The Nail on My Finger was Broken How Should I Proceed?

It's important to take care of your nails after led nail lights and know what to do if you break a nail at home or at work. In addition to reducing your pain and preventing further injury, treating your broken nail properly will also help avoid infection.

How About Some Glue?

Glue or superglue is one of the quickest and easiest ways to repair a damaged nail. Super glue or more regular glue may be necessary to complete the repair, depending on the severity of the damage.

Strong adhesives like super glue can keep your damaged nail in place until you can get a new one. The problem is that once it settles, it's not always easy to break free. A cotton swab is ideal for removing the stain.

Repairing jewelry with superglue is an excellent alternative. It may prevent a rope from fraying and even increase the lifespan of a phone charging cable. Yet, there are alternative, more convenient and secure choices.


An ancient remedy that still works is using a teabag to mend a damaged nail. Due to its porous nature, a tea bag may be used as a temporary nail art accessory instead of nail adhesive. Nails can also benefit from the added moisture.

Nail art can also benefit from the usage of teabags. This is a simple remedy that can be done at home with a pair of tweezers and some imagination, but it may not be as stunning as using a bifocal to stitch together a tangled mass of cuticles.

To get the most out of your tea, use a bag that has been carefully smoothed. The plastic bag can be trimmed to the appropriate size, or it can be left in place and the nail can be filed down to fit. Tea bags may be used to mend both broken nails and damaged cuticles.


It is possible to fix a split nail with the help of a silk wrap. These nails are simple to apply and are made specifically to reinforce a weak nail. They are easy to make and can keep going for two weeks.

Cleaning the damaged area is the first step in fixing a broken nail. A dotting tool would work just as well for mending the crack. Then, you can use glue to seal the mending of your nail. A clear layer of polish can be applied when the resin has cured. Moreover, the nail bed can be painted with a pattern or buffed with a buffing block to make it shine.

Silk wraps have more than one application. They are useful for both strengthening natural nails and repairing damaged nails.

Trim and Shape

One of the most effective methods of mending a broken nail is to use the appropriate equipment. As an illustration, you might use a nail file. As a result, you'll protect the remainder of your nail from destruction. A fiberglass repair is another option you might explore. After the nail is dried, it will be more secure because of this.

Gel polish is a great alternative to the nail file or fiberglass patch. To use this sort of nail paint, you must apply it, wait a few weeks for it to set, and then remove it. This will not only enable your nail to stay put, but it will also endure for quite some time. You may get a manicure in whatever shade you like with this nail paint.

Halt Any Potential Further Destruction

It hurts when a nail breaks, but there are ways to keep it from happening again. You may require a nerve block or a tetanus injection, depending on where the break is. If your doctor suspects a break or damage in the nail bed tissue, he or she will also examine the area. In such a circumstance, medical personnel will file down the nail and drill a hole in order to collect the blood.

Nail glue can also be used. The damage to your nail will not be repaired, but at least you can get it fixed up. You need to choose a glue with a low viscosity that dries quickly. It's also important to employ a protective topcoat to forestall any future damage.


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