Eco-Friendly Task Lighting

There are a number of eco-friendly desk light manufacturers to choose from now. Some examples include the names Emeralite, Dakota, Priddy, and Milenka. Some LED table lamps even use environmentally friendly green bulbs. Take a look at a few of them with me.

Green Mode I for Kelvin's LEDs

LED desk lights like those made by Flos' Kelvin line are both fashionable and practical. The Flos Kelvin LED task lamp and the Flos Kelvin LED desk lamp are two examples. There are four different mounting choices available. They are also available in many other hues.

The 30 LEDs in the Kelvin LED table light are very efficient. A swivel arm and a steel arm cable that may be anchored in place measure 11 inches. A smaller variant, the Kelvin Edge LED table light, is already on the market. The Flos Kelvin LED task light is a great option for any business or home office since it uses only 7.5 watts of electricity, which is significantly less than the normal lamp. Most desk lights use halogen bulbs, thus this is a major problem.


Emeralite desk lamps were used in the early 20th century. They originated from American factories. As advertised, they were easy on the eyes. They came in a rainbow of hues to suit your fancy. Libraries all around the country also made use of them. They were marketed as a replacement for standard desk lamps.

In the late 1930s, Charles Innes-Brown bought the firm. He shifted the focus of the business from antiques to modern lighting. In 1960, he passed away. In 1962, the corporation was formally disbanded.

The emerald green hue of their cased glass inspired the name emerald. The silver ink signature is seen on the majority of colors. The front of these sunglasses is slightly slanted while the sides are flat.

The lamp bases are made of brass. The financial industry occasionally refers to them as "bankers lamps." These light fixtures are quite uncommon. They may run you hundreds of dollars. Most people look for them on eBay. They also populate the shelves of vintage shops. Some of them are in really bad shape. Stickers on them may have faded or been removed over time.


The use of a desk lamp has been shown to significantly increase efficiency whether at work or play. A workstation devoid of interruptions is ideal, since it allows you to give your whole attention to your tasks at hand. Lamps and chandeliers are only two examples of the many available sources of illumination. Using a green-colored lamp is one low-cost option for doing this.

The green banker's light is a common choice for many people. This lamp first appeared on store shelves at the turn of the twentieth century and hasn't lost its appeal. The brass-colored base and the green glass shade make this lamp an instant classic. The finest features of this light are its extended lifespan and user-friendliness.


If you want a desk lamp that will last you a long time, it might be difficult to decide which one to buy. Several fashionable choices are readily available. The Globe Electric Smart Bulb is among the best options available since it can be programmed to meet your specific requirements. The Smart Bulb may be used as either a focused work light or a decorative accent. The Smart Bulb's touch screen enables a broad variety of customization options. You have the option of a normal or soft light, and you can even adjust the color temperature. Finally, the Smart Bulb needs no additional equipment for setup.

The Dakota Desk light has a sage green metal shade and might be a nice addition to your home office if you're in the market for a table light. They come with a colorful, retro-style socket that brightens up any space.


A green banker's light appeared in the early 20th century. Its reliability and classic good looks helped it gain widespread acceptance. The lamp was utilized by bank workers to shine light on their workstations.

The banker's lamp is not the only option when it comes to desk lighting in the United States, despite its continued popularity. Clip-on desk lamps and desk lamps designed for use in dorm rooms or tiny workplaces are two further examples of the many different kinds of desk lamps that use green light. A lot of individuals have found that utilizing a green light desk lamp helps them focus better, gets rid of distractions, and is easier on the eyes. It's also more discreet than conventional lighting methods.

A banker's lamp with a green glass shade is the best option. The color green has long been associated with feelings of calm and peace. Also, the retina is shielded from harmful blue light by the shade.


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