How to Organize Your Earrings

Organize your jewelry by type, color, size, and location. Here are a few helpful tips to make your jewelry organization easy. You can also use these tips to keep your jewelry looking nice. Just remember to follow the proper storage method for your items! If you don't like to buy new things to organize your jewelry, try putting them in a drawer or in a box!

Organize By Location

When organizing your jewelry, keep like items together. Next, categorize your items further by subcategory. This will help you realize how many of each type of item you have. Knowing how many pieces of each type you have will help you figure out the size and variety of storage solutions that will work for you. After you've categorized your jewelry, use storage solutions to keep like items together.

If you're a jewelry enthusiast, you likely have a large collection. Typically, these pieces are stored in a jewelry box on your dressing table, which can make it hard to find an item. Earrings, particularly, can be particularly difficult to find. Because they usually come with two pairs, you might have a hard time locating a pair of earrings if they are scattered around your jewelry box.

Organize By Color

To make finding your earrings easier, group them according to color and type. This way, you can quickly and easily find the pairs you want. This method is particularly useful if you're making jewelry. You'll need to coordinate colors, and grouping them together will make it easier to see the different hues of the same color.

You can use clear jewelry organizers to see what each one contains. You can also choose clear drawers to keep your earring and necklace collections in. This method will also keep you from losing or misplacing your jewelry.

Organize By Size

If you have a lot of earrings, organizing them by size can make your life easier. You can use plastic drawers, ice cube trays, or pill organizers to store them in. You can also poke holes in plastic buttons and secure the stems of small stud earrings in them. You can use ribbon to tie them together as well.

Organize By Type

There are a variety of ways to organize your earring collection. One way is to use earring holders. These containers keep earrings safe and make them easy to browse through. There are also many display options for different types of earrings. For example, you can place your dangly earrings in a hanger, while smaller studs and hoops can be stored in small bowls or trays. Another option is to use a ring box to keep your rings safely.

Regardless of which way you decide to organize your earrings, keeping like items together will be the most effective method. You should also subcategorize your items. This will help you realize how many of each type you have and help you decide on a storage solution. Once you know how many different items you have, you can decide how big or how many storage solutions you'll need.


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