Color Theory for Accessories: Bringing Life to Your Finishing Touch

You may be wondering what steps to take if you want to give your accessories a splash of color and style. Some suggestions are provided below.


Adding some green to your home's color scheme is a certain way to liven things up. The use of green can revitalize any room and make it feel more open and airy. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you may achieve the appearance you want without spending a fortune.

In order to make your home's colors pop, you may do more than just paint the walls a light or brilliant shade of green. You may make a little outside paradise by, say, carefully placing your chairs around your grass. Another option is to paint your entrance door a cheery green. Green and yellow are complementary colors that may be used together to make a fun and vibrant design.

Consider hiring help from a specialist if you are unsure of how to proceed. Some suggestions include using complementary colors and keeping to a color palette that works with the existing furnishings in your house. The key to a successful and pleasurable decorating experience is keeping the entire color scheme balanced and in sync.


The color teal is rich and multifaceted. It may be utilized to create a relaxing spa atmosphere or to inject energy into an otherwise dull place.

It's simple to combine different styles. It goes nicely with a wide range of hues, including pink, blue, purple, and even gray. For instance, adding a few teal throw cushions to an otherwise monochromatic space will do wonders to perk things up.

Use a pair of deep teals on a black backdrop for a dramatic effect. The color white is often used as a complimentary shade.

Right now, people are loving the look of mustard yellow and teal together. They are both energetic and nondescript neutrals. They are fantastic accessories for any interior design plan.

Use two deep, dark teals on a black backdrop for an edgier effect. This color scheme is really classy and refined. A dining room should have it.

Fabric with a Design

Using patterned fabric as the starting point for a well-planned and executed interior design concept may give any space a noticeable boost. It's not as difficult as you may imagine to select the appropriate design for the task at hand. When shopping for patterned fabric for the house, there are a few critical considerations to bear in mind, the most significant of which is the scale of the design. Limit yourself to no more than 10 yards of patterned fabric each room, and use it to cover no more than ten square feet. Think about using a patterned cloth with the same color palette to tie the room together. To get a similar effect in the bedroom, you could also use wallpaper with a similar design.

Remember that one and the same print might serve several purposes. For a sophisticated yet lighthearted effect, try decorating an entire family room in the same motif as a set of chairs.


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