When You Turn a Picture Around, What do You Call the Piece That Sticks

Like with any piece of art, the reverse of the picture frame deserves equal attention. It serves several purposes. It has two purposes: it may hold your image in place, and it can also be utilized to adorn the front of your frame. That's why it's important to know what the term for the frame's reverse side is.


Many techniques exist for attaching moulding to the rear of a picture frame. Painting the molding is one solution. Sticking it there is another option. No matter which option you choose with, the space will look great.

For the best results, use a 2 sash paintbrush while painting the trim. Painting the wall beneath the trim will be a breeze.

Before determining the length of the frame, the baseboard and spacer must be measured. Finally, the trim's outside edge must be measured. You could need longer strips or a larger chunk than you first thought.

Likewise, it's important to think about how many individual cuts will be required from the strip. In addition, you should think about the overall frame side measurements.


A picture frame's back contains several different parts. Normal picture framing components include a backing board, the artwork itself, and a mat or mount. You'll need this information if you're in the market for a new frame.

Protect your artwork from dust, moisture, and insects with a backing board. Also, it provides a stable and protected spot to keep the artwork from becoming damaged over time.

Brown is a common color for the rear board of a photo frame. This not only keeps dust out of the frame but also gives the picture more stability and keeps the picture in frame. Brown papers are good in soaking up liquids, especially certain varieties.

The artwork's back won't budge thanks to the hinge on certain backer boards. Framer's tabs are the name for these kinds of fasteners. You may get them in many different forms.


Hanging a picture requires special hardware called a picture hanger. It's made specifically to be gentle on walls and leave no markings behind.

Several varieties of picture hangers are available. Hook-and-nail fasteners are by far the most prevalent. These wall holders are built from metal hooks of several sizes and are affixed to the wall through nails.

The sawtooth hanger is another popular option. This thin metal bracket is attached to the rear of a picture or mirror frame.

You should consider the weight of the picture when deciding on the type of hanger to use. Choose a sturdy hanger if you need to hang a hefty one. There's also the matter of the frame's dimensions to think about. Compared to a smaller frame, a bigger one will be more challenging to mount.

Framed Canvas Art

Photos look great when printed on gallery-wrapped canvas. They are inexpensive and easy to hang without a frame. If you're looking for something to spruce up your home with, look no further. Size and depth options are flexible. Gallery wraps are a great way to achieve any desired aesthetic, whether you're sprucing up a wall for a wedding or not.

The quality of canvas has increased significantly in the modern era. Because to advancements in printing technology and the reduction of paper thickness, pictures now have a greater depth of color and clarity. A glare-free viewing experience is now possible thanks to the new matte coating.

If you're thinking about getting a gallery wrapped print, it's important to have a photo that works well with the decor. High-resolution images produce the best results.


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