Suggestions for Wooden-Body Pens

Remember that there are many varieties of pens to choose from, whether you like a ballpoint or gel pen. Your choices will determine which kind is ideal for you. Some of the best-selling writing instruments currently on the market are listed below.

Legno Ballpoint Pen Pilot

The barrel of a wooden ballpoint pen is the most noticeable feature. The first thing you'll notice is that the pen is made of high-quality wooden. It is said to be the hardest and most scratch-proof wood available. In addition to its high-quality construction, the Pilot Legno's push-cap securely mounts on the barrel.

The pen has a 14-karat gold nib that has been rhodium-plated. Specifically, one pilot has stated, "As a pen enthusiast, my favorite feature of a Pilot Legno is its quality." It's sturdy, and you can choose from a variety of ink colors and cartridge refills. Because of this, the pen is great for use in the workplace or at home. The pilot has a one-year warranty, which is longer than those offered by many of its rivals.

The finest thing is that it is a low-cost precursor to luxury. It has a black Pilot cartridge and a pilot CON-20 converter as standard equipment. Pilot LEGNO oil based acro ink may be swapped out and the pen's rhodium-plated cartridge can be refilled.

Strong Arm Tactics

Surely you're familiar with Brute Force Designs. They have worked with a number of well-known manufacturers to bring back the happy horse, and they also have their own line of custom pens. David Broadwell, who is well known for his generosity and street smarts, is a member of this group. In addition to his credentials as a pen shepard, he is also the go-to guy in town for A-listers. He spends a lot of time with a pen and paper. Even while some fans have your number saved in their speed dials, they'll be difficult to track down for a night of reminiscing. He's been great so far, but there has been a pause in the business when he's on the clock.

Chance Writes

Being in with a Shot Displaying pens with a wooden body can pique the interest of potential customers. There are a few things to bear in mind, and it's ultimately up to you to select how you want the pen to look.

The type of material you're working with should be among your initial considerations. Many varieties of wood exist, each with its own unique combination of traits including hardness, texture, and color. When compared to others, some are more stable.

The size of the cap is another thing to think about. You can't just start drilling without first measuring the length. The cap's threads can be adjusted in length and thickness if you're unsure.

Making all of your pen's components yourself is also crucial. This can be accomplished on an engineering lathe or by turning by hand. You'll be able to get micro-accuracy and improved repeatability using this method.


Whether you're in the market for a wooden-bodied fountain pen or a cheap piston-filling one, Nahvalur (formerly Narwhal) provides everything you need. They have eye-catching barrels, unique brand names, and upscale packaging.

The Nautilus line is an exclusive writing instrument that combines vintage components with cutting-edge style. The steel nib is European medium in size and writes with the firmness of a nail.

The top of the Nautilus is not posted, and the pen itself has three portholes. With these tools, you may check your ink levels at any time. The pen is very easy to hold and write with. The handle is comfortable to hold and somewhat convex. The pen's big size and smooth, cylindrical design make it a pleasure to write with.

There is a large selection of nib sizes and two high-quality wood finishes to choose from when purchasing this pen. A cartridge/converter ink filling system means that any standard converter may be used with the printer. A sleek black gift box presents it. A bottle of Cleo Skribent ink and an illustrated guide are included.


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