Making Coasters with the Cricut Maker

There are a wide variety of coaster templates available online, making them ideal for both gift-giving and personal use. Poly-coated ceramic is used to make a variety of shapes and sizes of coasters, including square, round, and ornamental options.

Polymer-Coated Ceramic

Making coasters with a Cricut Maker is a breeze. Coasters can be either square or round. They are both cork-backed ceramics. However, their drying times vary.

Round coasters require a shorter drying time than square ones, at around 15 minutes. Making use of the optimum settings on your Cricut machine is essential.

After finalizing your artwork, you'll need to transfer it to an Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. Special dry ink is used to create the infusible ink transfer sheet. The Cricut Explore machine awaits the transfer sheet.

With the introduction of Cricut Infusible Ink, Cricut has introduced a brand-new product range. Visually, it differs greatly from previous Cricut offerings. It's not like a typical pen or marker; this ink is designed specifically for use with Cricut machines.

Before using Infusible Ink, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the product by reading up on it. This sort of ink has a learning curve, so be sure to read the directions before using it.

Coasters Square

You may make your own square coasters with Cricut Infusible Ink and a transfer sheet. You won't need any sealant to keep these coasters dry. They are scratch-resistant and offer a sleek, long-lasting finish.

In order to begin making a square coaster, one must first decide on a pattern. You're free to use any patterns you like, or come up with something entirely new. After settling on a design, the blank must be prepared for transfer.

Coasters made with the Cricut are 3.75 inches on a side and have a cork base. The Cricut Design Space is where you may make your own designs or select from a variety of premade templates.

Make sure the square coaster has cooled completely before attempting to transfer the pattern. Any other outcome is possible if it is not. You should use heat-resistant gloves if you want to cool your coaster down quickly. If you wish to remove any traces of ink, you can do so with a lint-free cloth.

Patterns Hand-Cut from Paper

Making custom coasters is a breeze using Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheets. These linens come in a rainbow of hues. You can tell these are high quality since the ink particles are little and spread evenly throughout the thick paper. The ink will melt into the porcelain when heated.

These sheets may be fused to many different kinds of blanks and come in a wide range of sizes. They won't ever get brittle and fall apart. They work equally well with custom designs as they do with Cricut files. Altering the line type in Cricut Design Space is necessary if you want to utilize your own design.

Prepare your Cricut machine by inserting an Infusible Ink transfer sheet. Use the online Heat Guide if you own an EasyPress. By doing so, you can guarantee that your transfer sheet will be heated appropriately.

The next thing to do is to lay the transfer paper down on the standard grip mat. The design should be on the underside, with the glass lining on top.

You Should Take Good Care of Your Coasters

Coasters cut on a Cricut are perfect for making one-of-a-kind presents for friends and family. They look beautiful displayed around the house. Making your own set of coasters is a quick and simple project. You may personalize them by adding a quotation and a name.

Coasters come in two distinct styles from Cricut. Both have cork bottoms and one is square while the other is circular. The first one has a poly-coated ceramic top. You may have both at the same low price. The smooth, flat design makes them a breeze to wipe down.

Cricut You may make your own unique coasters and print them off with Infusible Ink. Infusible Ink can't be scratched or washed away like some other Cricut supplies. Infusible Ink pens and markers can also be used for coloring.

Use Cricut Infusible Ink transfer paper to make your own one-of-a-kind coasters. You may choose from blue or blue with a watercolor splash for these sheets. It's clear that these vinyl sheets are thicker than the average. A own SVG file or an image made in Cricut Design Space are also acceptable alternatives.


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