The Easiest DIY Key Rack You'll Ever Build

DIY wooden key holders are a simple and useful project. Key holders may be fashioned from a variety of materials. A picture frame, some blackboard paint, and some salvaged wood are all you need.

Ink for Chalk Boards

A blackboard key holder is a versatile accessory that may be used to store keys or keep track of the day's tasks. The key holder may be as simple or elaborate, as rustic or polished, as you choose.

Making a wooden or metal key holder out of a piece of chalkboard paint is a fantastic idea. The paint comes in a wide range of hues and may be used for both practical and aesthetic purposes around the house. Here's how to make simple key rack.

The paint works well on both wooden and metallic surfaces. It's simple to maintain and looks fantastic in any room; a no-brainer. You may remove the paint with a moist sponge or a clean towel.

Even untreated wood or metal will benefit from a primer before receiving this paint. Using a latex primer will ensure the paint sticks well. You must wait at least two hours after priming before painting.

Salvaged Lumber

This attractive wooden key holder is a practical and decorative addition to any foyer or home office. The good news is that you won't need to go into debt to create this practical piece of furniture since recycled wood is inexpensive.

This key holder is a great option for anybody shopping for an entryway accessory. It can hold your sunglasses and has a special groove for holding your paperwork. You may also keep your pens and pencils on top.

There are two wall plugs and four screws included with the key holder, which makes it suitable for mounting on a wall. A second set of screws might be used to further tighten the assembly. There are various key holders available, as well. Lumberyards frequently sell wood waste for cheap.
Less than an hour is all it takes to do this easy and cheap task.

Constructing a Wall-Mounted Key Holder on Your Own

Making a wooden key holder for the wall is a simple DIY project that also provides a convenient new place to keep your keys. This handy tool is not only adorable, but it will also help you keep track of your keys.

It's an easy DIY project that can be completed in a few of hours. A few simple supplies will be required. What you need is some wood, some hooks, and some paint.

The hooks and a tiny piece of wood form the key holder. Either use a milling machine to cut slots in the wood, or just glue the hooks to the surface. For a more contemporary aesthetic, try spraying the wood with a clear lacquer.

Many varieties of hooks are available. You may use anything from forks to crochet hooks. Making the hooks is so easy that you may simply use a sheet of paper as a guide.

With the Aid of a Frame

You may use a picture frame as a key holder in every part in the house, whether you need a place to store keys or a key holder for the bathroom or hallway. There is a wide selection of forms and designs to pick from.

You can get everything you need to do this task with little difficulty. You probably already have most of these at home. The materials you use are up to you; possibilities include wood, cardboard, and even bits of old furniture. You may use a stain on wood to emphasize the grain or give it a more weathered appearance. Rubber cement works well for fastening the frame together.

Use a stencil or paint the photo frame to make a unique key holder. Washi tape or ribbon can also be used to decorate the frame.

Making a key holder requires little time and effort. An old picture frame, a box, or even a sheet of plywood will do. It's a fantastic method for keeping all of your keys in one location.


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