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Memories are treasured and captured with photos and keeping your photos safe with this stunning wood photo album holder will ensure your memories are kept safe and will last forever. The solid wooden box provides ample space to keep your most favorite photos from your wedding day to graduation celebrations...
Key Hook Rack
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Do you ever spend hours looking for your car keys, house keys, or work keys? There is truly nothing more frustrating than losing keys in the couch, under a table, or in-between clutter. Fortunately, there is a better way. Losing your keys is a thing of the past with the...
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This Geometric Pendant is perfect for anyone who loves jewelry that’s natural while still being elegant. A small, hexagon-shaped pendant features four slats of wood in earthy colors, punctured by a series of small holes. The pendant hangs on a fine link chain. Check the necklaces collection for more cool...
$15.95 $31.95
This 3D Music Puzzle is sure to entertain kids and adults alike. Once completed, the Wooden Earth puzzle forms a musical instrument. Choose from a phonograph, a harp, a saxophone, a violin, a guitar and a drum kit. Or why not get also the heart shaped puzzle? Wooden Musical Instrument...
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The patterned rolling pin comes in a variety of patterns as well as pattens for special occasions such as Christmas and Valentines Day. In addition there is also a plain patterned rolling pin. Use the patterned rolling pin to roll out all types of dough from cookies, pastries and bread....
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We all like to feel clean. Having a soap dispenser in easy reach allows just that. Yet, just any dispenser might undermine the rest of the décor. Woodenearth’s wooden soap dispenser complements a stylish, yet natural interior. Its finished product gives an earthy and natural feel to any space due...
Water Cup
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Sit back, relax, and rehydrate with this beautiful Water Cup. Made from deeply-colored Jujube wood and adorned with simple etchings along its rim, these cups are a great choice for use either daily or for special occasions. Thanks to its wooden construction, you can use it for both hot and...
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Rummaging through those drawers to find the right cooking knife is a thing of the past with this magnetic knife holder from this site. Made from natural wood, this eco-friendly product is a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop. Slap your favourite cooking knives on and let them be safely...
Wooden Chair
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Looking to add a modern and simple furniture item to your office or dining room, why not choose this wooden chair. A beautiful and elegant design complimented with its size, this makes for a great addition to any home or office. Offered in classic brown wooden finish with black seating,...
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Men P14-1
Women P14-4
This Colorful Wood Watch is sure to turn heads, with its multi-coloured design in earthy colours. If you know a man who loves colourful accessories or quirky fashion, this is the perfect gift. Best of all, it weighs just 52 grams, so it could easily be sent in the mail....
$21.95 $43.95
This is the perfect addition to your dinnerware. With the Acacia Wood Bowl and seven different sizes to choose from, you’ll be able transform your entire kitchen cupboard to ensure it’s not only stylish but eco-friendly. See also this root wood bowl. Eco-Friendly, Ultra-Smooth Wooden Bowl - Made From Acacia Breakfast bowls,...
$10.95 $17.95
For lovers of cooking, a good place to set a spoon while at the stove is indispensable. Our Spoon Stand offers the perfect location to rest your trusty spoon in-between stirrings. This tool comes in both light and dark-hued wood, both polished to shine and look elegant when laying on...
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Perhaps you’ve decided to take on baking or you are already a baking guru, either way, this rolling pin for baking is certainly something to add to your kitchen. Other than being the eco-friendly and a wooden product we know and love from Wooden Earth, it has also been FDA...
Bohemia Ring
$4.95 $7.95
Our Bohemia Ring, manufactured by YULUCH, showcases brown, beige, or black wood cut in a unique geometric pattern. This unconventional piece  is perfectly named, as its design showcases its wearer’s sense of adventure and artistic spirit. The simple wood construction of this fashion ring lends it a natural appeal while...
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Light Wood 1
Dark Wood 1
White 1
Black 1
Light Wood 2
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Dark Wood
Light Wood
Accurate and reliable timekeeping, a smooth wooden face with rounded edges, and a magnificent LED display made this Jinsun-brand Wooden Digital Alarm Clock a great addition to any bedroom. Through combining a minimalist wooden façade and a crisp LED display, this piece here will serve as both a stunning decoration...
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No kitchen is complete without a beautiful set of, well made, sturdy and practical-to-use wooden spoons. These here are an essential part of any kitchen, for those who love to cook and back. They are so easy to handle, clean and store. Try this page fro more of these. Features...
Key Hanger
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Black 3 Hooks
Black 4 Hooks
White 2 Hooks
White 3 Hooks
White 4 Hooks
Wood 2 Hooks
Wood 3 Hooks
Wood 4 Hooks
Black 2 Hooks
This wonderful addition to any wall space or household with its beautiful design allows you to use it not only to hang your keys but as shelving too. Made from strong durable materials, the key hanger for wall is designed to bring convenient storage solutions and interior décor together. Store...
Honey Spoon
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60 pcs
24 pcs
People around the world enjoy eating honey more and more. Its delicious, sweet flavor is the perfect accompaniment for tea, and a range of other dishes, especially breakfast. This cute little honey spoon adds such a unique extra touch to serving honey, whether it be to friends or family. It...
$12.95 $24.95
5Pairs - B
5Pairs - A
5Pairs - D
5Pairs - C
The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Asian-style eating and dining, these Chinese sticks will certainly be a wonderful choice. Enjoy those meals in style or impress your guests when setting the dinner table with these pairs. With a variety of colours or patterns to choose from, you can get...
$48.95 $81.95
Choosing the right lighting style for your bedroom or living area is just as important as any other decorative item, which is why this living room lamp ticks all the boxes. A beautiful and classic design offered in a variety of styles brings an elegant and natural essence to your...
$14.95 $23.95
This Machine Gun Necklace With Wood Bead is sure to turn heads! Made from quality wood and ideal for both and women, this necklace has a distinct street style. Choose from five different colours: bright red, cream, black, beige with a black outline, and chocolate brown. Look at this now...
$7.95 $11.95
180ml-1pc 2
180ml no feet-1pc
Are you a coffee lover? Then this wooden coffee mug is perfect for you. Made by Vktech it’s the perfect cup for your breakfast coffee or if you need a mug for the office. Easy to use and functional it is ideal for when you next need to make yourself...
Cake Plates
$42.95 $76.95
If you are looking to add a special touch to your outdoor lunches in the garden or pack for a trip away, these cake plates are the perfect solution. They comes in different sizes giving you more options on how you want to use it. Add this as a center...