Tell Me About the Most Interesting Function You've Seen on a Wristwatc

There are many customization options for watches, whether you're buying one for yourself or want to give your loved ones a piece of your wrist to wear. A compass, solar panel, timer, and tachymeter are just a few examples of these tools.


A compass on your wrist, digital or traditional, is an excellent navigational tool. The market is flooded with compass watches from every price point imaginable.

Many enhancements have been made to the Apple Watch's Compass app in watchOS 9. The app is useful for determining your current heading, measuring your altitude, following your path, and performing a backtrack.

The updated panel in the latest version of the Compass app has a digital readout of the user's present heading and elevation. You may now log your steps and set waypoints, among other new features.

One of the app's complications displays GPS coordinates in real time. The complexity can be represented by a color and an icon of your choosing. The waypoint details can be altered as well.


Most people don't know that certain watches are equipped with tachymeters. Some high-end timepieces have a function that measures your speed in miles per hour. A tachymeter's imposing appearance belies its simplicity. It's a nice addition that makes the watch more fun to use and gives you access to some neat extra features.

The tachymeter is a historical element that serves more as a design element than a practical one. It is, nevertheless, more popular on high-end timepieces. A lot of high-end watches, such those made by Rolex and Omega, include tachymeters. Brands vary in whether or not the tachymeter is prominently displayed on the outside bezel or hidden behind another function.

Calculators and smartphones make it easier to estimate how long it takes to go a certain distance in the absence of a tachymeter. A speed of 103 miles per hour, for instance, would allow you to traverse one mile in 35 seconds. Your watch's tachymeter may calculate your speed by averaging your pace over the course of a certain distance.


Unless you've been hiding out in a cave, you're definitely familiar with the concept of a timer. A timer is a convenient tool for keeping tabs on how much time is spent on a certain project. You can check how far along you are and how much time you have left with this helpful tool.

However, timers may be annoying, so it's important to select one that you can set and forget with minimal effort. The greatest timers can be easily set with the digital crown and have clear, uncluttered displays.

Numerous timer applications are available. Some of them, however, lack enough consideration. Thankfully, some of them are quite amazing and worth your time.

The greatest timers are not only functional, but also stylish. Timer applications like Just Timers and Time and Date are among the most aesthetically pleasing.

Panel Solar

The solar panel is the most innovative addition to a watch, whether you're in the market for a new timepiece or just want to reduce your carbon footprint. These solar-powered timepieces are good for the planet since they never need to be wound or serviced.

Photovoltaic cells, of which solar panels are composed, can number in the hundreds or thousands. Each panel receives light, processes it into energy, and then sends it to the watch's battery. This replaceable battery keeps the watch ticking in the dark.

Most solar-powered wristwatches can store enough energy for at least six months. In a matter of minutes or hours, they may be fully charged again. A solar panel's dial is often made of transparent material so that light may pass through it. The hue, however, might be faded if exposed to the sun for too long.

The Practice of Showing One's Loved Ones the Time Together

Although swapping out watch faces to personalize your watch is nothing new, you may be curious about how to send a face to a friend. Several methods exist for achieving this goal. Sending a watch face to a buddy is easy because to the availability of apps, email, Twitter, and even AirDrop.

Sharing watch faces and complexities is now possible thanks to a new feature included in watch OS 7 by Apple. The procedure is straightforward. If you send a watch face or complication, the receiver can install it on their own watch or use the associated app.

Watch faces are also transferable between iOS devices. The recipient's watch face won't be visible for a few minutes, but this is the quickest and most convenient method of sharing a watch face with someone else.


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