Do Wood Rings Break?

When buying wood rings, you should be aware that if the ring is wet, it will break more easily. This is because wood rings do not have wax sealants to keep them from absorbing water. Also, when the ring is wet, the oil on your hands will soak into the wood and weaken its water-resistance properties. To prolong the life of your wooden ring, it is recommended to dry it completely.

Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are generally made of wood, but they do have an extra layer of protective coating on the outside. You can wear them as wedding bands. Depending on the finish, wood rings may require more regular polishing to maintain their luster. The best finish for bentwood rings is cyanoacrylate, which is both water-resistant and durable. Cyanoacrylate is applied to the entire ring. However, cyanoacrylate is not always easy to work with.

If you're concerned about breaking a wooden ring, rest assured that bentwood rings are one of the toughest options. The process of making bentwood rings involves wrapping multiple thin layers of wood in the same direction. This makes bentwood rings exceptionally durable.

Maintenance of Wooden Rings

Wooden rings require a certain amount of care and maintenance. To keep their beauty, you need to avoid the use of harsh chemicals as these can damage the wood. Keeping them well-polished also means buffing them regularly using a soft cloth. You should also avoid wearing them while operating heavy machinery and doing manual labor. If you must wear them during these activities, wear gloves.

You can prevent the appearance of a wooden ring from becoming scratched by applying buffing wax on them. While this might sound excessive, it will actually help the wooden ring last longer.


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