How Can I Make the Most of My Coasters?

Making your own glass coasters is an entertaining and simple hobby. The true reason you're making them, though, is so that you may use them to safeguard your furnishings. Since you'll be parting with your hard-earned cash to purchase this item, you probably want to make sure it's worth it. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to make your glass coasters not only functional, but also a piece of beauty.

Create a Unique Image Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom photo puzzles that double as coasters are a fun and unusual present. They're a ton of fun to make, and they're perfect for showcasing a prized photo or meaningful sentiment.

These jigsaw puzzles feature images in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can select a cardboard or wooden puzzle, or a puzzle with a matte or glossy surface. Depending on how many pieces there are, the puzzle can be any size you like.

You have complete control over the look of the puzzle, from the arrangement of your photographs and any accompanying text to the amount of pieces. You may expect your puzzle to come in a package already cut and labeled.

Separate Your Glass from the Coaster

Coasters are the most effective means of preventing your preferred beverage from being spilled all over your table. They are fantastic for preventing spillage and keeping beverages cool at the table. The bad news is that a glass can shatter and ruin your expensive furnishings, but the good news is that you can drink to your heart's content without having to worry about the shards. Cork, bamboo, or porcelain make the greatest coasters. You just cannot do without a reliable one. In addition, these unique coasters are an excellent present for a friend of refined taste. Fortunately, sites like Quality Logo Products are only one option among many for purchasing promotional products online. In a short amount of time, you may find these, as well as other, similarly high-quality pieces of furniture.

Avert Potential Damage to Your Furniture

It's a good idea to use coasters to safeguard your valuables. They provide a dual purpose of aesthetics and practicality by protecting surfaces from dings and scrapes. And, they won't break the bank! They are sold in most home improvement stores. With some light sanding and polishing, your coasters will appear as good as new for years to come.

To the same extent, tablecloths are not an exception. Indeed, a lovely tablecloth may be utilized to cover and safeguard your sofa throughout the festive season. For such a reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, and practically useful addition to your living area, it's hard to pass up. You might want to go out and get one of those handy furniture pads, too. With this ingenious gadget, you can be certain that your treasured chair or ottoman will not scratch the floor.

Promote Your Company

Coasters are a great promotional item for any company. They're light, compact, and simple to transport, and they provide a low-cost promotional option. As an added bonus, coasters are compact and may be mailed in a standard size envelope.

Marketing your company using coasters may be a quick and easy way to see results. With some imagination, you can utilize interactive coasters to interest guests and gain contact information.

The answer to a trivia question on a coaster might spark a great chat with a customer. The participation of additional individuals in your brand's community may be encouraged by holding a contest with a reward for the winner.

Coasters printed with your company logo are yet another inexpensive and effective promotional tool. Depending on your industry, a sturdy cork coaster may be an effective way to remind clients who you are and what you sell every time they set down their drink.

Insulate Them and Make Them Watertight

Creating a coaster that can withstand water is a fun craft. It safeguards your household items and furnishings. And, it's customizable, so you can add your own spin on the look. Coasters may be made from a number of different materials.

If you're working with wood, you may make it watertight by coating it in polyurethane or lacquer. To keep the wooden coaster safe, though, you'll need to apply it often.

Fabric coasters are difficult to waterproof because of the way the cloth is constructed. A can of clear acrylic gloss spray is what you need for this. Your coasters will stay dry and spotless with this solution.

Mod Podge may be used to seal a paper image for use as a coaster. Make a watertight seal by applying it using a foam brush. The next step is to spray on a layer of clear acrylic gloss to make sure the seal sticks.


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