for all your trinkets, hair accessories, rings or earrings; keeping all your small accessories or items in one place...
$54.95 $97.95
A Chinese Characters
B Ancient Lotus
D Stamps Culture
C Ancient Grapes
This vintage and small treasure chest for sale is a great storage solution, with beautiful designs, to keep your personal belongings, accessories or trinkets organized in one place. Sometimes keeping your personal items safe from those wandering children’s fingers can be difficult but the lockable feature allows you to keep...
$7.95 $15.95
This convenient Wood Needle Case provides the perfect storage solution for all your sewing needles and pins. It’s simplistic yet classic wooden design helps keep those needles in a safe place whilst giving you the peace of mind of not worrying about stepping on any needles which may have found...
$63.95 $105.95
Keeping your favorite book on your bed side table can become a whole lot more beautiful with this wooden book box. A classic and natural finish seamlessly brings a convenient storage solution for your bedtime reading or get creative with its versatile design, allowing you to store anything from trinkets...
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$46.95 $83.95
22-23-15.5cm F
22-22.5-5.5cm D
23-22.5-27cm Q
23-22.5-22.5cm P
22-22.5-5.5cm K
22-23-32cm J
23-23-17.5cm O
22-23-10.5cm M
22-23-10.5cm E
23-23-17.5cm G
23-22.5-27cm I
23-22.5-22.5cm H
22.5-22-5cm U
22.5-22-5cm T
22.5-22-5cm S
22.5-22-5cm R
22.5-22-5cm C
22-23-37cm B
22-23-37cm A
22-23-32cm W
22.5-22-5cm V
For those tea lovers, this beautiful wooden chest is a perfect addition to your kitchen counter, where storing and organizing your favorite selection of tea has never looked this good. The classic wooden drawers and layers allow you to separate your flavors, keeping your aromas intact while you enjoy how...
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If you are searching for an elegant and authentic storage solution for all your accessories, then this vintage lock box is just the right thing. This classic treasure box design brings a wonderful design aesthetic to your home or bedroom as you conveniently organize your trinkets, bracelets, rings or other...
$17.95 $34.95
The vintage wood box is beautifully designed to keep all your favorite trinkets and accessories stored away effortlessly. The classic wooden finishes bring a natural and classic look to any dressing table or bedroom and if you are struggling to find that perfect gift for a birthday or friend, you...
$8.95 $17.95
Sometimes all those cables can get in the way but with this Wood Charging Station, you are not only getting a great way to organize your charging cables but a modern design to compliment your desk, side table or work space. Use this multifunctional storage box for your phone charging,...
$50.95 $89.95
double layer 50CM
three layer 50CM
three layer 70CM
Four layer 50CM
Four layer 70CM
Five layer 50CM
Five layer 70CM
Tired of tripping over multiple pairs of shoes when you walk in the door? Looking to keep your home organized AND stylish? Look no further! The Wooden Shoe Rack from Wooden Earth helps you clear the household clutter with up to 5 levels of space for your footwear, books, or...
Shoe Rack
$120.95 $200.95
greyish white 60
greyish white 90
coffee 60
coffee 90
If your family’s shoe collection isn’t looking so great sprawled on the floor, our Shoe Rack can help organize them. This smart solution to storage features two rows to place pairs of shoes, a handy drawer to store small items, a magazine storage receptacle, and a comfy seat to top...
Shoe Organizer
$267.95 $400.95
With a great shoe collection comes great clutter—unless you have something to help with storage, like our Shoe Organizer. But holding shoes isn’t all that this item offers. Besides its two rows for shoes, it also features a padded bench with storage beneath. When you add this item to your...
$8.95 $16.95
For a cute touch of décor on a craft project, look no further than our Heart Ornaments. Made of all-natural wood, these accessories can be painted or kept their natural light tan color and applied to a wide variety of crafts—ornaments, picture frames, scrapbooks, and more. When you see how...
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$6.95 $9.95
Whether you’re looking for a new addition to hang on your Christmas tree or want a cute nature-themed addition to a craft project, our Wooden Tree Ornament is a wonderful purchase. Specially designed for nature-lovers, this 5” wide ornament features the silhouette of a spreading tree. Let this ornament serve...
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$6.95 $9.95
24pcs mix
If you believe that there’s nothing more splendid than a fresh green or burning red leaf, our Leaves Ornament is a perfect way to show your appreciation. Whether you’re decorating a scrapbook, a piece of furniture, a picture frame, or a Christmas tree, you can add these pieces to bring...
$10.95 $16.95
Birds are beloved for their personality, intelligence, and creativity—and if you add our Birdcage Ornament to your newest crafting project, you can add a bit of those traits to your final product, too! These ornaments come unpainted, and you can leave them bare for a homespun look—or you can paint...
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$7.95 $11.95
If you’re looking for cute options to add decoration to your scrapbook or to any DIY project, our Ornaments are a top choice. Made from wood, these ornaments provide adorable silhouettes of a variety of different shapes. In fact, we have five styles available to choose from, providing you with...
$9.95 $14.95
Wooden Ornaments are cut into varying heart shapes to help you infuse your love and passion into your DIY projects. We sell five different design options, each featuring a different complex cut-out pattern—some which feature flowers or leaves, others with more abstract scrolls. Whatever your choice, the beautiful complexity of...
$7.95 $11.95
If you’re planning an animal-themed decorating project, these Animals Ornaments are the perfect addition. Our ornaments are made of unfinished wood cut into silhouettes of various land and sea animals. Keep them unpainted for a more natural look, or paint whatever hues you desire. Choose from five different assortments—featuring two...

Whether you have just moved into a new home and need some special items to dress up your rooms, or perhaps you have just decided to renovate and need some fresh pieces to compliment your new interior or style; then look no further than this massive range of amazing homeware items and more from Wooden Earth.


Browse through this range and collection of some of the most creative and innovative designs when it comes to home ware and cater to any and every space, room or interior. Whether you are in search of furniture pieces to add to your new space, or perhaps decorative items to add a unique touch and personalise your home; this range hosts a wonderful selection of some interesting and even practical items for you to explore and enjoy.

interior of wooden rustic home

Are you looking for some creative storage solutions when trying to declutter your space, then why not browse through some of the horwood homewares providing various types of storage, no matter what your needs are. From a wide selection of key holders with different designs and capacities to stationary boxes and holders for your office or desk space to clothing hangers that will easily organise and coordinate your wardrobe. We have everything and more you could need when it comes to decorating or personalising your needs and interior style.


Decorating your home the way you want it or personalising a specific room in your home just became a whole lore more exciting as Wooden Earth not only brings you a quality collection of items for you to choose from but at the affordable prices available; you will almost be able to furnish your entire home or apartment with these awesome household items and furniture. Made from reliable wooden materials and innovative designs, you can find long lasting and authentic pieces for your home effortlessly with this wide range available.

Choose from venetian blinds to creative and modern furniture pieces such as side tables, coffee tables, folding stool and interesting seating styles. Light up your home with a unique and creative lighting solution offered in this collection from large round ceiling lights to practical and innovative desk lamps. Whatever your style or preference, you will be able to not only decorate your home the way you like it but with the look and feel of these beautiful wooden homewares, you can add a rustic, classic, contemporary or modern feel in your home. Spoil a friend, loved one or colleague with a thoughtful and practical gift for their home.


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