Where is the Best Place to Hide the Keys?

It doesn't matter if you have a city, suburb, or rural home; you still need to find a safe place to hide your house keys when you leave. You may put them in your wallet, beneath the doormat, or even in the downspout if you don't have a safe. The keys to your safe can be kept from wandering off with a little bit of planning. If you're searching for place inside home to put key holder, read more from us.

Set Them Up on Pegs

Hanging your keys on a wall hook is not only a convenient solution, but also a stylish accent to your home's decor. These hooks have a wide variety of potential applications throughout the house. They are versatile enough to be installed in or on the exterior of cabinets or closets. They are also suitable for mounting on the inside of a cabinet door. Both your keys and other frequently used things may be safely stored in one convenient location.

Although this holder is convenient for displaying your keys, you may prefer to store keys elsewhere, especially at night. You may hang them on hooks inside the cabinet door, but allow them at least three inches of space between themselves and the door frame to prevent any collisions.

Put Them Under the Mat by the Entrance

It's typical practice for people to hide a set of extra keys beneath the doormat. Yet, this is not a secure location for keeping a key. The key might be easily taken out by anyone who reaches in. Also, that's a rather untidy place to conceal the key. For more ideas read where should the house's key keeper live.

The mailbox, the mailbox's bottom, and even the grill's leg are all frequent hiding places for a set of house keys. Putting a key anywhere outside requires some ingenuity. You could tuck it beneath the grill's leg, drop it in the seed for your bird feeder, or even stick it in the mailbox.

Put Them Down a Downspout or Gutter

If you're afraid about losing your home key or leaving it in the car, try hiding it in a downspout or gutter instead. What's even better is that it requires zero effort and costs zero dollars. A plastic add-on is the simplest solution, although screws and waterproof tape can also be used. The trick is picking a solution that works with your current gutter setup.

A bendable plastic downspout extension is a good choice. They are typically four or six inches in length and two or three inches in diameter, making them ideal for burial in a typical gutter.

Put Them Inside a Phony Sprinkler Key Holder and Bury It

The fake sprinkler may double as a key holder or as a place to conceal a spare key. It's reasonably priced and passes for the genuine article. Little plastic storage containers, a hose end, and some hot glue are all you need. A faux sprinkler key holder is simple to put together.

Fake drain caps are another option for hiding your keys if you reside in a dangerous area. The water won't be able to drain too quickly or too far because of the drain cap. You may even stow away some cash or other valuables in the nozzle.


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