How to Display Your Necklaces

There are many different ways to display your necklaces. One way is to use necklace cards. To make a necklace card, first cut a hole in the card. Do not make the hole too close to the card edge; a quarter-inch distance is adequate. Next, cut a slit from the hole to the edge of the card. This slit will be where the necklace chain slides into the card.

Simple Projects to Display Necklaces

Displaying necklaces doesn't have to be difficult. There are a variety of simple projects you can make to display them. You can use frames or boxes. You can even paint them a color to match your decor. Just make sure you measure the necklaces you want to display, then determine how many hooks you need.

You can use a wooden frame to hang your jewelry. Make sure the frame is deep enough to thread the hooks into. If your necklaces are small, you may need to buy larger hooks.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Holder

Using a wall-mounted jewelry holder to display necklaces on a dresser or wall can be an easy and effective way to display your necklaces. Instead of hiding them in a drawer or closet, your necklaces will be on display where you can see them and choose.

A jewelry wall-mount is a great way to display your necklaces and other jewelry. A holder that's mounted on a wall can make it easier to see your necklaces and choose the perfect necklace for any occasion. There are several types of wall-mounted jewelry organizers on the market, each with its own set of features. Some models come with 16 hooks, while others include slots for rings or earrings. These types of holders also come with the mounting hardware you'll need to install them on the wall.

A wall-mounted jewelry holder can be used to hold bracelets, necklaces, stud earrings, and watches. There are also smaller shelves for smaller pieces. These jewelry organizers are easy to use and can be made at home.

Tabletop Bust Form

A tabletop bust form is a versatile way to display your necklaces. They can be sized to accommodate almost any length necklace. Some forms are made of linen to highlight the natural colors of your necklaces. Others are made of velvet and feature a three-dimensional bust.

Crystal Command Hooks

Using crystal command hooks to display your necklaces is a smart way to keep them organized, while also showing off your decor. These versatile, clear hooks have three medium strips and a sturdy grip that holds up to 2 lbs. They can also be easily removed without leaving any holes or sticky residue.

You can choose from several styles and colors. Crystal command hooks are especially beautiful and will display your necklaces in a modern, stylish way. If you want to keep them organized, you can also use clear V pegs and crystal command knob racks. Display your necklaces by color or by stone, or even by primary hue.


Display your necklaces on a wall or hang them on a small shelf. You can also hang them with small hooks. Before you start, measure the length of your necklaces and determine how many hooks you need. Once you have a general idea of how many necklaces you have, you can proceed to buy hooks and hang them.

If you don't have a jewelry cabinet, you can use a drawer or a tray. Both of these options are functional and will keep your necklaces organized. You can use drawer organizers to separate your necklaces, and you can also purchase trays or boxes to store the necklace. Remember to arrange your necklaces by style or color.


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