How Much Wood Does a Montessori Classroom Need?

It might be difficult to find the right pieces of furniture for your Montessori classroom. You care that the things you buy for your kids will bring them joy and last for a long time, therefore you take great care in selecting your materials. Some items to think about are listed below.

Space-Saving Storage Rack

If you need a simple and inexpensive storage option for your house, the Trofast storage frame is the way to go. The Trofast is a versatile modular system that may be set up in any way to suit your current or future warehousing requirements. Its strong frame and detachable bins make it ideal for storing anything from apparel and footwear to games and books. The system is very simple to maintain and disinfect. Since there are a variety of Trofast options available at IKEA, you may discover that this system provides the most value for your money.

The storage frames from Trofast may be found in a wide range of hues and dimensions. You may arrange the compartments in these bins whichever best suits your tastes. Your child's books and toys will fit perfectly in them. You may adjust the size of the individual modules in this system to create exactly the amount of extra storage space you want in your house. The Trofast from IKEA is another fantastic option for under-the-stairs storage.

Blocks of Cylinders

The Cylinder Blocks are a crucial component of a child's early sensory education, aiding in the formation of visual discrimination, size distinction, and hand-eye coordination. These building blocks' sturdy beechwood construction is completed with a smooth glossy sheen. In total, there are 40 cylinders over four sets. Both the width and the height vary across sets.

A wooden knob serves to secure the cylinders. Your thumb should be on the side of the knob that is closest to you. Children can use a pincer grasp to safely handle them.

Children require extensive supervision when they begin using these blocks. It is recommended that they begin with the initial presentation. Once this is done, they can go on to the second presentation. In the second presentation, the cylinders are displayed in a completely haphazard fashion. This will help kids gain self-assurance in picking out the right cylinder.

The kids may take turns with this game. The instructor is seated at the table next to the kid, holding the first cylinder. The biggest cylinder is the one the guide goes with. Next, the guide painstakingly inserts the cylinder into its designated receptacle. The instructor then has the kid put the cylinders back in the building block.

Trofast Home Furnishings

IKEA's Trofast is the best toy storage solution available. It's a bin storage system that's built low to the earth. It's quite versatile and may be set up for usage in a variety of ways. It may be used to build desks, playsets, and more.

The storage frame and the bins make up the bulk of the Trofast system. Various sizes and color options make this a versatile storage solution for any space.

The pine used in the storage frame has a very mild stain. This makes it an ideal component of interior design. The containers you select are also flexible. You may choose from a rainbow of hues for these bins, making them a fun way to decorate any space. The cover of your Trofast light box may also be customized with an optional insert.

The bins are another key aspect of the Trofast. There are two types of bins available: those made of solid wood, and those made of particleboard. Compared to plywood, solid wood may last longer and be worked more easily. They're also more resistant to water warping.

A Better Alternative Than Plastic in Terms of Safety

For the most part, wooden toys are the best option when shopping for Montessori playthings. It's more long-lasting and better for the planet. It's also rather pretty to look at.

Wood is not only more long-lasting, but it also biodegrades in landfills. It's better for the health of newborns. Toxins like lead can sometimes be found in plastic toys.

Toys made of wood tend to look and act more realistically. They help people feel more at one with the world at large. This helps infants build knowledge of the physical environment, as well as spatial and cognitive capabilities. They can get insight into aesthetics and the laws of nature.

Compared to their plastic counterparts, wooden toys are pricier. In contrast, they last longer and are more sturdy overall. Additionally, they are safer for young children's health.

Plastic toys are more convenient for chewing and break more easily. They're also lot less of a hassle to lose. They don't deserve the same level of deference. Dropping a plastic cup also usually results in it breaking. Teaching kids to be gentle with fragile items and respect the materials they are made of is crucial.


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