Coasters That Advertise Your Drink of Choice

It's common known that using coasters may save your table from heat and water stains. Yet, you should know that they are also a fantastic medium for advertising your preferred beverage.

Watermark Rings are Ugly and Should be Avoided at All Costs

In order to keep watermark rings off your furniture, you can take any one of many precautions. Coasters, for instance, can prevent scratches and nicks to your coffee table, side table, or dining table. Water marks on wood may be avoided with the use of a durable sealer. Nevertheless, a professional may be needed to remove the ring if your wood is not glossy or has a low-gloss finish.

The simple act of using a drink coaster on a table will greatly reduce the appearance of watermark rings. This will prevent ugly marks from being left by accidental scrapes and scuffs. In addition, it can serve as a shield against moisture and heat. Condensation might form on the tabletop if the drinks are too cold, too steamy, or too hot. It is possible for watermarks to form if something is spilled.

You may avoid watermarks on your marble surfaces by using coasters made of marble. You'll want to be careful not to harm marble as it changes patina over time. Applying polyurethane to the area would also help get rid of the stains. Just be careful not to overdo it. In most cases, all that is required are two basic coatings.

Advertise a Certain Drink

It is typical practice for a vendor to give out coasters to customers in an effort to increase beverage purchases. Coasters that may be used several times are only one example of the various possibilities. In fact, there are several that you may participate in. These can be in the form of a discount or a referral to a mobile app, helping you get email subscribers, social media followers, and brand promoters at the click of a button.

Beer is undeniably popular among beer enthusiasts, therefore it's no wonder that a coaster advertising a certain beverage may be an efficient means of advertising that beer. There is a lot to gain by advertising your brand to consumers who are already drinking your beer at home. Considering that the typical customer interacts with a coaster for 45 minutes, it's a chance you shouldn't pass up.


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