What's With the Fascination With Pen Collections?

Collecting pens is a fun hobby and a terrific way to show off your own style. The best pen collections provide a wide range of pen types and styles. Included in this category are pens that do more than just write. Fountain pens, Sheaffer pens, and other pen brands will also be included.

Fillable Ink Pens

Whether you're just starting out or have been collecting for years, fountain pens are a great pastime. The quality and comfort of writing with a fountain pen is unmatched. But before diving headfirst into the activity, it's smart to familiarize yourself with the basics. Fountain pen ink, pen kinds, and pen care are all topics you may study. You're about to discover a pastime that will keep you penning words for hours on end!

Some fountain pens can cost a lot of money. Check out a few different vendors' social media pages and reviews before making any major purchases. You should ask for additional photographs and stay away from "buy it now" rates.

If you're interested in collecting pens, you should check out the Fountain Pen Network. The site has fantastic moderation and an excellent user layout. A lot of pen collectors congregate there to trade information and ask each other questions.

Another well-known online community for fountain pen enthusiasts is the green board at Pentrace. It's a forum with an excellent interface and a message board that stores content for many years.


People collect pens for a variety of reasons, some just aesthetic, others purely practical, and everything in between. Some pen collectors focus on acquiring examples made by a certain firm, while others seek out examples from specific locations. Pens produced in Japan, for instance, are uncommon, but American-made pens are ubiquitous.

Many modern readers may be unaware of the significance of pens prior to the invention of the printing press. It was a sign of prosperity to own a high-quality pen in the 1800s. According to a popular quote attributed to British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, "the written word is a more effective communication tool than violence." When the ballpoint pen was introduced in the early 20th century, the fountain pen quickly became obsolete.

The reality is that luxury pen sales have been quite profitable for many businesses. Of these, the aforementioned Montblanc, known as "the Rolex of pens," is included. The Japanese business Namiki, for example, is known worldwide as a producer of high-quality writing instruments.


The Fountain pen has been around for almost a century, yet despite its age, it continues to be a highly sought after writing implement. Abalone shell, gold, silver, titanium, and ebonite rubber are among the most sought-after materials. The most sought-after designs are carried by high-end retailers. Most pens made after World War II were mass manufactured, but their superior quality sets them apart from their pre-war predecessors.

The Sheaffer Snorkel method pioneered the use of a tubular reservoir to carry ink all the way to the tip. Since its introduction in 1952, this approach has rendered the previously used "dip and dunk" method unnecessary. The contemporary plastic ink cartridge is the other new word to enter the fountain pen language. Though more involved, this method ultimately produces more consistent writing.

The current plastic ink cartridge is just the most recent in a long series of technological improvements that have allowed for the production of durable fountain pens.

Products by Sheaffer

Sheaffer, one of the oldest and most prestigious pen companies, has been producing high-quality products for writers for almost a century. They have a reputation for producing high-quality goods that are exported to more than 70 nations. They have also released several unique pen options.

You may get Sheaffer pens in a wide range of hues. Pens made in the 1950s are the most widely available. Names like "Triumph," "Touchdown," and "Pen For Men" (PFM) were also used to refer to them.

The tip of the pen, or "nib," is an essential component. It must to dissolve in water and not get stuck in the fountain pen's nib. The nib of the pen receives air from the feed, which is constructed of rubber or plastic.

Sheaffer introduced a new style of lever-filled fountain pen just after World War II. Air pressure was employed by the "Touchdown filling system" to draw air into the barrel. Moreover, they developed a brand-new nib they dubbed the "Triumph." It featured a wraparound tubular nib with a conical tip.


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