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$21.95 $54.95
These wooden Japanese Miso Soup Bowls are a great addition to your kitchen. Measuring 6.7cm in depth and 11cm in width, the bowls are ultra-smooth and have a glossy finish, so you’ll love these. Wooden Bowls Perfect for Japan's Miso Soup Miso soup has a number of health benefits. It...
$41.95 $109.95
Sick of displaying fruit in a boring ceramic bowl? This Natural Rustic Fruit Bowl, which is made of solid wood and comes in a range of different sizes, is a fresh take on the good old family fruit bowl. Discover here more. Tree Style Fruit Bowl with a Natural Shape...
$31.95 $84.95
15x8.5cm one bowl
18x8.5cm one bowl
19x8.5cm one bowl
This wooden Apple Shaped Pot/Bowl is a sweet addition to any kitchen windowsill or coffee table. An on-glazed technique is the secret to the bowl’s smooth, almost pearl-like finish. Of course, the bowl also has a practical use, with a one-litre capacity. Use this as a snack bowl or even...
$5.95 $15.95
bowl and spoon
just Bowl
Coconut bowls are all the rage right now, and this Natural Coconut Bowl ticks all the boxes. Made from solid wood, these eco-friendly bowls are made to look like real coconut shells. Look these up! They’re a little slice of paradise and will last forever. Look over this page for...
$15.95 $31.95
8x6.5x6cm 2
When it comes to finding a safe place for all our accessories and small personal items, this Hinged Box will certainly satisfy and tick all your boxes. A classic wooden storage box for all your trinkets, hair accessories, rings or earrings; keeping all your small accessories or items in one place...
$30.95 $82.95
22-23-15.5cm F
22-22.5-5.5cm D
23-22.5-27cm Q
23-22.5-22.5cm P
22-22.5-5.5cm K
22-23-32cm J
23-23-17.5cm O
22-23-10.5cm M
22-23-10.5cm E
23-23-17.5cm G
23-22.5-27cm I
23-22.5-22.5cm H
22.5-22-5cm U
22.5-22-5cm T
22.5-22-5cm S
22.5-22-5cm R
22.5-22-5cm C
22-23-37cm B
22-23-37cm A
22-23-32cm W
22.5-22-5cm V
For those tea lovers, this beautiful wooden chest is a perfect addition to your kitchen counter, where storing and organizing your favorite selection of tea has never looked this good. The classic wooden drawers and layers allow you to separate your flavors, keeping your aromas intact while you enjoy how...
$33.95 $90.95
If you are looking for a simple yet effective storage solution, then this cutlery tray is the perfect choice. Don’t let the word cutlery fool you into believing it is not capable of many uses and functions. Store your cutlery away neatly in the kitchen, organise your tools in the...
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$35.95 $89.95
Every kitchen needs a functional, well designed cutlery drawer as a standard part of a kitchen’s set up. This particular drawer is exceptionally well thought out and makes it easy to store all of your most essential cutlery items, especially when space is limited. It can also be used to...
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Kitchen Mallet
$7.95 $20.95
This kitchen mallet is ideal for all of your food preparation needs. No matter what you need to tenderize be it meat or chicken this is the one for you. Made by Prokth you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a quality product. It’s ideal for food bloggers,...
$10.95 $21.95
Food preparation is extremely important, it makes our lives so much easier when we have the right items to use for specific jobs in the kitchen. With meat preparation this is even more important, as it is usually the main ingredient in our dishes. The meat tenderizer is an invaluable...
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$12.95 $25.95
This meat tenderizer is perfect if you need to prepare meat or poultry for cooking. Designed by Waasoscon it is the ideal kitchen utensil for to tenderize meat. This is also the perfect gift for that chef in your family or that friend that has designs on being the next...
Meat Hammer
$10.95 $21.95
If you are a meat loving household, then this double sided meat tenderizer hammer is just the kitchen accessory for you. Simply designed, the handle makes the grip easy to hold onto while you focus on tenderizing that perfect piece of meat. Whether you enjoy beef, chicken, pork, lamb or...
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$10.95 $21.95
If you are a meat loving household, then this double sided meat tenderizer hammer is just the kitchen accessory for you. Simply designed, the handle makes the grip easy to hold onto while you focus on tenderizing that perfect piece of meat. Whether you enjoy beef, chicken, pork, lamb or...
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$12.95 $24.95
If bowls of noodles and plates of fried rice are your favorite sorts of food, then you will love our Houseen-brand Asian Chopsticks. These cool chopsticks are easy to maneuver and easy to clean—especially when compared with fork and knife sets. Bring them out with you to work or to...
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$21.95 $43.95
22cm black hexagon
24cm wave pattern
23cm cherry blossom
24cm thread pattern
25cm water ripple
24cm cherry blossom
27cm cherry blossom
Sushi-lovers looking to elevate their dining experience need a set of our Sushi Chopsticks. Traditional Japanese dining calls for plucking sushi off of plates and platters with chopsticks. You can dine like the first sushi chefs intended with the help of these sophisticated and functional chopsticks. Use these ones to...
$4.95 $12.95
Made from high quality wood these cool chopsticks are stylish in their simplicity. But don’t be fooled as they are also useful and ecofriendly. Use them to eat with as well as when you are cooking secure in the knowledge that by using these cool chopsticks and not disposable chopsticks...
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$17.95 $34.95
These eco-friendly wooden chopsticks are perfect for any Asian-style dinner party or occasion. No need to worry about any splinters or having to keep buying chopsticks when you can have your own reusable set. These come in a set of two so you and your friend or partner can enjoy...
$8.95 $17.95
1 piece
5 pieces
Eating is on of the most important things we do as humans, so when we eat, we want to do it using the best possible, highest quality eating utensils. These best chopsticks are exactly what they say they are, the absolute best! When you buy these, you get a set...
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These bamboo chopsticks are ideal for your kitchen. They are the perfect dinner accessory and will have your guests talking about them all night long. Designed by Loriver they are sure to make your dinner come alive each night. The chopsticks are also handcrafted. If you are looking for something...
$13.95 $26.95
5Pairs - B
5Pairs - A
5Pairs - D
5Pairs - C
The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Asian-style eating and dining, these Chinese sticks will certainly be a wonderful choice. Enjoy those meals in style or impress your guests when setting the dinner table with these pairs. With a variety of colours or patterns to choose from, you can get...
$23.95 $46.95
If you enjoy those Asian-style meals or know of a friend who does, then this set of chopsticks is the right choice for you or as a gift. They are they reusable, so you can wash and reuse over again. Carry these anywhere with you and enjoy how elegant they...
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$29.95 $74.95
These days with people constantly being on the go, it is really handy to have a pair of good-quality eating utensils, such as these asian chopsticks made from wood, with you at all times. It is also a great way to be eco-friendly, sustainable and reduce the amount of single...
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$8.95 $23.95
Blue 5 pairs
Yellow 5 pairs
Purple 5 pairs
Five colors 5 pairs
Brown 5 pairs
Red 5 pairs
New Five colors
These wooden chopsticks that come in a choice of six different Japanese style designs that adds a colorful element to this simple but elegant wooden chopstick. The wood is of high quality ensuring the longevity of the wooden chopstick and these wooden chopsticks are also ecofriendly as they eliminate single...
$112.95 $225.95
When you want to show off your culinary skills these fancy chopsticks will complete your meal. As eating utensils go these fancy eating utensils in red will add that extra sophistication to your gathering and your family and friends will love them. These fancy chopsticks also have a delicate pattern...
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rustic wood kitchen

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