Why Are Cups So Frequently Larger at the Top Than at the Bottom?

Tea cups, like many other types of cups, tend to be broader at the top than they are at the base. The way they are treated is to blame for this.


A proper tea experience begins with a proper tea cup. It's possible that the quality of your tea experience might be improved by using a different cup. Choose a cup with enough thermal retention for optimal comfort.

Teas with a strong scent benefit greatly from being served in a tulip-shaped cup rather than from a regular mug. It concentrates the flavor of the tea by funneling the smells up via a small aperture. When it comes to the Tieguanyin flowers of Anxi, this is crucial.

The traditional teacup has a slim bottom and larger top. These additions raise the tea's effective surface area and keep things flowing smoothly. When angled toward the lips, it helps to speed up the flow.

It's not dissimilar to maturing wine in a barrel, which is another parallel to the tenmoku cup. Its high iron concentration makes it ideal for highlighting certain tones. It's a nice way to give your tea a little extra something.

White Peony white tea and Dragonwell green tea benefit most from a flared teacup shape. The tea's flow may be adjusted more precisely. Teacups with a wide lip make them easy to hold.

The traditional teacup form was created in the 1700s to facilitate easier tea consumption. The thin walls are ideal for green tea since they speed up the cooling process.

Decorative Motifs Resembling Cups and Handles

Whether you're a complete trading newbie or a seasoned pro, there are a few things you need to know about the cup and handle pattern. Whenever the market forms a cup and handle pattern, it typically means there will soon be a good time to purchase. Both a long-term uptrend and a short-term reversal can be indicated by this pattern.

The triangular shape of the handle is typical for a cup's top. The lower portion of the handle is often less substantial than the upper portion. A trough-like recess may also emerge in the handle. The handle must not fall below the midway point either.

The canal at the handle's base might be triangular. It's possible that the handle will tower over the cup itself. The cup, however, should be shallow and rather flat.

The most successful cup and handle patterns have minimal retracement. A slanted channel or triangular handle is also possible.

A decreased cup height compared to the handle is possible. This is a powerful symbol. This is also an indication that market optimism is waning. The breakout point can be made more aggressive by using a larger cup height.

In order to finish a design, the length of the cup and handle should be sufficient. In most cases, a month will be required to complete the pattern.


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