Why Are Pencils and Pens Not Equally Popular?

Many painters have always preferred pencils to pens, but the truth is that pencils aren't universally adored. The reason for this is obvious: unlike pencils, pens don't leave behind smudged marks. It's important that you know this.

Sentiment Pens

Mood pencils are a great present since they are both novel and quirky. They may be personalized with your company's design and change color as your hands become warm. They can be purchased alone or as a set of different hues.

Artists may make stunning drawings using colored pencils instead of spending money on canvas or wood. They're simple to use and may generate a wide range of tones. Their versatility makes them useful for a wide range of materials. They're incredibly pigmented, so you can make a color that really pops. They come in a wide range of sizes and quality levels, making them ideal for both amateur and professional artists.

Art students can benefit from the superior coverage, blending, and layering capabilities of artist-grade colored pencils. They also have more color than regular pencils.


You can't add shade, blending, or highlighting with a pencil as you can with a pen. Instead, they provide a saturated, waxy hue that can be applied precisely and rapidly.

You may get a wide range of colors for very little money when you buy Cra-Z-Art pencils. However, they are not without their flaws. Some brands may not be as vibrant, while others may have longer-lasting tips. Getting rid of them is also a bit of a hassle.

The primary manufacturer of pencils from cedar performs an excellent job of replanting. However, supply cannot meet demand. The good news is that you can get colored pencils that don't have a wood casing but yet have all the advantages of traditional pencils.

The Tombow Mono 100

Tombow Mono, an innovative pencil, is a household name and a staple in every stationery collection. Tombow began as a maker of colored pencils but has now branched out to produce other stationery items including glue sticks, correction tape, and ballpoint pens.

The Tombow Mono pencil boasts a black, durable graphite lead and a smooth, comfortable writing experience. It's crucial to seek for a pencil that doesn't require much maintenance, therefore the fact that this one comes unsharpened is a plus. The hexagonal shape of the barrel makes it stand out from the crowd. The cap features a white vertical stripe.

You may choose from five distinct hues of this pencil. Pink, light blue, turquoise, red, and green gloss polishes are available. The drawing and sketching abilities of these pencils are superb.

Mechanical Pencils

Ball-point pens are widely used, however they are not as common as pencils. Ballpoint pens use thin, oil-based ink that writes consistently, rather than thick ink that produces dramatic lines and colors. They work well for making carbon copies of paperwork and writing checks. They're cheap too, which is a plus. However, they are not conducive to lengthy compositions.

Metal was used for the initial generation of these ballpoint pens. They were made to be reused with new liquid. The demand for such pens eventually met with complete fulfillment. No fresh pen orders came in. Instead, consumers choose to buy the ones already on the market. Thankfully, they are as effective now as they were when they were originally released.

The ballpoint pen was originally created as a substitute for the more traditional fountain pen. It was developed to be less prone to dirt and smudges. Its ink was formulated with fatty acids to provide a fluid rotation. The end product is a quick-drying ink that is simple to write with.

Anti-Smudge Formula

There are a few reasons why pencils can be more appropriate for your project than pens, aside from the obvious one. The quality of the paper, the thickness of the lead, and the lifespan of the ink are all factors. Before committing to one brand of pencils, it's a good idea to give a few others a try and discover which ones work best for you.

Several smudge-proof alternatives are available, which is good news. To begin, you may try placing your artwork in a firm page protector. These are constructed from hard PVC and are meant to safely store sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper.

Second, colored pencils are the way to go. These are great for rough drafts and building lines since they are less likely to show smudges.


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