Moving Instructions for a Large Picture Frame

It's important to ensure that your large packed picture frame with glass will arrive at your new location unscathed, whether you're just relocating across town or across the nation. Thankfully, there are several tools available to you.

Packing Peanuts

Packing a large picture frame with Bubble wrap helps protect it during transit and prevent damage from being caused by bumping or puncturing. It also prevents the buildup of moisture. Most arts and crafts retailers stock bubble wrap. Cardboard boxes can also be used. To prevent picture from shattering, put as much glass into frame as possible.

Choose a box that's just little larger than the picture frame. You should also put a label on the package and indicate where it should be sent. Expert movers may have picture-specific crates available for use during transport.

Packing tape and bubble wrap the frame before placing it in the box. Next you may apply some more packing paper to seal any gaps and keep the frame from moving around during transport.

If you want extra protection, you can use bubble wrap to wrap the exterior of the frame. Inserting some thin cardboard or Styrofoam in the box will provide additional cushioning. Put the frame in place with plenty of tape.

Duct tape can be used to safeguard a picture's glass front. As an alternative to using glass, you can protect the frame's glass with a piece of foam board.

Use an additional layer of bubble wrap if the frame is very pricey. Make an X with masking tape and remove it when you've unpacked everything. If the glass breaks, it won't splinter into dangerous shards thanks to this.

Mirrored Cases

During a relocation, picture frames should be wrapped individually to prevent damage. Mirror boxes can be used to make this process more simpler. These are picture frame shipping boxes made specifically for the purpose of preventing damage during transport. In addition, you'll have enough space in each one to save three or four images.

In addition, you might use bubble wrap to further protect your frame. You may find them at any shop selling equipment for remodeling or relocating your house. The tape may be used to fasten these around the glass of your frame. Use packing paper to plug any gaps between your frames to prevent them from moving around.

Wrapping your framed artwork with a blanket is another way to prevent damage during transport. This will add an extra layer of security while you're wrapping it.

Foam board can be used in place of glass in a photo frame. Glass won't break during the relocation thanks to this precaution. For further defense, you may also use cardboard to cover the corners.

Adding a label to your container is also recommended. When you unpack, you'll be able to quickly locate what you need. The frame's packaging should also be appropriately sized for the framed piece.

The choice of packaging tape is also crucial. The tape's adhesiveness must be reliable. Furthermore, it must be able to remain closed during the shipping process.


For a more efficient move, it's important to use the correct tape while packing a large picture frame. It's important to select packing tape that is sturdy and sticks well. As a result, your image will stay put and be less likely to break in transit.

Choose a box that's just a tad bigger than the artwork, taking into account the size of the frame. Because of this, you may put padding in between them to silence any rattling. Styrofoam packaging can be used for further safety measures.

Paper can be wrapped around the edges to provide additional cushioning. You may wish to use extra-large bubble wrap to protect valuable artwork. Bubble wrap may be purchased at hobby shops.

Having determined the appropriate box size, wrapping the frame may begin. Tape should be applied in a double layer. Assemble the layers such that the outermost one is on the outside of the casing and the innermost one is on the inside. Taping the outer layer all the way around the frame is essential for keeping everything in place.

Packing paper can be used to fill up any other gaps. The bottom of the box can be padded with either packing peanuts or wadded up newspaper.


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