The Top-Selling Wristwatch in China

Swiss watchmakers like Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Rolex are household names. But what about timepieces made in China? What are the major characteristics, and what are they made of?

Watches Made in Shanghai

Shanghai Watch Factory, established in 1955, is a pioneer in the Chinese watch industry. It manufactures both automated and hand-wound timepieces for sale under several labels. Tourbillons are available as well. The business maintains it can manufacture unique timepieces even if manufacturing has been falling in recent years.

It cost 120 yuan, or roughly $295 in today's money, for the first watch made by the Shanghai Watch Factory. It was marketed as a symbol of wealth and elegance. However, Rolex's rising popularity in the booming economy meant that the corporation could never catch up.

To meet rising demand, the Shanghai Watch Factory expanded into temporary mezzanine levels in 1968. The firm also provided technological assistance to competing watchmakers.


For almost fifty years, Sea-Gull has been the go-to watch for Chinese consumers. Sea-Gull has spent that time perfecting a wide variety of technical skills. They have since expanded to producing high-quality Seagull watches for consumers in China and beyond.

Although best known for their high-quality Seagull watches, Sea-Gull is also among the world's leading producers of mechanical watch movements. As a result, they account for more than 25% of the world's supply of mechanical watch movements.

In the beginning, Sea-Gull had a little budget, few resources, and a handful of skilled workers. The factory's initial output consisted solely of mechanical timepieces. Later on, though, it changed its attention to electronic dance music.

A Timepiece by Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe's sales in China have been strong during the past five years. In addition, the Watch Museum in Beijing's Forbidden City features solely this Swiss watchmaker's timepieces. The company has also introduced limited-edition watches tailored to the Shanghai market.

Patek Philippe has maintained its focus on slow and steady expansion ever since it entered the Chinese market. It has made investments in cutting-edge production techniques, raw materials, and machinery. Customer service has also been a top priority. Patek Philippe continues to use time-honored practices and procedures despite the modernization of the watch business.

Patek Philippe watches are renowned for their complex mechanisms. The company is renowned for their expertise in making minute repeaters, tourbillons, and split-seconds chronographs. More than a hundred patents have been granted for it.

Tian Wang's Clock

Tian Wang Watch, which began in 1988, is currently a major player in the Chinese market. The company's signature crown logo appears on all of its wares. They come in a large selection of designs and pricing points. Creating reliable goods is the company's top priority.

Elites and fashionistas in China are avid fans of the Tian Wang label. "Rein in Time, Master of Life" is their slogan, and it's borne fruit throughout the years. It is one of the top five best-selling watch brands in the United States, with annual sales of over 2 million units.

Different models of Tian Wang watches are available for both sexes. It has an excellent reputation and a long list of accolades from the watchmaking community. It comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Clock by Haiqin

When it comes to making watches, Haiqin is one of the best in China. They've been operating for more than a century, and their watches are top-notch. Their Luxury Skeleton and Luminous Skeleton lines feature some very high-quality offerings. In addition to their best-selling ladies' collection, they have a wide variety of timepieces for both sexes.

You may be shocked to find that they offer a staggering 100 million items in their online store. They carry some of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. Customers will appreciate that the organization offers a good warranty program.


One of the most well-known Chinese watchmakers is Fiyta. A large chunk of the watch distribution in the nation is managed by the conglomerate of which it is a member. Fiyta, one of the few watchmakers that have emerged as a major brand in mainland China, was founded in 1987. Since 2003, Chinese astronauts have used professional timepieces made by Fiyta, contributing to the company's global success. In China, it has achieved legendary status, and it has been honored with various design prizes.

Fiyta has maximized its resources by placing a premium on product design. Space-reinforced titanium and aluminum bronze are only two of the cutting-edge materials produced by the company's engineers and designers. Fiyta also has unique technologies for titanium alloys and DLC coatings. In 2008, during China's first spacewalk, astronauts wore a mechanical timepiece called the Spacemaster, which was developed using these technology.

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a government-owned aerospace and defense giant, includes Fiyta among its subsidiaries. Its companies produce and market both commercial and military aircraft. Bombers and cargo planes are also produced there.


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