Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Coasters

You need to take care of them whether you make them or buy them. Keep in mind that if you don't, they'll eventually rot and be useless. Taking care of wooden coasters isn't hard, although it is recommended.


Whether you decide to manufacture your own wooden coasters or purchase them, it is important to ensure that they are properly finished to protect the wood. You should expect warping and rotting if the coasters aren't properly sealed and subjected to the condensation from your beverages. Varnish or polyurethane should be used to seal the coasters to protect the wood and keep it from drying out.

Varnish is an investment because to its long-lasting finish. Applying varnish is a breeze, but you'll have to let each coat dry before adding another. To prevent the varnish from becoming too thick, the finish is often applied in thin layers.

Wooden coasters may be given a classy makeover by staining. It's a lot like painting, actually. The wood needs to be cleaned first. After that's done, use a very light layer of wood stain.

Choose a stain that is near to the wood's original color if you want your coasters to have a more rustic appearance. The hue will get darker after drying. The wood's inherent color can also be brought out by using a natural oil.

Use varnish or lacquer for a finish that will last even after being submerged in water. Because of its high water resistance, varnish is the most used sealant for hardwood coasters. Therefore, a lengthy drying period is necessary.


In order to preserve their good looks and durability, wooden coasters should be coated with a protective finish. You can use a variety of sealants to make your coasters watertight. Some examples of these include polyurethane, waxes, and oils. The coaster's substance will determine which option is ideal for your task.

Wooden coasters may be made watertight with the use of polyurethane. In addition to being simple to use, it is also effective. A spray gun or a paintbrush will work for application. It is offered in both a water and an oil-based formulation. Polyurethane derived from oil lasts longer. It's a little trickier to manipulate, though.

Waterproofing wooden coasters can also be done using varnish. Varnish is another easy-to-use coating. There is a lot of solids in it. Thin coatings are required, and either a spray gun or a brush can be used for application.

Coatings based on oil are fine for infrequent usage. These aren't extremely water-resistant, though. As an added bonus, they impart a striking hue, albeit they aren't as long-lasting as other coatings.

Finishing with tung oil is common. A warm tone, but not very water-resistant. In addition, there is very little varnish or resin in tung oil. Yet it's not hard to track down. Wooden coasters without a stain look great after being finished in this manner.

If you're going for a shiny finish, lacquer is the way to go. As lacquer is fluid, it may be sprayed on. It's also simple to disinfect after use. It scratches easily, though, so be careful.

Doing It on Your Own

Protecting your furniture with coasters is a good idea. These make wonderful presents as well. The degree of personalization is entirely up to the customer. You may embellish them in a variety of ways, such as by painting them or sewing on embellishments.

Use a downed tree for an authentic, country feel. Coasters may be made from them. After being harvested, they need to be stored in a warm, dry place for around three months. The next step is to sand them down. These need to be smoothed out with a sander to around 220 grit. They'll end up silky-smooth when you do this.

A wooden plank will also do the trick. For this, you'll need a brush and a chisel to scrub the wood and peel away the bark. For an even more professional finish, try using a wood burner.

Use scrapbook paper and a round silicone mold to make patterned coasters. This is a minor undertaking that will need your undivided focus. The shape of the pattern is not restricted to triangles; a zigzag pattern, for example, might also work.

You may use mod podge to create a coaster, or you can paint one. A fantastic way to adorn your coasters. It's a breeze to implement as well.

Coasters may be made from card stock and felt as well. Felt may be purchased from any store that sells fabrics. To put it simply, this is the top tier stuff for coasters.


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