A New Product That Makes Opening Jars EEASY

One of the numerous issues with jars is that the majority of them are not available to the general public. A device like the EEASY Lid is the answer to this predicament. This tool is ideal for breaking the vacuum seal on sealed jars. As a result, the product is now available to the 30% of the population that may have trouble using a standard jar opener.

The Jarring Issue

For the elderly, the task of opening jars may be particularly vexing. Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) and NorthCliff Consultants found that almost 70% of people have trouble opening jarred foods. Fortunately, there are certain tips and tactics that might aid in accomplishing the task at hand.

The Easy Off jar opener is the first option. It's a straightforward tool that might be helpful, and it just screws into the base of your counter or cabinet. If you apply enough force, the jaws will seize the lid.

It's also not very unsightly. Three different colors are available. The gadget is both a reliable jar opener and dishwasher-safe.

The Vast Majority of Jar Openers Cannot be Operated

Most jar openers aren't only a waste of money, but also completely ineffective. But, there are certain jar openers that actually work and aren't just a passing trend. Easy operation and maintenance are hallmarks of high-quality jar openers.

If you suffer from arthritis or have weak hands, you really need an Easy Off Jar Opener. The product's user-friendly, ergonomic layout is a major selling point. In addition, the jar's jagged edges are shielded by a proprietary blade protection.

A long handle, a crank, and teeth designed to grip the lid of any jar make up the jar opener. It's cheap, and it will keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

The Ability to Firmly Grasp Something Is a Predictor of Health and Longevity

Several research have demonstrated a correlation between weak hand grip strength and negative health outcomes. Possible causes include illness (particularly in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems) and a consequently shorter life expectancy.

Nevertheless, clinical practice lacks cut-off positions that are supported by empirical evidence. The use of thresholds is essential for identifying patients at high risk of death. Researchers created a model using longitudinal observational data to predict when the chance of mortality will increase. When compared to previous research, these cutoffs are more sensitive.

In all, 493 774 people from the UK Biobank took part in the study. Using a dynamometer, the authors determined each person's grip strength. Everyone was given the task of making two tries, one with each hand. Age, height, income, and exercise levels were all taken into account while analyzing the data. As a whole, people had an average grip strength of 39.2 kg (SD, 6.0).

Scientists accounted for height in their models of grip strength's correlation with chronological age. They took smoking and chronic health problems into account as well. To calculate expected fatality rates, they employed Cox proportional hazards models. Men in the weakest grip strength tertile were shown to be at the highest risk. Individuals in the middle tertile were at a somewhat higher risk than those in the top tertile.
The 30% of the population that cannot open a vacuum-sealed jar may now participate in the market thanks to EEASY Lid.

The innovative EEASY Lid is here to make opening jars a breeze. Devices with three tiny cutouts surrounding a single button were created by Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) of Dayton, Ohio. This innovation eliminates the need to unscrew the lid to let the air trapped inside the jar escape.

Everyone, no matter their age, may use an EEASY Lid. One in five people had trouble opening a regular jar, according CCT. The gadget can cut the torque required to remove the jar lid by up to 40%. The lug model is supposedly the first aluminum lug lid in the world.

Spills may be avoided with the aid of EEASY Lid, and it's not just useful for the elderly and those with limited mobility. Aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant and lightweight, is used to make the lug version of the EEASY Lid, as stated by CCT.

Easy-to-Use Jar Twister

Even if you have arthritis or a weak hand, a Jiffy Twist jar opener can make quick work of opening jars. Designed with the help of mechanical engineering concepts, it produces the best possible response force for containers of any diameter.

The device also has a resilient and maneuverable rubber grip. The jar is secured at both the top and the bottom, and the lid may be removed with ease. The company's packaging is even recyclable.

It serves its purpose well, and it also looks nice. It may also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Having one of these in your kitchen is a lovely touch.

Yet, it is not the most user-friendly tool. The crank has to be tightened a little bit. Tilted jars cause problems for the device. It's also challenging to implement.

It's not the best method for opening jars, but it gets the job done. Even child-proof bottles may be opened with this tool.


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