Which Manufacturer Is Most Famous for Its Expensive Wooden Fountain Pe

The most costly brand of wooden fountain pens is notoriously difficult to identify. However, there are certain names in the marketplace that truly shine. La Dona Menagerie, Acrosilk, Parker Sonnet, and Pelikan Souveran are all examples of them.

Souveran Battle Cry

Pelikan Souveran pens are the gold standard, whether you're shopping for a particular present or an inheritance. The peculiar construction and style of these pens set them apart. They're desirable enough to be collected. They range in price from $250 to $700, depending on the make and type.

There are a wide variety of Pelikan Souveran models available. They consist of lines M3, M4, M6, M8, and M10. These may be found in sizes ranging from the typical to the massive. There are also Limited Editions of these pens. These are a limited edition and are numbered in sequence.

The M8 and M10x lines include larger pens, while the M3x line is the smallest. The piston sections of both of these pens are made of brass.


The Acrosilk by Visconti is one of the world's most costly hardwood fountain pens. Acrylic resin and silk fibers are used in its construction. A shiny and reflective surface is the end product. The material makes one think of mosaics in Florentine stone.

The La Modernista is another option from the same manufacturer; it has a silver body and an 18-carat gold nib. Six months and $265,000 later, it was sold to an unnamed bidder. The fountain pen cost more than most cars. It also included a retractable nib, a first for writing instruments.

This collection is dedicated to the Medici dynasty. The Medici family crest is carved into the gold-plated trim on the barrel and cap. The crown features a rose gold embellishment. The nib is made of 18-karat rose gold. The pen has a 2-year guarantee from the manufacturer. There is also a lighter golden brown version of the Medici.

La Menagerie de Dona

Luxury fountain pens are made with materials like diamonds and gold. Collectors pay hundreds of dollars for these writing instruments. They are in high demand since they are a symbol of top-notch quality.

Montblanc's Boehme Royal Pen is among the market's most luxurious offerings but also one of the most costly. The fountain pen is a piece of art and costs close to a million dollars. The pen's nib is made of 18-karat gold, and it's covered with glittering diamonds.

The market is rife with high-priced writing implements, such as the $24,000 Parker Pen XL. Thanks to its innovative refill method, you won't need to buy ink for a whole year. It is rhodium-plated and features a nib made of 18-carat gold. Black leather with a textured finish and a silk ribbon embellishment are also included.

Parker's Ode

Parker Sonnet is a high-quality fountain pen, but its price tag is prohibitive for others. Writing on it is a delight because to its clean, modern design. It has a proportional, cigar-like form and a sleek metal design with shiny chrome accents. Gold and brushed stainless steel finishes are also accessible.

Parker's original Sonnet line featured a wide variety of pen styles. Only twelve styles will remain in the collection.

The Cicele made of sterling silver was the most sought after. The hat lip has a fine gold ring around it. It was made by a silversmith in London. The Parker name and emblem were etched inside the solid gold nib.

The Chinese Laque Ambre was another popular design. It had a large band at the top. It had a 23-karat gold edging. A mild brown shade was available for purchase.

Count Van Gogh Visconti

Visconti, established in 1988 by two passionate pen collectors, has rapidly risen to become a household name. Its creators are well-known for their skill and innovation in the pen industry.

The pens in the Visconti Van Gogh Impressionist Collection were designed to seem if they were plucked straight from one of Vincent Van Gogh's canvases. Pens, pencils, and inks are all part of the Van Gogh collection; each one is sold with a miniature picture by the artist.

Each pen in the Van Gogh line is handcrafted from natural vegetal resins and features an 18-sided pattern on the barrel and cap for a stunning luster. The packaging for each every pen is special. The front of the box features a canvas-like pattern and a copy of a Van Gogh painting.

Carbon-Fiber Kaweco AC Sport

The Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen is a high-quality writing implement that manages to be both fashionable and long-lasting. It's presented in a throwback tin and uses a standard international ink cartridge. The enormous hat serves as the design's main practical component.

Its overall length is 12.5 centimeters and its width is about 9 millimeters. The octagonal design provides a pleasant surface for writing on. The glossy gunmetal accents look great with the matte finish. The cap's black Kaweco emblem is a classy touch.

Champagne, silver, and a brilliant crimson are just some of the available hues for the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen. The concave octagonal form fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


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