How Should I Treat My Wooden Coasters?

Protecting and beautifying hardwood coasters by applying a finish is a crucial stage in the process. Luckily, you have a few different choices to consider. Oil, polyurethane, polycrylic, or mod podge are all viable options.


Wooden coasters with an oil finish may bring a touch of class to your house, whether you're refinishing antiques or just updating the look of your new furniture. There are a wide variety of finishes available, and they all have their merits. The sort of wood you're working with and your level of caution should guide your decision.

Polyurethane is a sealant that hardens into a durable protective layer and is water-based. Coasters made from wood may be kept safe from moisture and heat with the help of this sealer. Thin coats with a brush or foam roller are recommended. On stained or painted wood, it really shines. It also comes in different shines.

Wooden coasters can also be sealed with varnish. It reminds me of shellac in many ways. It lasts a long time and may be used on a wide variety of surfaces. The UV protection it provides is superior than that of polyurethane. It can also withstand water. Apply it in thin coats and let each one dry before proceeding.


Wooden coasters are best protected from wear and moisture with a polyurethane coating. There are a variety of sealants and protective coatings on the market; pick the one that works best for you. Hard and long-lasting, polyurethane is an oil-based finishing compound. It won't scratch easily either. Nevertheless, drying time is rather lengthy.

It's also rather pricey. A varnish can prevent your coasters from becoming damaged by water, but you'll need to apply it three or four times for it to be effective. On top of that, it's not as user-friendly as polyurethane when it comes to application.

Brushes, sponges, and synthetic paintbrushes can all be used to apply a polyurethane coating on wooden coasters. While working with wood, rather than lacquer, it is preferable to follow the grain.

There are both water and oil-based polyurethane formulations on the market. Light coatings benefit most from water-based polyurethanes, whereas oil-based polyurethanes are excellent for solid wood furniture. Toxic oil-based polyurethanes should also be mentioned. In order to protect your lungs, a respirator should be worn while using these items.


It's crucial to keep your wooden pieces dry, whether you're constructing coasters for guests or using them yourself. Use a polycrylic coating for that purpose. It's a simple method to improve the aesthetic value of your coasters.

As polycrylic is a water-based material, it will not leave an oily sheen. It may be brushed into wood, but you should let each coat dry before adding more.

Wood surfaces that won't be subjected to significant wear and tear benefit greatly from a coat of polycrylic. In addition, it works well with light-colored woods. It's not easy to spread out, so you'll need to apply many layers. This type of finish is both quicker to dry and safer than others.

Miniwax makes a polycrylic sealer that you may use to protect your finished coaster. White Liquitex acrylic paint may be used to cover any gaps.

Putty and Mod Podge

Wooden coasters may be transformed into a work of art by applying Mod Podge as a finish. The completed item can be given as a present or utilized as a decoration around the house. You simply need a few commonplace items to complete the process.

Make a starting point by tearing paper into pieces of two inches in width. Then snip off a circle with the scissors. The diameter of the circle must match that of the roller coaster.

Use a foam paintbrush to apply Mod Podge on the cut-out circles. Take sure that your project does not have any air pockets. Rulers and credit cards can be used to flatten the paper and prevent bubbles from developing.

After applying Mod Podge to the paper, use your finger to smooth out any wrinkles or air pockets. After this dries, it will permanently adhere the paper to the coaster. Remove any bumps with a nail file.


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