Does Gel Ink Work With Fountain Pens?

Those who own Fountain pens are delighted with their purchase. However, some individuals wonder if they can actually use gel ink in their Fountain pen.

Cartridges for Fountain Pens

One of the simplest ways to begin using a fountain pen is using cartridges. However, newcomers may have some initial confusion with the procedure. Finding out what kinds of refills are available and what qualities to seek for is the best place to begin.

Most fountain pens use the simplest sort of refill, a short cartridge. This is also the most typical case. It's 0.8 ml in size and works with several brands. When you open the cartridge, you'll find a little plastic ball inside. It can be no wider than 7.0 mm.

The nicest thing is that a 'international' standard cartridge will work with the vast majority of pens. The 4.0 mm short cartridge is the most frequent 'international' standard cartridge. Its capacity is 0.8 ml, and it tapers ever so slightly. It's probably the refill kind that works best with the others.

The 'international' size is a different sort of refill. It can fit into most pens because of its reduced capacity. It's more accessible, too.

This Is Because Fountain Pen Ink Is a Fluid

If you want your writing to stand out, try using fountain pen ink. However, you should be prepared for issues that may arise from the ink. Using high-quality papers with your fountain pen is also recommended. Specialty inks, such as UV-reactive inks, are also available for purchase. You can use these in your Christmas cards or personal notebook.

When doing shading, a pen with a wide nib is ideal. It facilitates the ink's uniform distribution throughout the sheet. However, if the pen's nib is thinner or more flexible, the ink will flow more quickly.

Another issue is that the pigment in fountain pen inks might block the feed. As a result, you'll need to clean your pen more frequently. A rubber tube may be purchased or an ink converter can be used. This helps to retain useable ink while filtering away the sludge.

It's Not Always Awful to Refill Your Fountain Pen

It's not a terrible idea to switch up the ink in your fountain pen every so often. This is a less costly option for maintaining the quality of your writing implement. It will also keep the ink reservoir from drying out and the nib from becoming clogged.

This may be accomplished in a number of ways. Extra ink may be flushed out with a bulb syringe, or the nib unit can be put through an ultrasonic cleaning.

Do not, under any circumstances, contact the ink with your fingers. When not in use, always replace the cap on the pen. If you put the cap on the pen, it won't spill as much ink.

The same holds true for when you need to switch ink colors for your fountain pen. Instead of taking apart the pen to replace the cartridge, you may only swap out the nib.

You can also choose to use a cartridge that is less harmful to the environment. While this may seem difficult at first, you'll soon see how simple it really is.

Many People Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Fountain Pens

Those who are fountain pen enthusiasts are hopelessly smitten with this specific brand of pen. Using a high-quality fountain pen may inspire new ideas and make writing more enjoyable. It's also an indication of social standing. These high-priced pens are popular due to their aesthetic appeal and the admiration they garner from onlookers.

Looking back in time, we can see that Lewis Edson Waterman created the first fountain pen somewhere in the 1870s. A method of balancing ink output with air intake was one of his many innovations. Later, on February 12, 1884, a patent was issued for the system.

Before Waterman, a writer would make markings by dragging a quill or stick over paper. Chalk and graphite sticks were also employed. However, compared to a fountain pen, these were inefficient.

Writers started fantasizing about a pen with self-flowing ink after the invention of the contemporary fountain pen. The need to bring an ink supply was eliminated, and ideas could be taken everywhere.


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