How Do I Refill My Fountain Pen?


There are a wide variety of refills available for your Parker pen, whether you use a ballpoint, rollerball, or gel ink. Many well-known manufacturers provide their own pen refills.

You may purchase Parker-style refills in a wide variety of hues. Many of these replacements may be purchased online. They may also be found at many of office supply stores. Some are cheap while others are more. You can refill any pen with these.

The hybrid 'QuinkFlow' ink refill is among the most sought-after replacements for Parker cartridges. In 1931, Parker debuted their new cartridge. The Parker Jotter was the pen that inspired the creation of this refill, which went on to become the industry standard.

The Parker-style refill is the same overall length and width as the refills found in most regular pens. One end of each cartridge is made of plastic and grooved like a ratchet. When the refill is withdrawn, it makes a quarter turn.

The Fisher Space Pen PR Series refills, for example, may be used even while submerged in water. Gel ink variants are also available, however they have less ink in each refill and brighter colors.

When it comes to cartridges, only the best Parker refills will do. They work with any fountain pen model and come in a wide variety of ink hues. You may buy them in bookstores, office supply stores, or stationery shops. Different sized tips may be purchased for some refills. The 0.5mm fine tip and the 0.7mm medium tip are the two most common sizes.

You can get more use out of your Parker-style pen by purchasing refills. They're the most user-friendly and effective writing tools available. Parker refills are renowned for their durability, lasting six times as long as other gel pen refills.

Black and blue ink are only two of the many color options for these refills. Ink for your Parker fountain pen may be purchased in bottles, converters, or cartridges. It's possible to get refills for each pen model because to their wide range of sizes.


Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you'll find what you're looking for in Lamy's selection of writing tools. The goal of these materials is to instill in children a love of writing by hand. Lamy fountain pens, pencil leads, and other office supplies are all available from reputable internet vendors.

Short compact refills, normal ballpoint refills, and lead refills are all available for use with Lamy fountain pens. Additionally, they provide a variety of nib sizes to meet the demands of any writer. They come in many different hues, nib sizes, and point sizes. Nibs designed for the left hand are also available.

The Lamy M40 lead refill is intended for mechanical pencils with 3.15mm leads, however Lamy has a wide variety of lead refill options. You may get the replacements in six-packs or twelve-packs. They measure in at a compact 0.7mm across and are offered in HB, HB2, B, and B2 lead qualities.

The Lamy Z10 refill is available for purchase if you need an eraser. A clearing pin is linked to the bottom of the eraser shell, and the refill writes smoothly and produces a clean stream of ink. The eraser is 20mm in length and has a diameter of 6.6mm. This cartridge is available with either black or blue ink.

The Lamy T10 cartridge is also manufactured. You may use any Lamy fountain pen with any of these cartridge colors. The T10 is a bigger capacity cartridge made specifically for Lamy fountain pens. In addition, limited editions and seasonal hues are accessible.

The universal ink converter from Lamy is compatible with any fountain pen. The ink converter is a huge ink tank that can be refilled with more ink when it runs out. If you have a bottle of ink for your fountain pen, you may use the converter to fill it. The ink converter may accommodate either a short or long international standard size refill.

Last but not least, Lamy offers two distinct rollerball refill options. Both may be used with Lamy rollerball pens, although one requires a cap and the other does not.


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