Can You Tell Me the Ideal Thickness for a Wooden Coaster?

It's not always easy to figure out how thick of a piece of wood you need for a coaster. You need to make sure the coaster is sturdy, but the wood can't weigh too much.

Coasters can be Made from Wood Slices

Crafting your own coasters out of wood slices is a rewarding experience. It's a low-cost option for sprucing up the place you call home. It also makes a fantastic present.

You should begin by assembling your supplies. Wood slices are widely available, both in-store and online at craft supply stores.

An alternative choice is to buy a wood slice jig. Make perfectly straight cuts with the help of this jig. It will also aid you in maintaining a consistent slice thickness. The jig may be secured in position using a miter saw clamp. Use a craft knife to smooth off any bumps in the slices.

Then, get the decoupage medium ready. It ought to envelop the entire piece of wood. To complete the job, be sure to conceal the bark's farthest edges. Any craft glue or mod podge will do as a decoupage medium. A few examples of suitable surfaces are papier mache, terra cotta, wood, cardboard, and glass.

Decoupage medium requires at least two hours to dry after application. Finally, apply the epoxy on the wood slice by brushing it on. With a heat gun, you can easily remove any trapped air.

Then, use a wood burner to add some decorative touches to your coaster. Your favorite cookie cutters may also be used to embellish your coaster for the holidays. Resin drips can be contained with the use of a silicone pad.

Polycrylic it and Call it Good

You'll need to know how thick to apply polycrylic if you want to repair or refinish your wooden coasters. Many solutions are available to help you preserve naked wood from the elements. Several different oils are available for your selection. Oils from the natural world, such as olive oil, can be used to impart a subtle hue as well.

Milky whiteness spreads across polycrylic's otherwise black surface. The product has a high VOC content but is not as harmful as polyurethane. Polycrylic is similarly fluid, making it challenging to apply uniformly. As an added downside, it catches fire easily.

Polycrylic finishes look best on lighter wood tones. Because it is water based, it is safer and dries more quickly than polyurethane. Also, it's the simplest to disinfect after use. Either a brush or a spray bottle can be used to apply it.

The problem is that it's tough to get a smooth coat of polycrylic on a huge surface. A nice finish requires many coats of paint. You should also let it dry for a while. Polycrylic can turn into a sticky mess if applied too rapidly.

Acrylic paintings can also benefit from the use of polycrylic. Yet, it may cause the paint to become yellow. If you go ahead and utilize it, do it cautiously at first.

Keep it Dry and Out of the Rain

A ceramic coaster will keep your drink cold and will prevent damage to your tabletop. Several different sizes, shapes, and designs are available for these coasters. A strong Acacia wood coaster may be the answer to your problem of how to prevent water rings on your table.

To further prolong the life of a wooden coaster, you may give it a polyurethane finish. It won't prevent water from getting inside the furniture, but it will help keep it looking fantastic for longer. Two applications of polyurethane are recommended for optimal results when treating wood. This step follows the previous ones of sanding and cleaning.

It's probably a good idea to get a dehumidifier at the same time. In this way, you may prevent paint flaking and staining from condensation forming around your window. This trick may be used in conjunction with others to preserve the beauty of a wooden table for a much longer period of time. Obviously, you don't want to track mud and salt into your dining room.

Moreover, sealing a wooden coaster with a wood finish will prevent moisture buildup. You won't have to worry about moisture forming inside your coaster and spoiling your drink. Coasters with high sides are another useful suggestion. Your eyewear won't move about as much now.


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