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$5.95 $15.95
Octagon lock
Lilac lock
Football lock
Hero lock
Interlocking lock
Rocker lock
Unlock key
Barrel lock
Kongming lock
Six lock
Luban lock
Plum lock
Treasure lock
Three-way lock
This set of Classic 3D Puzzles Wood will keep the entire family entertained for hours on end. The puzzles are suitable for children over the age of five right up to adults. And with twelve puzzles to choose from (the puzzles are sold individually), there really is something for everyone...
$139.95 $279.95
Classic handmade wooden chess board set in Chinese style using the Terracotta Warriors as the pieces. An awesome set to play the game with or simply to add awesome style to your living room. Have a look at these and grab a set from here.  The Terracotta Warriors Chinese Chess Set is...
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$35.95 $89.95
Keep your mind sharp with this series of 3D Wooden Puzzles For Adults, made from quality bamboo and measuring 4.5cm in length, width and height. Split them up and distribute as individual gifts, or keep the set together and enjoy hours of fun with friends and family. Get this now...
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$9.95 $19.95
This nifty Jigsaw Puzzle Ball, in light blonde wood, is two products for the price of one: a puzzle and a ball! Designed for kids (aged eight and up) and adults alike, this special one is a great addition to any toy box or games room. See more in the...
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This is a delightful little addition to any music room or children’s toy box. Wood Croaking Frog With Stick is measuring just 4cm by 6cm by 4cm (with the stick measuring 9cm), the croaking frog will keep kids entertained without taking up too much room. There are more to see...
$14.95 $29.95
Sick of kids’ toys cluttering your house? This Flat Wood Puzzle For Kids can be stowed in any drawer when not in use, making it the perfect addition to any home where space is limited. Known as a clever board, this cool item is not only fun but serves as...
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A genuine crowd-pleaser, the 3D Wooden Owl Puzzle is perfect for kids aged as young as three, right through to the early teens (12 to 15 years). The puzzle might look simple, but it will challenge and entertain even the sharpest young minds. See also this wood puzzle cube! Educational...
$23.95 $59.95
Woah! This Real Life Escape Room Puzzle Box is sure to keep you guessing. The escape room concept is definitely having a moment, and this wooden puzzle enables you to take part in the craze from the comfort of your living room. Hop over this page for more. Escape Room...
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$5.95 $15.95
Unlock the mystery of this Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Key, made from quality ABS Wood, and suitable for kids and adults alike. The puzzle consists of a ‘key’, measuring 6.1 inches in length and 2.55 inches in width, and a lock, measuring 2.36 inches across. Try also this which is...
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$19.95 $38.95
This Wood Block Puzzle, designed for adults and children aged six and up, is a great little brainteaser to take on family holidays, or simply to while away the time on a rainy day. The puzzle consists of a series of wooden blocks and pins, which needs to be assembled...
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$12.95 $25.95
This nifty little Wood Puzzle Cube is guaranteed to keep young minds occupied and entertained. Measuring 6.8cm3, this wooden jigsaw toy can be enjoyed by boys and girls aged three and up. And when it’s not being used, simply pop it in a drawer. Check out also this beautiful 3D...
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This sweet little Heart Shaped Puzzle would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a child or adult, or a lovely addition to any children’s toy box. Measuring just 13.5cm wide and with a fully flat design, this compact one here can be easily stored away when not in use....
Chess Pieces
$39.95 $104.95
3 inch
3.5 inch
2.2 inch
2.5 inch
4 inch
Big 4 inch
Get your hands on a set of quality wooden Chess Pieces, complete with a gunny pack for safe delivery and ongoing protection. What’s more, each piece has a flannelette bottom, ensuring a quiet game – just as chess should be! Have a peak at this folding wood chess board. Wooden...
$40.95 $109.95
Lovingly handcrafted 3D Flower Dancer Puzzle, which opens out to reveal a beautiful ballerina who doubles as a jewellery holder for small items (rings, earrings). When the puzzle is closed back up, the ballerina can still be seen through the delicate wood carvings. The puzzle is made of light blonde...
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$11.95 $23.95
What’s in the box? The Wooden Block Puzzle, designed for children aged three and up, is a lightweight wooden puzzle, weighing just 0.12kg and measuring 10cm by 5cm by 3cm. It’s perfect for keeping the kids entertained at restaurants or on holidays. See this one in our online collection over...
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$20.95 $41.95
Behold the Brain Teaser Wooden 5Pcs Jigsaw Puzzle Board, a high-quality jigsaw puzzle for children aged three and up. This wooden puzzle measures 14.7cm by 12.7 cm, plus a 1.9cm ‘wild cube’ designed to test kids’ wits. Try out this and enjoy playing with your kid. Get more here! Geometric...
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style 2
style 4
Whether it is to kill time, or spend hours challenging yourself, the wooden cube Puzzle is the perfect toy, or gift for those aged 6 years and up. It is bound to keep you occupied for hours, with so many different options of puzzles to choose from. Have a look...
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Put your puzzle prowess to the test with this Wooden Treasure Box 3D Puzzle – the ideal rainy day activity for little kids and big kids alike. Measuring 17cm in depth, width and height, this is a perfect addition to any toy box, or even as a display item in...
$15.95 $31.95
This 3D Music Puzzle is sure to entertain kids and adults alike. Once completed, the Wooden Earth puzzle forms a musical instrument. Choose from a phonograph, a harp, a saxophone, a violin, a guitar and a drum kit. Or why not get also the heart shaped puzzle? Wooden Musical Instrument...
$18.95 $37.95
Love chess? Then you’ll love these Wood Chess Pieces (32Pcs/Set 64Cm Height). Why not try these, which can be used for checkers as well as chess, are sure to keep you enthralled in the great game for hours on end. Visit the wooden chess section for more. 32 Woodmade Chess...
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$21.95 $53.95
This Folding Wooden Chess Board allows you to take your game of chess or checkers just about anywhere – as long as you have a flat surface to play on! Measuring 34cm by 34cm, the board is made entirely of wood and has a lovely glossy finish. On wooden chess...

