Which Brand Is Most Well-Known for Their Wooden Watches?

There are several manufacturers of wooden watches, so you can easily choose one for yourself or as a gift. What, then, are the top choices?

Walnut Kerbholz

Kerbholz, a manufacturer of wooden timepieces, was founded in 2012 by a German couple. The founders' fascination in the material stemmed from their time in Central America. Kerbholz wooden timepieces are sophisticated and fashionable. In addition to being manufactured from sustainable materials, they use Swiss quartz mechanisms.

The Fritz Walnut is a classic minimalist timepiece made of wood. It can tolerate light rain or water spray without becoming damaged. It's secured with a buckle and a brown leather strap. The dial is scratch-proof thanks to the sapphire coating on the glass.

The Fritz's strap is constructed from vegetable-tanned cowhide, making it an eco-friendly option. The watch can withstand water pressure equivalent to three atmospheres.


Fortunately, there is a wealth of excellent, reasonably priced choices right at our fingertips. This has led to some excellent bargains on high-quality watches and accessories. Bewell, Zhongshi, and Borg are just a few of the best players in the game. A variety of high-quality wooden timepieces are currently on sale at steep discounts; however, it may be some time before you actually make a purchase. These wooden timepieces are not cheap imitations, but neither are they overpriced. Those aforementioned flagships are prime examples of this. These high-end timepieces are best shopped for in the late afternoon/early evening.


When it comes to wooden watches, TSAR Wood Watches is among the best brands available. The timepieces in their collections are both fashionable and well-made. The watches are inexpensive and good to the environment. Watch enthusiasts would adore receiving one of these as a present.

Lightweight and durable, the greatest wooden watches are crafted from genuine wood. They last a long time, look great, and feel great to wear. They are an excellent way to make an otherwise ordinary outfit stand out. Because wood naturally absorbs carbon dioxide, these wristwatches have a lower environmental impact than those made from other materials.

Woods like sapele and mahogany are used to make the finest wooden timepieces. Sapele lasts a long time and has a solid framework. It can withstand abuse for a long period and still function as intended.

Svenn Wood

Svenn Wood was founded by a group of friends who saw a need in the market for high-quality wooden timepieces that didn't break the bank. Svenn makes superior clocks using bamboo wood and other exotic materials.

The Turkish firm makes premium wooden wristwatches that are good for the planet and can be recycled. There is a wide variety of designs available for these timepieces.

The Svenn Jet Black Wood Watch with Ebony Case is a sturdy watch that won't weigh you down. The protective rear cover is made of stainless steel. The watch is also quite sturdy and water-resistant. There are military hour subdials on the dial that looks like woodgrain laminate. It can withstand water pressure for up to 100 meters.

The recycled stainless steel casing of the Skagen SKW6746 Aaron Brown Wood Limited Edition makes it a sustainable accessory. In addition, it features a brown hardwood dial with black numerals. It is also equipped with a quartz movement and has three hands.


There are several brands of wooden timepieces to choose from, and they all have their own distinct qualities that may make them appealing to you. Brands such as Bewell, Original Grain, Svenn, and Maui Kool are among the most widely consumed.

Since 2004, Bewell has produced high-quality timepieces. They are made to be soft, light, and comfortable for extended use. Style-wise and financially, they have you covered. In addition, any watches costing more than $100 qualify for free international delivery. Bewell was an early player in the development of wooden watches.

The American firm Original Grain makes and sells fashionable timepieces and extras. They have a guarantee that lasts a year and allow for free exchanges. Over 20,000 customers have given them a perfect score. There's also a quiz part and the ability to purchase based on own style.

Primitive Flour

Ryan and Andrew Beltran started the San Diego-based watchmaker Original Grain, known for its unconventional clocks that blend steel and wood. The company's focus is on making eco-friendly timepieces from recycled components. They are also dedicated to helping others in need. For the past six years, they have worked together with Trees for the Future in Senegal.

The business evolved from a side gig to a full-fledged enterprise. They have a wide variety of women's watches among their many other offerings. They have also been showcased on viral video sharing platforms like TikTok and pinboard aggregators like Pinterest.

The original Grain mix, a combination of metal and wood, is their most popular product. Fans of fine timepieces rave about this specific combination.


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