Accessories for a Fun Bar

Adding decorations is a great way to improve the visual appeal of your bar for entertaining guests. There are a wide variety of bar accessories available, such as cocktail shakers and coasters.


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Juice Blenders

For those who enjoy entertaining guests at the bar, cocktail shakers are available to make mixing drinks easier and more expedient. Make sure to use barvivo coasters to protect your tables. They accomplish their cooling/aerating goals by combining these two methods. These are perfect for a happy hour or pool party, and may be included in your favorite cocktail mix.

Be sure to pick a cocktail shaker that you'll really use often while shopping for a replacement. Choose a set that will last by picking one composed of stainless steel or other hardy materials. Choose a shaker that can withstand the rigors of a dishwasher if you intend to use it in the kitchen.

As it is nonporous and very lightweight, stainless steel makes for a great material for cocktail shakers. It is also an excellent thermal conductor. Nonetheless, a heavier model may be warranted for use in a high-traffic kitchen or bar.

The cobbler is the most widely used type of cocktail shaker. The conical shape of this three-piece shaker makes it ideal for blending. Insulation ensures that beverages remain frosty during the set. The shaker is held in place by the cap, which also functions as a strainer.

One other well-liked design is the French shaker. It's a cross between the Cobbler and the Boston shakers. A stainless steel tin with a gold finish is included. One of the provided tops has a jigger built into it.

The weighted tins from Koriko are a favorite among many bartenders. These tins include a secure lid that makes them convenient for storage and cleanup. Also, the feedback is enhanced because of their thin walls.

Mixing Spoons

The cocktail stirrer is a terrific addition to many different drinks, including coffee. Furthermore, they can serve as a springboard for further discussion. Several of them can serve as novelties as well. You can discover a stirrer that fits your needs and your budget easily because they come in so many different designs and costs.

Metal stir sticks are available, however plastic and glass are more common for cocktail stirrers. These eco-friendly stirrers may be used over and over again.

In addition to serving as a useful tool for preventing spillage, drink stirrers are also a fun opportunity to experiment with color. If you want to avoid spilling your drink, get a stirrer that's at least as tall as your glass. Picking a layout that's simple to disinfect is also crucial.

As an added bonus, certain cocktail stirrers may double as lovely embellishments for your reception or party. You may personalize them by adding a monogram or another design on the end of each pen. You may personalize the drink stirrers at your wedding with pictures of your loved ones.

Stir straws are a useful accessory for any bar. They come in a wide range of styles and hues. You may mix drinks with a stirrer or use it to produce cake pops by whisking the liquid with a rapid motion. It's possible that you'll want to go for ones that are particularly bright or ostentatious, depending on the style.

Whether you're shopping for a wedding favor, a buddy who just turned fifty, or a novelty present, a personalized cocktail stirrer is the perfect choice. In fact, the stirrers may double as an escort pass!


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