Are Made-in-China Plastic Disc Backs Good for My Earrings?

Having to worry about the durability of plastic disc backs for earrings can be a serious problem for many jewelry owners. Thankfully, there are some great alternatives to traditional plastic backs for jewelry that will help make your jewelry last a long time and stay in good shape. Whether you are looking for a secure lock back, a tube type back, or a screw back, there is a back for you.

Screw Backs

Adding earring backs to your earring designs can secure the earring. Backs come in a variety of materials, including metal, silicone, and rubber. They are available in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect for stud earrings.

If your earring is not secured properly, the earring could fall out and become lost. In addition, tight backs can inhibit proper circulation in the earlobes, which can lead to discomfort and infections. It is also important to clean the earring and earhole daily to reduce the chances of bacteria buildup.

There are several types of earring backs, including friction backs, push backs, screw backs, and locking earring backs. In general, the most common types are friction backs and push backs. Both types grip the post through tension, but the tension can become loose with repeated use.

Stabilizer Discs

Choosing the correct earring back is a bit of a process. Some people prefer to go with metal or plastic while others opt for silicone and rubber options. Regardless of your preference, there is a wide variety of choices to choose from. It is important to find the best option for your style of earring.

The most basic earring back is the screw type. It is similar to the nut on a threaded bolt and will need to be unscrewed to install. While it may be the most secure type of back, it can also be the most cumbersome. The same is true for a friction or push back. Those are usually the most common types of backs used on earrings.

Tube Type Backs

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and styles of Made-in-China plastic disc backs for earrings. Choosing the right one for you is crucial to making sure your earrings stay in place. Some of the more common types of earring backs include the screw back, push-back and secure lock back.

The screw-back is a great option for some people, but not for others. These backs require special threaded posts, so they may be difficult for some people to attach. They also take longer to put on than the push-backs. In addition, overtightening them can cause loss of blood flow.

The push-back is a relatively inexpensive alternative, and can help keep your earrings from falling out of your ears. However, they are not as secure as the screw-back.

Friction Backs

Depending on what kind of earring you have, there are a few different types of backs you can choose from. These earring backs are used to secure earring designs behind the ear. They can also be added to earwires and earring posts. These backs come in rubber, metal, and silicone varieties.

These are the most common type of earring backs. They slide onto the post of the earring and hold it in place by friction. They are usually found on dangle style earrings. They are easy to operate and are very comfortable to wear. Some people have even noted that they are very secure.

Another type of earring back is a screw back. These are more secure than push backs, but take more time to put on. They require the post to be threaded carefully to prevent stripping. They are not recommended for people who have trouble grasping small objects.

Secure Lock Backs

Whether you're looking for a new pair of earrings or you want to revamp your collection, you should consider investing in secure lock backs on made-in-China plastic disc earrings. This type of earring back uses a double-grooved locking mechanism to keep your earrings secure. They are also more secure than regular stud backs.

There are several different types of earring backs on the market. The most common are friction backs, which are a basic option that work in much the same way as a screw back. However, these backs can lose their grip over time and can make it difficult to re-fasten your earrings.

Another alternative is silicone and rubber backs. These are generally used in conjunction with clear plastic disks to enhance support for your earrings.


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