Toys That Can Be Painted Safely

If you wish to paint a wooden toy, either to make it more durable or to change its appearance, you should think about where you can get paints that are safe for wood toys. While many choices may be appealing, it's important to remember a few points before making a final decision.

Pure Milk-Based Paint

Real Milk Paint is the perfect solution for anybody wishing to quickly and easily transform plain wooden toys into something special. It won't harm children or the environment, and it's perfectly fine to use around toys.

The Real Milk Paint Company manufactures a wide selection of wood finishes. They also produce a range of paint that is appropriate for use on toys.

Sealants that are suitable for kids are also available from the Real Milk Paint Company. A penetrating oil is a part of this.

The citrus solvent in this oil complements the pure tung oil beautifully. It is effective on both unfinished wood and older finishes. It also stops water from creating circles around objects.

Paints by ECOS

Toys may be painted using ECOS Paints with no worries. For almost 25 years, their paints have set the standard for excellence. They have a wide selection of items suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its minimal odor, great quality, and wide range of colors make them stand out. They are also the sole producer of paint with a toy safety certification.

In addition, ECOS paints have been shown to contain no volatile organic compounds. Because of this, those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or sensitivity to chemicals can use them without worry. They're simple to use and cover well compared to alternative paints.

This paint is suitable for use on wooden toys. The application process is simple, and the resulting surface is silky smooth. It can be used on unfinished wood or over an existing coat of water-based paint. A shellac or oil finish can be applied on top as well.


Protecting your house with shellac-finished wood furniture is a terrific idea. Shellac, a natural resin that is also food-safe, is a great substitute for toxic paints and varnishes.

Shellac is perfect for sealing plaster sculptures since it provides both a beautiful and durable surface. It can withstand wet conditions while being safe to use.

Shellac is frequently used to coat high-quality wooden objects. It takes no time at all to apply, dries rapidly, and may be reapplied.

You may use a paintbrush, a cotton pad, or even a sprayer to apply shellac. It's best to apply the coating in thin layers and wait an hour in between applications. Overbrushing, especially on vertical surfaces, can lead to runs, so it's best to be sparing.


Hemp Oil is a non-toxic paint that may be used to preserve the life of wooden objects like furniture and toys. It's 100% natural and free of dangerous additives.

Hemp oil is fantastic for preserving and refinishing wooden kitchenware. It's a handy finish that will preserve the wood and give it a darker hue and a subtle gloss.

It has a mild, nutty scent since it comes from industrial hemp plants. One of the most user-friendly finishing oils is hemp oil. Brushes and foam rollers may also be used to spread it on.

Coconut Oil

Tung oil-compatible paint is essential for painting wooden toys and other projects. Tung oil is 100% natural and completely safe for consumption. Products containing tung oil are widely available, both online and at hardware stores. There are other companies that make specific tung oil finishes.

Tung oil-compatible paint will prevent your toys from decaying, discoloring, and becoming marked. It will also aid in preserving the aesthetic value of your playthings.

Tung oil is not only impermeable but also safe to use in the kitchen. It's safe for use on kitchen surfaces, chopping boards, and even children's wooden toys.

Coloring for Food

Coloring wooden toys with food coloring is a risk-free technique to add color. With just a few sprays, you can transform plain wood into something colorful and exciting. It's a more affordable option than purchasing many wood stains of varying hues.

Paints that won't harm your food are plenty. Of course, not all are created equal. Selecting a product that was developed with playthings in mind is a smart move. The toys should have a solid basecoat.

Toys can be painted with acrylic or lacquer paints designed for hobbies. You could also look for a product that has the "AP Non-toxic" mark.


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