A Simple Key Rack Tutorial

Keeping your house keys and other little objects on a DIY key holder box is a great way to keep your house tidy. These shelves serve a practical purpose, but they can also be used for aesthetic purposes. If you don't have one, you can always hide your keys in safe places.


Displaying your keys in a shiplap key holder in your foyer is a simple and inexpensive way to show them off. It's also a lovely nod to rustic, country decor. You may get a prefabricated shadowbox or make your own. In reality, this is a really simple task.

To get the desired impression, pick a wood with a grain pattern that harmonizes with the rest of your furnishings. Think about how you'd like to feature that grain as you construct. An alternative to clear coating might be using a stain or paint with a contrasting color. The addition of plants will provide a breath of fresh air. It would be as ingenious to place a shoe bench on top of a key holder made of shiplap.

In the mudroom, you may construct a shiplap key holder to store your family's keys and a large quantity of extra gear. If you have trouble keeping track of your keys, a hook might be useful.


Making your own key holder shelf is a simple and entertaining DIY project that may serve several purposes. The only materials you'll need are some wood, hooks, and a photo frame.

A key holder with a rustic finish may be an attractive accent to any room as well as a practical place to keep your keys. To decorate your home with a touch of rustic charm, you may do the same thing. It's simple to create and looks fantastic against a white background.

As an alternative to the standard key ring, you may make a DIY key holder with a fun design. It's not hard to make and it's a fun way to liven up a drab wall.

A refurbished picture frame may be used as a handy key holder shelf in the foyer. You may give it a facelift by painting it in your preferred ornamental birdhouse colors and including a special inscription on the front. Place it on a wall thereafter.

Making a paper flower key holder is a quick and easy project that adds a touch of charm to any key holder shelf. You'll just need some glue, a wire hook, and some old books. Then, coat it with Krylon Clear Coat spray paint.

Recycled Lumber

Making a key holder from salvaged wood may improve the aesthetics and practicality of your home's doorway. The key holder is an excellent tool for stowing away and organizing your keys. The key holder has other potential uses as well. It serves dual purposes as both an ornament and a spot to keep your pens and other writing implements handy.

The nicest part about making a Key holder from salvaged wood is that you can personalize it to match your existing furnishings. You are free to use it as-is or add a splash of color. You may jazz it up even more by attaching some colorful hooks on the underside.

The best aspect is that it requires hardly any cash to manufacture. If you have a wood scrap from a recent project or an old picture frame lying around, either will do.


Keys may be kept in order and quickly located with the assistance of magnets in a key holder. You can conceal your key holder if you're concerned about theft.

Begin by sawing off two pieces of wood that are 12 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Following that, sand the edges of each individual component. The two parts also require a coat of black paint. When the primer and paint have dried, they may be glued together. Wood glue works well for joining the pieces. Nail guns can be used in conjunction with glue to enhance the bond.

A foam brush and a craft stick are also required. The veneer's rear edges may be sanded using a craft stick. Next, spread some contact cement across the surface using the foam brush. The letters "keys" can be added to the shelf unit as well. Furthermore, an 18V One+ Dual Temperature Glue Gun is required.


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