How Should I Arrange My Wall Art Near My Clock?

Whether you've recently purchased a decorative wall clock or are on the hunt for a new way to accentuate your existing one, you'll find a wealth of options. Some examples include placing a console table nearby, hanging artwork close to the clock, and adorning the wall with a wall candle or garland.

Prints of Art are Hung Next to a Clock on the Wall

Hanging a clock on the wall is a simple yet effective method to update your living room's look. You may make it appear even better by surrounding it with additional ornaments. You may hang a wall clock with a picture frame, some greenery, or whatever else you choose. The clock in your home or office may be a subtle or bold accent, depending on its size and design.

There is important thing when wall-mounting your timepiece- placing a wall clock dead center on a wall is the preferred method of showcasing one. Placing a clock in an off-center location might give the impression that the room is tilted. Paintings and photographs look great hanging around the room's massive clock. A painting may give a space a sense of individuality, while photos on a wall clock are a fun way to inject some color and visual appeal.

By filling the wall around the clock with photos, plants, and other décor, you may make the clock the focal point of the room. The J-rail system is perfect for this, since it allows you to attach a variety of ornaments with a single, simple step.

By Installing a Console Table

Putting a console table in front of a wall clock draws attention to it and gives it more visual weight, making it a more desirable focal point. A console table may be decorated in a variety of ways. The first thing you need to do is pick a design that works well with the rest of your house. You may give it a fresh look by decorating it with either new or previously used pieces.

Balance in terms of scale and proportion is essential when accessorizing a console table. It's also essential that the room's decoration not overwhelm the space it occupies. Put heavy decorative pieces like lamps or vases in the lower part of a tall, open console to create visual harmony.

One further important aspect of designing a well-balanced console table is to not stuff it. It's recommended to leave between a quarter and half of the tabletop empty. This will give the room a sophisticated appearance without being overpowering.

Putting on a Wreath

Traditional style may be added to the foyer by wrapping a garland around a wall clock. The use of small, blinking lights to highlight the garland may make the space feel warmer and cozier.

Displaying your festive joy has never been simpler than with this quick and easy DIY. It's also a fantastic activity for kids to take part in.

Pine cones, lights, and other organic materials may be used to make a beautiful garland. Crafting holiday decorations doesn't have to be limited to just stringing together beads. Painting beach balls is another great way to add a splash of color. Sprinkle iridescent glitter around your decorations if you want to make them more eye-catching.

When you've finished making your garland, you may display it wherever in your house. As an alternative, you may use it to encase the banister's posts. Attach it to the handrail using adhesive hooks or zip ties.

It also works as a door hanger. Floral wire should be used to secure the ends. Thumb tacks can be used as an alternative.

A Candle Mounted on the Wall

The beauty of a wall clock may be accentuated by placing a candle on either side of it. Candles on the wall may do double duty as decorative accents and ambient illumination. Wall candles can be a stunning focus point, whether you're wanting to add a subtle decorative touch during the day or a dramatic accent after dark.

Consider the wall's dimensions and decor before settling on a particular candle sconce. The wall sconces must also blend well with the existing design scheme. Make sure the sconce you pick is the same scale as the surrounding frame or wall. If you want a safe and simple installation, pick a sconce with a glass chimney.

Hang a planter from the ceiling for a touch of greenery and a touch of art. Plants are an excellent way to enhance the aesthetics of a room and increase the amount of natural light in it. Reconnecting with nature is essential in today's hectic world, and you may do that by caring for some potted plants. Be sure to give them plenty of water on a consistent basis.


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