DIY Key Ring Instructions

The next time you need a key holder box, whether for your car or your home, you might want to try your hand at constructing one. The internet is rife with tutorials for making this sort of thing. But, before getting started, there are a few things to think about.


The use of shiplap in the foyer creates a rustic, country feel. Making a key holder out of shiplap is a simple and cheap alternative. Yours can be tailored to your particular requirements and financial situation.

Shiplap is a type of paneling that features long, horizontal planks with spaces between them. Your walls will look more three-dimensional because to the spaces between the tiles. If you wish to paint the boards a different color, you can do so in the spaces between them. Both unfinished and stained options are at your disposal.

It's also crucial to ensure the correct breadth. The width of shiplap can range from four inches to eight inches, depending on your needs. Shiplap embellishments are also available ready-made.

Shiplap may be painted to add color to a wall. You may use a stencil or a paint brush to make a pattern. Caulk can be used in conjunction with the gun to secure the boards.


A key holder is a great way to keep your keys organized and out of sight, and it also serves as a nice aesthetic accent for your house. Any flat, sturdy surface, from a piece of cardboard to an unfinished piece of wood, will do for a key holder. Even more fun, you may personalize it for a holiday or milestone like Valentine's Day, Christmas, or a birthday!

For a more creative key holder, consider converting a piece of cardboard into a Christmas tree or utilizing a tiny terra cotta pot for a stylish effect. A pill bottle is an excellent container for your keys, as it is watertight and can be used in any climate.

Make a key holder from an old picture frame for a creative storage solution. The frame may be covered with fabric or other designs of washi tape. Add some Command(tm) Tiny Wire Hooks to the mix, and you can hang it right up on the wall.

Making a blackboard key holder is entertaining, and using it keeps your keys neat and organized. Every month or so, you can switch up the accents.


A DIY key holder may be a fantastic option, whether you need to keep keys organized or you just want to show them off creatively. A house accent may be fashioned with minimal effort and inexpensive materials.

Wood is an excellent material to use for a key holder. A wooden board or a wooden frame can do the trick. For a decorative touch, you can paint the board, or add ornamental paper. You may also attach printed graphics or photos on the wood.

Consider a photo frame, another viable option. You may paint the frame and cover it in different designs of washi tape or ribbon. In this way, you may swap out the look whenever you like.

A flower pot may also serve as a key holder. The use of wire allows for simple wall mounting. An antique knob can also serve as a key holder. A window frame moulding or skirting board is another option.


Adding a handcrafted key holder to your foyer or mudroom is easy. It's a practical way to keep track of keys and other tiny items, and it looks great, too. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or you're looking for something new to try, this project is right up your alley.

You will need a wooden frame, wood, paint, and hooks. A used picture frame works just as well. You might paint it to fit the decor of your house, or you could use the letters of the alphabet to spell "keys."

To create your key holder, you will need wood and hooks. The frame need not be built of wood; cardboard or other flat materials would do. Sandpaper, priming, and paint will also be required. The final product may be proudly displayed on your wall after completion.

Wood glue isn't necessary to assemble a wooden key holder, but some super glue will help you secure the hooks to the frame. You will also need a pencil to create a five-point star on the white felt. The recommended dimensions for the felt are two inches in both height and width. If this sound like too much work, you can always hide your keys.


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