Tips for Properly Using Table Lamps

It's crucial to make sure you're using a table lamp correctly, whether you're setting it up on your desk at work or your bedside at home. You want to be sure it has a solid Wi-Fi connection, is the perfect height and size, and has a pleasant lampshade. Fire risks should also be taken into consideration.

Balanced and Right-Sized

Table lamps come in all sizes and shapes, so picking the right one is essential. With the correct light, you may achieve both purposes. It might also serve as a talking point. There are a few guidelines to follow whether you're looking for a lamp for your bedside or your living room.

You should start by taking the height of your table into account. The size of your light should correspond to the height of your table. Don't make it more than 1 1/2 times as tall as your table is. You need to adjust the height of your table light so that it is comfortable for reading. This will direct the illumination where it needs to go.

Lampshade That Fits

Knowing the base's design and your desired aesthetic can help you select the ideal lampshade for a table lamp. You may pick from a wide variety of forms. Think about how the shade will look in the space you intend to put it in.

When shopping for a lampshade for a table lamp, it's important to consider both the lamp's base height and the shade's breadth. It only takes a few elementary principles to calculate their dimensions.

Shades for table lamps and floor lighting should be at least three-quarters as tall as their bases. The shade's width should be equal to or greater than the width of the base. There shouldn't be too much room between the shade and the bulb, so make sure it's wide enough.


The addition of a table light to your living space may serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. It's essential to pick the right table light for your requirements, though. Here are some suggestions to consider while you shop for a new light.

When selecting a table lamp, remember that size matters most in relation to the size of the room. This will allow you to see the entire room in a single glance. A lamp that is too large or little for the table will seem out of place. Having a large table calls for a substantial lamp to serve as a focal point.

You should also pick a lamp with a high enough lumen output to completely light up the room. This holds truest if the lamp is to be used as a source of task illumination.

Access to Wi-Fi

There is a wide variety of table lamps available, including those that can be operated by voice or connected to your smart home system. Many of these lights may be controlled by voice, have customizable color palettes and timers, and even pulse to the beat of the music playing. Smart plugs may turn any standard bulb into a high-tech lighting option.

Your smart bulb may be operated by voice or smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection. The Amazon Echo Glow is a great option if you want a basic interactive smart bulb. It may be turned on with the command "set a timer for" and contains color and timing functions. It's a no-frills alternative for a smart lamp and works well as a kid's nightlight.

Threat of a Fire

It's just as safe to leave a table light on all night as it is during the day. There are, however, some precautions you should take when using a light. Keep combustibles away from light sources and always replace damaged wires and lamp coverings.

The light bulb and wattage of your fixture should also be handled with care. In particular, halogen bulbs should not be used in lamps since their operation can raise surface temperatures to 500°F or more. The ensuing grease or food fire might be difficult to extinguish, making this a bad idea in the kitchen.

Fire hazards can be minimized with the use of a radiation heater or radiation-proof lamp covers. A fire extinguisher should be kept in the kitchen, and other common sense measures include turning off lighting when they are not in use.


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