If you are someone who enjoys keeping your mind active with brain teasers or puzzle toys, then look no further than our handcrafted wooden toys for sale collection. An assortment of interesting and creative games for your pleasure.


Get your little ones excited with these fun games for them to play with. Not only will it keep them occupied but it keeps their mind active too. Let them assemble pieces and problem solve with some of these cool kids puzzles and handmade wooden toys for sale.

couple use wood game

Affordable and innovative designs certainly come together with this collection of the best wooden toys. Take a look at some of the awesome 3D puzzles we have available and not only can you participate in assembling but you will land up with a great decorative piece to showcase such as the 3D wooden owl puzzle or the flat wood puzzle for kids.


For those who are chess enthusiasts, you’ll find some beautifully designed wooden chess boards in this collection which not only offer great prices but will last you years and years of fun and enjoyment. We have a great selection of boards to choose from whether you are just starting out and looking for something simple and classic or as an avid player, the Terracotta Warriors Chinese Chess board will be a great fit. Impress your weekly tournament with a friend by grabbing one of these wooden chess boards or games and enhance your experience and play with one of these cheap wooden toys online.

If you’ve struggled when it comes to figuring out where can I buy wooden toys, then your struggling days are over as Wooden Earth brings you some really interesting and creative handmade wood games online. Simply enjoy the comfort of your own home when browsing through our range and buy wood toys online easily and conveniently. This great selection caters to a variety of different interests when it comes to games or toys such as assembly pieces, puzzles, chess boards, boxes and more. Keeping busy has never been this much fun or looked this good as the wooden handcrafted designs add a unique and natural look and feel.

With all these awesome pieces from Wooden Earth which are not only made from quality wooden materials but are available at great prices too; you can collect a whole bunch and enjoy how making and assembling the puzzles produce a wonderful decorative item for you to display in your home.


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