Can Mod Podge be Used to Make Waterproof Coasters?

Whether you're making coasters or something else entirely, there are several things you should know before you start working with Mod Podge. To begin, you must ensure that the proper sealer is utilized. The final step is to seal your creation to prevent damage. The surface may now be cleaned.

Surface Cleaning

Knowing how to clean the surface of coasters using Mod Podge can come in handy whether you're working on a mosaic tile project, a photo jewelry box, or just mopping up a spill. You can protect your surface from damage and achieve a stunning result by using the right product.

Even while Mod Podge isn't completely watertight, it can withstand splashes and drizzles without becoming ruined. When you use the proper recipe, your coaster's surface will retain its like-new appearance for a very long time. In addition, it can be cleaned quickly and easily. Since it is a water-based substance, it will not adhere to most plastics.

Coasters cleaned with Mod Podge should not have their surfaces sanded before or after cleaning. There's a chance you'll have to take off the paper or cloth before you can sand the surface. Applying Mod Podge with a brush might also speed up the process.

Use Some Sort of Sealant

Mod Podge coasters, whether for a wedding or a housewarming, benefit from being sealed with a protective coating before being given as a present. If you use a sealer on your coasters, they will be watertight and won't slide about on the table. It's a great way to keep your coasters looking new and clean.

An acrylic clear spray sealant is recommended to prevent water and alcohol damage to your coasters. In a well-ventilated location, apply the sealer and wait for it to dry. In certain cases, drying may take up to 12 hours.

Mod Podge should be applied in a thin, even coating over the coaster's top once the sealant has cured. Before adding another coat of Mod Podge, let the first layer 15–20 minutes to dry. The best effects will come from applying the Mod Podge in a variety of ways.

Use a foam brush to apply the Mod Podge for the best results. To attain a flawless surface, sand between layers of paint. To achieve the silky sheen you're going for, use fine sandpaper.

Layer on the Finishing Coat

The easiest approach to ensure that your decoupage efforts survive is to add a finish made of Mod Podge so that it is waterproof. The tile coasters and cloth bowls you make with it are sure to be conversation starters. Mod Podge is sold in a wide variety of hobby shops. This crafting supply has a wide range of prices and strengths.

Making ensuring your project is clean is the first step in waterproofing it. Simply wiping the surface with a moist towel will do the trick. After a thorough scrubbing, rinse the area with warm water and pat it dry. In addition to water and soap, you may clean the plastic using regular dish detergent.

White vinegar works well on terra cotta surfaces. You should also use a nail file or sandpaper to smooth up the surface. Doing so will aid in the penetration of the stain, hence increasing its longevity.

After the surface has been cleaned and sanded, you may add Mod Podge. The product should be applied very lightly. It will take around 20 minutes to dry completely. Apply a clear acrylic gloss spray to the surface if it hasn't dried yet. By applying a coat of clear acrylic gloss spray, Mod Podge will be made more watertight.

Take Precautions to Ensure the Success of Your Endeavor

It doesn't matter if you're making a present or updating your own house; Mod Podge will ensure that your creations stay. It's a flexible material that can be applied to many other mediums and substrates, including wood, paper, cloth, and more.

The sealant and glue in Mod Podge are both water-based. Use it as a sealant or adhesive to keep moisture out of your creation. Additionally, it may be utilized to embellish your work with glitter.

Various Mod Podge products are available, each with its own unique texture or color. The traditional recipe has a matte, transparent drying finish. In addition, you may get fabric-specific Mod Podge Stiffy formulae that, once dry, construct fantastical sculptures. Finally, Mod Podge Hard Coat may be purchased for use on products that will be subjected to extensive water exposure.

Mod Podge may be applied on many different materials, from paper and cloth to glass. It may be used as a paint sealant and adhesive.


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