Can Infants Eat Off of Wooden Platters?

Many new parents are concerned about the safety of using wooden cutlery for their infants. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of solutions for safe dinnerware. Melamine-free plastics and bamboo wooden plates are non toxic that can go in the dishwasher are two choices.

Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware

A good first step in encouraging healthy eating habits in infants is to provide them with bamboo plates that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is also strong, hypoallergenic, and easy on the eyes. Feeding your baby with it has a double benefit: it decreases pollutants. Using a wooden dinner plates is not wasteful.

You may pick from a variety of bamboo plate styles. Some examples of these are melamine and bamboo dishes, as well as those created from other materials. Because of bamboo's inherent antibacterial properties, it resists stains and leaks better than other materials. When dropped on a firm surface, it is less likely to break or chip.

Bamboo plates are great since they don't warp when used to serve hot meals. It's also simpler to disinfect. A moist towel left on a bamboo plate for a few minutes can do the trick while cleaning. Use soap and water to thoroughly clean it.

Antimicrobial properties exist in bamboo by design. So, it is more likely to maintain the temperature of the food and prevent it from going bad.

Non-Melamine Plastics

One strategy to protect your baby from potential poisons is to use Melamine-free plastics on wooden plates. Melamine is a chemical molecule abundant in many consumer and industrial goods. It is a nitrogen-rich chemical. Nevertheless, kidney stones, renal failure, and neurological issues have been associated with it. It has also been linked to cancer.

Melamine is a chemical molecule frequently found in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and home kitchens alike. The FDA has given its blessing for its usage in dishes, silverware, and cooking implements. The EPA, however, has determined that 0.63 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day is the TDI for melamine.

Melamine does not break down naturally. Acidity or high heat can dissolve it into meals. This is why storing foods high in acidity levels requires the use of glass containers. Migration into foods can also be affected by the degree of crosslinking.

Melamine was discovered in newborn formula in 2008, according to the Chinese Institute for Disease Control and Prevention. Several protein supplements and wheat from China were also found to contain melamine. The result was renal failure in thousands of newborns and canines.

Alternatives to Toxic Tableware

Wooden plates are a safe and attractive alternative, but there are many more types of baby dinnerware to consider. If you're concerned about lead poisoning, it's vital that you find plates created without harmful substances.

Bamboo is a kid-friendly, long-lasting, and eco-friendly material. Because of its inherent resistance to odor and color, this material is great for plates that kids could eat off of.

Tempered glass is another material suitable for use as children's tableware. This substance is tough and may be cleaned in the dishwasher. It can be heated in a microwave, too. Yet even tempered glass can be broken if you really try.

Stainless steel is a good option if you want to provide your child with non-toxic dishware that will last. Stainless steel may be long lasting, but it should be avoided if a child has an allergy to nickel or chromium. Stainless steel can also not be heated in a microwave. Glass bowls are safe for the microwave and dishwasher, so that's how you should heat them.

Baby plates produced without bisphenol A (BPA) are another good option when searching for safe dinnerware. The use of BPA in plastics is widespread. It's also used to make resins and polymers, both of which have the potential to contaminate food supplies.

Chic Baby Bamboo Dish and Spoon

The Avanchy Bamboo Baby Plate and Spoon are ideal whether you're trying to find a non-toxic spoon or just want to feed your kid safely. They're built with non-hazardous stuff that will last a long time and be simple to keep clean. These cutlery sets are BPA- and melamine-free since they are crafted from bamboo and food-grade silicone that has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

You may discover an Avanchy Bamboo Baby Plate and Spoon set in one of three fun hues to reflect your child's individuality. Your youngster can see what he is eating and use a single serving scoop to eat from an undivided plate. The sloping sides of each compartment will make it easier for your infant to scoop out a serving.

This dish has a large suction base so it can be used on most high chair trays. Its suction will prevent your infant from flinging the dish across the room. In the event that your child throws the plate, the vacuum may be quickly turned off by pressing the child-safe vacuum relief lever.


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